Black Cats Must Stick Together

By Yul

I was surprised when President Obama was so quick to join in and brand Georgia USDA employee (and black cat) Shirley Sherrod a racist and let her be forced into resigning, thanks to white conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart publishing on an out-of-context clip from a speech Serrod delivered in March to the NAACP.

Breitbart is upset that the NAACP thinks Tea Partiers are a bunch of racists. His brilliant way of refuting that assertion was to deliberately distort a black woman’s words and try to destroy her lifelong career of helping people in need.

Nothing hateful or racist about that.

Since the truth came out that Sherrod’s speech was really about seeing the light, Breitbart has been saying he’s not after her, but the NAACP. He keeps insisting the audience approved when Sherrod said felt biased against a white farmer 24 years ago. This was before she worked for the USDA.

Slate has dissected the whole incident beautifully, so there’s no need to repeat it all here.

As it turned out, despite her misgivings, Sherrod did help the farmer keep his land by hooking him up with a white attorney. So what’s Brietbart’s point? The attorney should have been black?

Sherrod and the farmer even became friends and he says he’s grateful to her and thinks she should keep her job.

So now Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Obama himself have personally apologized to Sherrod, and they’ve created an even better job specifically for her in the Dept. of Agriculture.

Sherrod is saying she needs to think about it, but I’m thinking she’ll take it.

On Fox News, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter said Breitbart was deliberately “set up” when someone sent him only that clip of Sherrod’s speech, conveniently omitting that Breitbart took it and ran with it with malicious intent without seeing the rest of the speech.

Once again, the Tea Party comes off looking like a rabble of “angry white people.” Instead of destroying Shirley Sherrod’s career, they’ve handed her a promotion on a silver platter.

It makes this black cat feel good.


8 Responses to Black Cats Must Stick Together

  1. Tuxi says:

    Amen, Brother Yul! Magic, Kisser, Midnight and Salem are all black cats and prove that Black Is Beautiful! And I am a black/white Tuxedo cat like Double Stuf, Oreo and Hydrox. Breitbart should be knocked off of his blog, put in a box and mailed to the Gulf and dumped right in! That piece of Rethuglican-Tea Bagger shit should be made pay restitution and wages that Shirley Sherrold would have made at her original position for the rest of the year, all court costs, and for damage to reputation, slander, emotional distress. Even though she’s a strong independent woman, I would throw the book at that bastard and every charge imaginable and possible! Shirley, you are a credit to black women, women everywhere, and black cats! If that was my mom, for every day that arrogant dick didn’t get an apology out of his detritus-spilling mouth, Id unload a round of buckshot in his ass! And the idiot journalists that covered that and the Obama administration that listened to the scumy GOP Suck-Suck. Some journalists these people are anyway! They blame the message reader more than the messenger!

  2. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, I have read that Shirley Sherrod is considering a defamation suit against Breitbart, and I hope she goes through with it. By all accounts, he’s a muckraking scumbag, and he must be a total IDIOT to have run that little clip of her speech without checking to see if there was more and what it said.

    Haven’t heard if Sherrod has accepted the new job offer yet. I don’t see why she wouldn’t, since she has said Obama promised her a direct line to him in the future if she has any other problems. Sounds to me like Tom Vilsack may be in the dog house on this incident.

  3. Imabear says:

    As a mom of 3 black (cat) babies I understand discrimination. Rescue shelters will tell you the black cats are often the last to be adopted. Prejudice seems to know no limits.

    As a white woman involved in anti-racist work, I feel it is important to stand up and shout that Breitbart and the tea party racists are a long way from speaking for all white folks. Love it when their dirty tricks blow up in their face.

  4. catsworking says:

    Imabear, except for Adele and the late Fred (who are/were pure white), ALL Karen’s 8 cats through the years have been all black or tuxedo cats. And all rescues. Her record on feline race relations is stellar.

    Black cats (and dogs) get a raw deal because of all the superstitions about us that are nothing but a lot of horse hockey. Fortunately, Karen finds us stunningly good-looking and doesn’t mind when we cross her path, except when we try to trip her on the stairs just for a laugh.

  5. Tuxi says:

    Whoever started that crap that here in the US, black cats are bad luck, hopefully is sweltering in that hot place with Old Scratch, otherwise known as Satan. Most likely it was some damn Bible thumper. In the UK, black cats are considered good luck, which I hope for their sake it is. My housemates are great cats and their black hair, including what I have is so shiny. Mom said if she had black hair, she’d like it to be like ours.

  6. It’s the Orwellian doublespeak of the Republican party at its slimiest. Ironically Sherrod’s epiphany was that it’s not about black vs white, but haves vs have-nots.

  7. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Keith! There was another letter to the editor in the local paper today claiming the Tea Partiers aren’t racists AND that they’re not even a “party” and don’t want to be.

    Uh, OK. Then why use the word “Party” in your name? Are we all supposed to divine that it has NOTHING to do with your agenda?

    And the front page featured the news that there’s going to be a big Tea Party rally in Richmond in October. Oh, joy.

    They’d make their points much more effectively if they’d stop spouting nonsensical denials and just stop BEHAVING like a racist political party.

  8. Tuxi says:

    You know, Keith, that is what the 5 attendees of Shirley Sherrod’s speech who Abyssinian Cooper interviewed said! They were appalled, and many had known Ms. Sherrod for years and knew she was a kind, reasonable lady. That Breitbart did what he did and disregard Ms. Sherrod’s worth as a person is what has Mom and we cats in an uproar! We say, good luck with the lawsuit and YOU GO, SHIRLEY!!!

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