Michelle Obama’s Growing Fashion Sense

By Adele

This week we’re suddenly getting a lot of searches on Michelle Obama and I realized I haven’t made any catty remarks about her clothes lately.

That’s because I haven’t caught her wearing anything hideous. Well, OK, maybe that little Bryon Lars number she wore when Paul McCartney came to the White House on June 2. The intent to be pretty was certainly evident in the fabric, and I didn’t have a problem with the sparkly belt, but that loose, wrinkly bodice was dumpy-looking. There don’t seem to be any clear still photos of it, but you can get the gist.

(AP Photo)

NY Magazine has a nice a slide show of all her fashions this year. I also think her shorter new ‘do is very flattering.

March 17 seemed to be when someone finally sat her down and had a little talk with her about belting cardigans, because this is the last time NY Mag shows her wearing a bad one.

(Photo - NYMag.com)

Michelle must have negotiated a compromise with her fashion mentor because that ugly brown and blue argyle sweater she wore in Europe with the other wives — remember, the one that she buttoned wrong, and it had such an ugly, unfinished-looking seam up the back that Gordon Brown’s wife thought it was inside out? — showed up on her again on March 27.

And she still seems to prefer them on the tight side.

(Photo - NYMag.com)

Mrs. O is a great a blog that tracks Michelle’s fashions very closely. And Michelle Obama Watch is another one.

With all the terrible images we’ve been seeing in the news from the Gulf, I’m so thankful Michelle Obama has decided to stop making herself another one and embraced that it’s OK to be an elegant First Lady.


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