Why Bourdain Won’t Be Invited to Tea

By Karen

On May 21, Anthony Bourdain appeared on Anderson Cooper’s 360° and described Tea Partiers as “very angry white people” who are as “dumb as a sack full of hammers.” In case you missed it, here’s video.

The TP contingent struck back all over the Internet with trademark maturity and restraint. Many disparage Tony’s level of education without knowing what it is. They also dismiss that he’s been to roughly 100 countries and has friends in myriad cultures on every continent, so he probably recognizes stupidity when he sees it.

A few of the names they’ve called him are “uneducated dolt” and “f**king druged [sic] out moron.”

Breitbart TV’s literate readers venomously deemed Bourdain a “meron [sic]” and “an crabby white guy [sic]” and called for a No Reservations boycott.

But I have to give the prize for wit to the U.S. Constitutional Free Press, who called Tony a “gastronomical moonbat“ with “rectal-cranial inversion.”

I suspect they’re upset partly because Bourdain prefaced his assessment by mentioning he’s been reading Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin by Hampton Sides.

No, Tea Partiers aren’t racists. And you’ll never get them to admit there’s an unread copy of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, propping a door open somewhere in their house.

As a counterpoint to all this bashing, Jeff the Zombie wrote an inspiring account of how he developed a true low-sodium diet for his congestive heart failure after seeing so many of the options during a 3-day No Reservations marathon.

But back to that fateful night in DC… Earlier, Bourdain and Eric Ripert made an appearance together. My Eclectic Favorites covered it with lots of photos — and even met them. Famous DC got some decent video.

Newsweek talked to Bourdain about his recent trip to Beirut. He says it has a Miami vibe.

On May 22, Bourdain and Eric Ripert did another joint appearance in Baltimore, and Baltimore Dining Examiner reported. I didn’t know Ripert is a Buddhist with past anger management issues.

The Baltimore Sun described how Tony deftly got himself off the hook for dissing Baltimore in the Rust Belt episode of No Reservations.

And in case you missed it, Sandra Lee’s boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo, is running for governor of New York. Can you imagine the dinner parties they’ll have? Times Union inspired quite a bit of speculation.

USAToday reports that Tony wants to write for the HBO series Treme, after doing some consulting on Season 1.


Came across this 2007 article Tony wrote for Spin, “Eat to the Beat,” that I don’t recall ever reading before.


21 Responses to Why Bourdain Won’t Be Invited to Tea

  1. Zappa says:

    Hi Karen!
    Zappa’s mom here.Zappa is at his Grandma’s house while the kitchen contractors turn my life inside out-he sends his best to the gang!
    Thanks for the AB update. I have rid myself of cable TV and I miss Tony very much.

    ps I was aware that Eric Ripert is a Buddhist but NOT aware that Sandra Lee dates Andrew Cuomo!

  2. Zappa says:

    I think you have the makings of a very juicy gossip columnist!


  3. catsworking says:

    ZM, you’re having your kitchen redone? My mother has been nagging me to gut my kitchen (which it actually needs), but I’m dragging my feet over 1) the cost, and 2) the trauma to the cats. They did weather the recent work of replacing the doors and windows and tub and blinds pretty well, though.

    This was a pretty interesting week for scoop on Bourdain & Friends (or Frenemies).

  4. Noel McWormald says:

    (Disclaimer: catsworking’s sister’s cat) If you decide to redecorate, I could help you. I don’t care what you say, my decorating taste is excellent and you only “dis” my color choices because you’re jealous! I’m at it again today because what is Memorial Day about if not home decorating sales? (I seem to remember it used to be about soldiers who paid the ultimate price… now it’s about 0% down with 2 years to pay.)

    You say AB has angered the Tea Partiers? Good for him. He must be doing something right! It would surprise me if there are loads of Tea Party devotees that watch his show now anyways –as, almost by definition, they worship all things American and fear people of other cultures and the food they eat! So it shouldn’t hurt his ratings too much. I say, Rant on, Anthony Bourdain! Someone needs to do it.

  5. C from Florida says:

    I am sure some Tea Partiers find Bourdain’s admitted drug history (if I may borrow from a Bourdain title) a” bone in the throat”. I don’t think it is because of the variety of drugs but because much of what he smoked, ingested and digested was (and is) illegal. As far as I know, he was never arrested! It might have served him better if he was. His detractors would then be able to have a what-goes-around-comes-around moment and put the matter to rest. I think Conservatives need a definitive divide between lawful and unlawful, good and evil, crime and punishment and of course, always demand redemption. Bourdain comes across as smug and arrogant when he speaks of the “bitter, delicious taste of heroin in the back of his throat”—no redemption there. “Having to sell his record collection to maintain his habit” seems a bit tame to me. Especially since, in many working class, politically conservative neighborhoods it’s the local druggie that will burgle YOUR record collection (or murder your grandmother for her wedding ring) to sell for his habit. Drug crimes and the accompanying violence have made many cities dangerous and unlivable. I just moved out of S. Florida, the “feral junkie” capital of the USA. Conservatives and TPer’s see the decline of safety in our cities as another “freedom” gone down the tubes and yeah, they are angry. Some are the “duck and cover” crowd who were taught the evils of communism and hate government oppression. Their kids or grandkids learned of the “evil doers” from Gdubya and are paranoid about real and not-so-real enemies. Some just blame the drug-culture for all of our woes. Bourdain speaks from a place of privilege. Every so often, he finds it necessary to remind us how he entered the Fun House of the 1970’s and came out the other side reasonably unscathed. Lucky for him–he did the crime but not the time. I enjoy Tony’s work and word-smithery. I am pretty sure I would agree with his politics but his CNN comment left him wide open for the Conservative’s wrath. Why would he want to subject himself to such a bouillabaisse of hatred? Ha! My guess is, he really doesn’t care. Should we?

  6. catsworking says:

    Hi, Noel! I am stunned and pleased at your offer to help me redecorate. I have no taste whatsoever in that regard (as you know) and have been flailing. My only stipulation is: no green.

    Watch the video link to Anderson Cooper to see exactly what Bourdain said about the Tea Party. I agree with you that any Tea Party boycott of his show should have negligible effect. I wish someone would do a survey of TP members’ passport ownership rate. I’d hazard a guess that it’s far below the 30% national average. Since they seem to delight in condemning everything they don’t know, foreign travel probably isn’t their “cup of tea.”

  7. catsworking says:

    C, if the Tea Partiers and the libertarians had their way, there would be no taxes and no municipal services and they’d give the junkies and pushers free rein to terrorize the cities. Not to mention let our fragile infrastructure crumble and kids grow up idiots (like their parents) because going to school would become a joke.

    If you can give them credit for anything, it’s chronic short-sightedness. They’re against abortion, yet make no provisions to care for the unwanted, neglected, abused children that result.

    It’s “Drill, baby, drill!” with no consideration for the consequences of something going wrong. “Sh** happens!” is their mantra.

    Let Wall Street and big business run amok unregulated and the rest of us get a royal screwing.

    They NEVER learn.

    Good point about Bourdain and jail. Doing some hard time for the drugs would have undoubtedly enhanced his cred and given him the patina of the redeemed sinner, which the conservatives love.

    In appearing on Anderson Cooper, I think Bourdain primed himself with some pithy observations knowing that controversy helps to sell books, but it might make things nasty when he ventures into some of the real red states doing personal appearances later this year.

    I love the way the Tea Partiers, and neocons in general, always accuse liberals of name-calling and narrow-mindedness, yet when somebody dares to criticize them, they foam at the mouth and can’t think of enough vile names to call the critic.

  8. Adele says:

    Karen, quite a Bourdain bonanza this week. I continue to be stunned by the tea baggers’ wrath toward him; I thought his statements were relatively mild, but the tea baggers obviously have pretty thin skin. And for so many, English seems not to be their mother tongue — ironic for a group so anti-immigration.

    A lovely offer from your “niece” Noel. As a calico cat, I imagine that she’s not at all averse to the use of color.

  9. C from Florida says:

    Karen, I thought that when the TP started out, they basically focused on fiscal issues— the TARP money, the bailouts, pork barrel spending, tax hikes etc. Aren’t we all a bit concerned for the debt our children and grandchildren are saddled with? However, it didn’t take long for that crowd from FOX News, the “ditto-dopes” and other ultra-right wing conservatives to morph the T Party into a Libertarian love-fest with anti-abortionists and bible-bangers along for the ride. I don’t think the original premise of the group was to abolish taxes or schools, or necessary services. Reproductive freedom issues were NEVER part of the original T Party focus. They resented, like I did, the bailout money going to large corporations and banks while the CEO’s were still getting huge “bonuses.”

  10. Zappa says:

    I have dragged my feet for 10 years and most campsite firepits are in better shape than my kitchen.Renovating isn’t even a choice at this point.I thought if it got pathetic enough one of those home remodeling shows would take note of my awful plight and show up to do it for free. Pay your contracters extra to get out of your house faster.Perhaps Grandma would take cole,Adele and Yul for the duration.Whisper in their ear to drive Grandma crazy and then maybe SHE will pay your contractors to move faster! Contractor? Contracter?


  11. catsworking says:

    C, I think a third party is a great idea because those who aren’t at the two extremes need a voice. Unfortunately, the TP embraced Sarah Palin, the most devisive wack-job to come along since LimPaw and Beck. They deny she’s their leader, yet she acts like it and they hang on her every ignorant word and treat her like a rock star.

    The TP probably did start out with a reasonable agenda, but they had to let religion creep in and veer off on moral issues. And it doesn’t speak well of them that they were so weak as to let themselves be hijacked. Now all they can do is go around denying they’re racists in a futile attempt undo the immeasurable damage inflicted on them by their own idols, who have caused them all to be dismissed as flakes on the fringe of sanity.

    And as Adele pointed out, their defensive, semi-coherent, barely-literate ravings all over the Internet don’t lend credence to the notion that they’re thoughtful, educated people interested only in the country’s welfare.

  12. catsworking says:

    ZM, my mother was asking me yesterday when I’m going to start on the kitchen. I have no plans at the moment. My house was built in 1983 and, other than a coat of paint many years ago, and new blinds recently, I haven’t done anything to update it so, yes, by today’s standards with steel and granite everywhere, it looks bad.

    I’m afraid it’s going to take a catastrophe like the dishwasher falling apart from rust to get me to do anything drastic because I know once I start, it’s a slippery slope. A new dishwasher won’t fit under the counter, so the counter has to be replaced. Then the stove won’t fit so IT needs replacing.

    Then the fridge doesn’t match the new appliances so IT gets replaced. Then the new counters make the cabinets look more shabby, so THEY get replaced.

    And now with all this new stuff, a linoleum floor looks like crap, so IT gets replaced. And now I have to paint the walls. And then, of course, none of my linens, dishes, or glassware will match the new color scheme, so all THOSE need replacing.

    I can just see it coming like a freight train through a tunnel.

  13. catsworking says:

    Adele, you’re right. It was a nice thought, but talk is cheap. My sister is very busy decorating her own new townhouse in her little spare time, so I don’t really expect anything. Yesterday she was showing us some colors she’s using on her walls, like lipstick red and dark blue, so I think any attempt at collaboration is a a recipe for disaster, especially after she HATED my ideas for my bathroom. I’d rather muddle through on my own than start WWIII in the family.

  14. Zappa says:

    Karen,Karen,Karen,…..(shakes head)

    Zappa’s Mom

  15. Tuxi says:

    Hi Cole! As an independent lady with Democat leanings and a libpurral frame of mind-like my mom-we both want to thank Tony for saying what he thinks about the TP! Anyone who has an intellect the TP is afraid of! We think alot of problems with drugs is not the drug culture, but the war on drugs! Billions spent and the violence is increasing and addictions more deadly with spiked drugs that increase potency with the risk of poisoning and killing. If drugs were controlled as a medical issue, with more clinics to get people off them and the moral and religious aspect of drug illegality removed, there would go the it’s illegal-we need to smuggle it in (and kill people) to make money-way of thinking.

  16. Joanaroo says:

    Yes, Tuxi. I would like to see this happen, but it likely never will in this constip-uh, conservative country. If you get people into treatment and get rid of the demand, then those bad guy drug dealers and cartels can’t keep growing, selling and making money. Instead of looking at addiction as a sin-look at it as a medical problem. Because of that illegal/immoral aspect hemp isn’t grown here for use as a fuel, nutritional supplement, cholesterol-reducing medicine or for clothing and industrial use, and none of this uses the parts of the marijuana plant that is smoked to get high. We could make lots of jobs and help out farmers by allowing growth of hemp!

  17. Tuxi says:

    And please don’t think Mom is a stoner who sits around listening to 70s music with a bong in one hand and a blacklight on posters with incense burning. She doesn’t smoke tobacco, marijuana or catnip, nor drink alcohol, or do coke or the hard drugs. Her addiction is Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi for caffeine! And corn on the cob!

  18. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, just when you had me picturing Joanaroo just as you described her NOT, you had to go stick a can of Diet Coke and an ear of corn in her hands.

    Both of you guys have a good point. But I think it’s part of the continual titillation the neocons seem to crave that they insist on keeping certain things taboo. Gives them something to jerk off to in the closet and reasons to discriminate against certain people whom they’d otherwise have no beef against. The dirty drug addicts. The slutty women who have abortions. The pervs who have sex with their own gender. Legality just sucks all the thrill out of hating.

  19. Joanaroo & Tuxi says:

    Thanks Cole and Karen! LOL to the first part of your answer! And we agree with the second part too! Funny how the neocons and the so-called traditional conservatives believe that everyone should take what they say is morally wrong as the only opinion to have count, yet look at what some of them have been found guilty of and capable of doing!

  20. Tuxi says:

    Thanx Cole and Karen! LOL! Mom and I love the first part of your answer. The second part we agree with too! Why is it the neocons and traditional conservatives seem to think their opinions of what is morally wrong are the only ones that count, yet look at the questionable actions they have been guilty of. As Bugs Bunny would say, What a bunch of maroons!

  21. catsworking says:

    Beck and LimPaw chronically accuse the Dems of hypocrisy, but so many Republicans have 2 faces, if they could both vote, they’d have the numbers to rule the world.

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