Did Andrew Know Fergie’s His Pimp?

By Adele

After the British Royal Family kicked her to the curb, Sarah Ferguson became the quintessential stray, living by her wits and raising 2 nice daughters, by all accounts. It was extremely disheartening to see her snagged in a nasty trap set by the News of the World. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them. Hasn’t Sarah supplied the tabloids with enough trash for all the best years of her life?

Granted, selling access to her ex-husband Andrew for trade deals was sleazy, but I don’t believe Sarah did it without Andrew’s full knowledge and consent, no matter how the palace tries to spin it.

The Royal Family is guilty of giving Sarah a taste for the jet-set lifestyle. She’d be better off today if they’d just left her among the squashed cabbage leaves of Covent Garden.

No, wait. That was Eliza Doolittle.

But nobody can say Sarah didn’t get royally screwed in her divorce, with the the court “forgetting” Andrew was a prince and awarding her only $21.5K a year based on his military pay. It’s to her credit she accepted that pittance without raising an unholy stink.

That’s precisely why Andrew lets her sell him on the side. She doesn’t guarantee her customers results, just access. Andrew’s under no obligation, doesn’t get a cut of the take, and keeps his skirts clean.

The only problem now is that Mumsy knows, and she HATES stuff like this.

I hope Camilla’s taking notes and stops trying to sell Charles’ old socks and toothbrushes on eBay. The tabs always find out.


2 Responses to Did Andrew Know Fergie’s His Pimp?

  1. Zappa says:

    Hi Adele!

    I heard my mom say that she feels sorry for Sarah,that her continuous,painful lapses in judgement are indications of deeper problems.She had some kittens and was pretty for awhile,but suddenly was left to fend for herself.What neglected,hungry cat wouldn’t swing at some much needed food dangled in front of it?


  2. catsworking says:

    I think Sarah has a good heart and, as a former royal, gets sucked into events that are beyond her means and people may be hesitant to bring up money because everyone assumes a former duchess would be rich and would be insulted to be asked, “Do we need to pay your airfare and cabs,” and maybe she’s too proud to ask every time, so she just keeps quiet and sinks deeper into debt.

    Instead of flitting around, now that her girls are grown, maybe she could do a Barbara Cartland and find herself a nice house in the country where she can churn out children’s books for her new series and just let the money roll in. It’s her attempts to try to keep up with the rich and famous that keep getting her in trouble.

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