Repubs Look Foolish Fighting Kagan Nomination

By Adele

Elena Kagan has so many points in her favor to join the Supreme Court, it’s no wonder Republicans are foaming at the mouth to disqualify her.

Congress confirmed her just a year ago to become Solicitor General, and they didn’t find any bones buried in her backyard then.

It’s probably galling to them that, besides being female instead of an old white guy, Kagan clearly lacks tunnel vision and a narrow mind. She’s willing to listen to different points of view. She doesn’t seem arrogant, despite accomplishments that include being the first female dean of Harvard Law School.

Kagan has never been a judge, which will make her the 41st justice who wasn’t. With typical revisionist flair, the Repubs are protesting like it’s the first time that’s ever happened. How dare Obama?

Do they think Kagan has argued cases before SCOTUS not knowing how to research and interpret the law? Are they worried she doesn’t understand how trials work? Do they seriously think she’ll ever be alone on the bench, left to her own devices?

Every time they open their mouths to vilify Kagan, Republicans just reveal ignorance and irrational thinking.

They worry she won’t interpret the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended, parading that non-argument like evangelicals who claim their every harebrained notion is in the Bible.

The Founding Fathers never came close to envisioning today’s world, with all its technological complexity, amorality, and senseless brutality.

Trying to maintain laws as if we’re still living in the 1700s is just nuts. Some laws need reinterpreting to get in step with the times.

After loony-toon rulings like it’s OK for Big Business to buy elections and that crush videos make wholesome entertainment, SCOTUS obviously needs a stiff dose of logic and decency. Elena Kagan is just the one to give it to them.


4 Responses to Repubs Look Foolish Fighting Kagan Nomination

  1. Joanaroo says:

    Hi Adele! The Rethugs don’t like not only the fact that we have an African-American president, but the fact Ms. Kagan is a smart, confident, open-minded lady with more class in 1/9999th of her pinkie than the whole Rethuglican party. Oh, they just can’t stand that! =)

  2. Imabear says:

    I see so many right-wing comments that completely ignore the facts that I shouldn’t be surprised at this one (first to not be a judge), but somehow it never ceases to amaze me. I guess I’m either naive or overly optimistic in expecting people to be rational, honest and to use some modicum of common sense. Silly me.

  3. Adele, you are a great advocate for smart, competent women–are you sure you’re not a wise Latina? The Republicans do their best to keep women “where they belong” (I think it’s a secret plot) by promoting and campaigning for the likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. In so doing, they lead the world (of old white guys) to believe that women are just plain stupid. Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, and Elena Kagan disprove this point. And what do these latter three women have in common? All Democrats. The fact that Kagan didn’t allow Army recruiters onto Harvard’s campus because of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” is a real “concern” for Bob McDonnell, VA’s new racist homophobe of a governor whose own past writings and actions lead me to believe that he shouldn’t have been elected to any position EVER, and yet he was! Thinking cats everywhere will take McDonnell’s opposition as a sign that Kagan’s exactly the right person for the Supreme Court!

  4. catsworking says:

    Noel, you said a mouthful! I may be a wise Latina underneath. Cole just read somewhere that my white gene is masking what I REALLY am.

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