Cats are Faster than SuperComputers

By Cole

And this is news?

Some engineer named Wei Lu at the University of Michigan is trying to build a computer as smart as a cat, because computers that already exist aren’t.

This new computer will have the capacity to remember and learn, which cats do effortlessly. It only takes one trip to the vet to learn we hate him, and we remember it every time you get the cat carrier out of the closet.

Lu said, “The cat brain…is much simpler than a human brain but still extremely difficult to replicate in complexity and efficiency.”

If that statement were true, then why haven’t humans got us all figured out yet? Why are some so baffled by our “inscrutable” feline ways that they get dogs?

Massive, sophisticated supercomputers with more than 140,000 CPUs and dedicated power can do certain tasks with the brain functionality of a cat, but they’re still 83 times slower.

Ask any mouse which he’d rather be chased by, a computer or a cat. No contest. That rodent knows he’s going down with a cat on this tail.

Here’s a fascinating story of a cat named Sasha who ingeniously used hair scrunchies to improve her dry food.

I bet Cats Working readers have a lot of stories about how cats are smarter than computers. Let’s hear them.


6 Responses to Cats are Faster than SuperComputers

  1. Tuxi says:

    When Mom had used plastic dishes (now she knows better and they are stoneware) for our different varieties of dry food when we were younger, she had them in 3 dishes: a red, a green and a blue. Then when we would go to the area where they were she may say “Oreo, where is your blue dish?” and she’d go right to it. Then she may ask me, “Tuxi, where is your green ball?” with blue and red ones nearby, and I’d go to the green one. We all knew our names early as kids and usually came when we were called. Until we learned selective listening!

  2. Tuxi says:

    They say cats know about 200 words in the English language, but I learned that the beep or the ringtone that Mom had on her cellphone wasn’t a call, but a text message. From Aunt Terri upstairs saying she’d be down to give me medicine. So when I heard the beep or a tone and Mom didn’t open the phone and talk, well, then I’d get moving and go hide! I’m medication-free now but keep an eye on Mom when she gets text messages!

  3. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, humans think that cats can only see yellow and blue in their true hues, and that all other colors look like shades of gray to us. You are proving them wrong.

    Karen also feeds us out of stoneware (big spoon rests for our canned food, to be exact, so our whiskers don’t touch the sides), but can’t bring herself to toss the old plastic bowls that have the names of her dear departed cats engraved on them.

    They called me “Dash” in the joint, but I like my new name, Cole (Porter), very much and will come when called if I feel like it. I think a people name suits me better than a punctuation mark.

  4. catsworking says:

    They tell me the late Fred used to know that when Karen’s computer said, “Goodbye!” (actually, that was AOL) at the end of the day, her work day was done and it was time to go downstairs and feed the cats dinner. He’d spring up from a sound sleep under her desk and head for the door.

    Yul and Adele know a lot more of Karen’s repertoire than I do, but I’m catching on fast!

  5. Zappa says:

    Hi kitties!
    I sit on my mom’s pillow every morning and smack her on the nose until she gets up to make my breakfast,I’ve never seen her computer or BlackBerry do that.


  6. catsworking says:

    Zappa, you are right. And I bet you will never see her warming her feet on her Blackberry on a cold night, either!

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