Bourdain & Zimmern: The Odd Couple

By Karen

No Reservations wraps up Season 6 with another special, “Food Porn 2,” with guest (porn) star, Ron Jeremy. That name drew a blank with me, but crew member Nari writes about meeting him.

Room 214’s preview says Tony will eat pho in Vietnam — again — and flit around New York City sampling a variety of high- and low-end delights.

Veronicahhh roundly panned the Provence episode for the way the food was handled, but missed the point that the “local family” she found dull were close kin to Tony’s BFF in foie gras, Ariane Daguin.

Don Cazentre of The Post Standard spoke to Bourdain by phone before his appearance in Syracuse on April 22. Tony revealed he’s still haunted by a certain armadillo.

Stephanie March at snagged an interview with Tony before his April 23 appearance in Minneapolis for their “Living Legends” series. He said he and Zimmern have a lot in common.

And the honors keep piling up. Bourdain’s work has been nominated for two Webby awards —his blog and Alternate Universe — and it looks like he needs our help to win. Come on, Cats Working readers. Show your support!

Last time I checked, his blog was trailing the leader by only one point. Vote here.

Alternate Universe was also running second. Vote here.

Andrew Zimmern did an interview with and said he would marry Bourdain. His other choices were to screw him or kill him, so I guess that indicates a certain affection.

On April 24, Cats Working reader Adele will be in the audience at Tony’s Chicago appearance and has promised to report back next week with any new information she can gather. Stay tuned!


8 Responses to Bourdain & Zimmern: The Odd Couple

  1. Adele says:

    The 24th approaches, and I’m getting excited. But here’s a problem, I thought I’d figured out what I would wear, and now, Chicago weather, notorious for its changability, may throw me a curve. Jeans and a sweater may replace the summer-y dress and jacket I’d planned.

    Around three years ago, I got a little something on Ebay, which I figured would be a perfect little gift for Ariane, if I ever got the chance. I missed a book signing a couple of years ago and couldn’t get VIP seats for Saturday’s show. It just dawned on me that a friend of mine once had a Ticketmaster connection,so I’ve shamelessly asked if there are still VIP Bourdain seats to be had. I’ve been told that it just might be possible, so please keep your fingers crossed. I might be able to deliver my gift and meet AB. I tend to become inarticulate at such times, so I may just hand him a note. I’ll try to get pictures . . .

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, that’s great news. I hope your friend is able to shake loose a ticket for you so you can deliver Ariane’s gift to her dad in person. Good luck!

  3. Cindy says:

    Rats! I tried to give you a link but it won’t work. If you go to and put Tony’s name in the search box, you can see pix of A&O at last night’s Can Do Awards. I think she may be wearing the same shoes she wore to the Food Fight.

  4. catsworking says:

    Good sleuthing, Cindy. Here’s a link:

    Ottavia is looking very foxy for the mom of a 3-year-old. Good for her! Those may be the same shoes, but I seem to remember shiny black heels on the ones she wore to the Food Fight because I walked up some steps behind her, but I could be mistaken. Either way, I couldn’t walk across a room in such shoes without breaking an ankle.

  5. Adele says:

    What handsome couples! Not only Tony and Ottavia, but Tony and Stanley Tucci — I just love Stanley Tucci! Ottavia was saying on Twitter that she’s gained weight since getting married. If so, it’s gone to all the right places. I wondered who was next to Tom Colicchio in the Getty photos. Could it be Mrs. Colicchio?

  6. MorganLF says:

    Hope you get the tix, I remember you saying you had picked something up…careful tho’ there are some who will ape your intent to give a little gift and claim it as their own.

    Cindy, not the same shoes these are peek toe.. those were closed and crazy high, Louboutins I think.

    Those are the best pics of Ottavia I’ve seen so far, they really look like her in real life. That is to say she is way more attractive in person than other pics I have seen.

    BTW Tony looks smoking, nice suit.

  7. MorganLF says:

    The cool thing is Ottavia knows the best pose, she leans her head in at an works.

    PS Stanley Tucci is the goods, why do I fancy him so much?

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you have a mind like a steel trap! Of course Ottavia’s shoes were closed-toe. It was November and raining like hell! I agree that Ottavia has found her “look” in posing for pics. It reminds me of Princess Diana’s trick of tucking her chin and looking up (which Lauren Bacall also used to do) to have that innocently seductive air.

    I always love to see Bourdain, or any man, in a suit. And you all know I have a thing for bald guys (except Zimmern), so I think Stanley Tucci is FINE.

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