The Great Cat Food Rip-Off

By Yul

Did you know that if your cat eats grocery-store dry food, you might as well be feeding him cookies?

Cats are obligate carnivores, yet our dry food is almost nothing but carbs, fillers, and preservatives. Owners have been brain-washed to believe that if the package says “Nutritionally Complete,” the food is nutritious.


Purina One was our brand until I had a brush with diabetes last year and got switched to prescription Purina Dietetic Management. It’s 51% protein and 15% fat, my two favorite things.

I also stopped getting Friskies shredded canned food with gravy (I only licked the gravy), and now eat only certain ground Fancy Feast varieties (beef, chicken, salmon, turkey & giblets) with negligible carbs.

Within 3 weeks, my blood sugar was well within normal range and has stayed there. My fur is softer, too.

Cole and Adele weren’t left out. They now eat Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe, the highest protein Karen could find at PetSmart — 40% with 18% fat — and no wheat, soy, or corn. Their fur is also softer, and Adele’s itchy skin allergies are slowly clearing up.

To figure out how good any dry food is, add the percentage of protein and fat together. What’s left is moisture, carbs, and other garbage. The lower the remainder, the better.

Karen just paid $50 for a 12-lb. bag of my DM, and 11 lbs. of Wilderness runs about $34. We eat less because they’re more filling, but she shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to feed us.

Such foods are nothing less than cats need to be healthy, yet the manufacturers market them as something extraordinary and price them like they’re freaking caviar.

It’s unconscionable.

Obama wants people to have affordable healthcare. I demand affordable, healthy food for cats!


12 Responses to The Great Cat Food Rip-Off

  1. piromanka says:

    try Animonda (if you can get it in states, though I think it’s european) it’s mostly meat, not tragicly expensive also, Filemon loves it :), too bad we didn’t look more into cat food when we had Mruczek 😦 it certainly wasn’t what caused the condition alone, but it might have played a part, he was fed mostly Felix, but as we did later find out one that’s available in poland has about 4% of meat in it (as most market cat food has, whiskas, kitekat and so on) whereas the german version has 14%, still not to much but at least some

  2. catsworking says:

    4% meat! No cat should be eating such stuff.

    We haven’t heard of Animonda here.

    Fancy Feast is getting kind of pricey. It comes in little cans (3 oz. which the 3 of us have to share), and runs about 56 cents a can. The cheapest place Karen has found is Target, where she can sometimes get it for about 44 cents.

    It’s just not fair. Dogs have whole aisles in the supermarket with all kinds of meaty foods, but the makers act like putting real meat in cat food is something exotic and should cost a fortune. We also don’t get anywhere near the selection that dogs have.

  3. Tuxi says:

    Hi Yul! Mom has been gradually adding Blue and Hills w/d moist food into our diets along with our usual Friskies to see if we’ll forego our cans of Friskies and do a Jamie Oliver and see if we’ll switch to better-for-us food. It ain’t working. We lick the Friskies dishes bare and leave at least half of the other cans there. Yep, we’re cats!

  4. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, you are cheating yourself out of some great grub with your gravy-licking ways.

    Adele has always been a clean-plate kitty, but Fred and I used to hold out for the gravy, so Karen bought the canned Friskies with maximum gravy and threw the rest away.

    It was only after she was forced to make me try to eat more protein to get my blood sugar under control that I saw the light. I was on some unholy expensive Purina DM canned food until she did some homework and switched us to several Fancy Feast “Classic” flavors that were just as good. I loved them! No gravy at all, but the meat is delicious! Now we’re all clean-platers and no more food down the disposal.

    Cole was raised in the joint on nothing but Hill’s Optimal dry, and they even sent him home with a big bag. But when Karen was comparing ingredients in PetSmart, looking for high protein for me, she saw that all the Hill’s commercial varieties were not much better than the cheap stuff. She was horrified.

    She switched Cole over by mixing Hill’s with Blue until the Hill’s was gone, then that was that. He’s a Blue kitty now and it shows in his fur. It’s almost as soft as Adele’s and she’s like angora. My fur has become very soft and shiny, too.

    Karen did buy one kind of expensive “natural” food with a lot of fruits and veggies in it that we all refused to eat, but I know she’s been sneaking little handfuls into the Blue to use it up. Cole and Adele have been choking it down to keep her happy. I stick with my Purina DM. I could eat Blue myself, but I prefer the DM.

    Karen showed our vet the ingredients in the 2 foods, and the Blue actually contains higher-quality ingredients. The vet had to admit the Blue was at least as good as DM or better. DM does have a bit higher protein percentage, but Blue uses real meat, not meal and byproducts.

    The diabetes epidemic in house cats didn’t start until a bunch of dry foods became popular a few decades ago. And cats with kidney failure are put on low-protein diets. But now the thinking is coming around to acknowledge reality. Cats are built to digest meat, not carbs, and we don’t need high fiber because we have short digestive tracts so food doesn’t stick around long, regardless. If we’re fed the right stuff from the beginning, chances are our kidneys would never have problems.

  5. Tuxi says:

    Hi Yul! You misunderestimated me. I meant we eat the Friskies and its gravy and lick the crumbs up and give Mom clean dishes. It’s when she puts out a dish of Blue or w/d alongside our dishes of Friskies that we leave most of the Blue or w/d that is better for us. That’s what I meant by ‘We’re cats!’ is we’re finicky about the better, more expensive food, and we’re stubborn! Give us our chicken by-products any day over human-grade cat food anyday!

  6. Joanaroo says:

    Yes, Yul, I’ve been trying to get Tuxi and the gang to eat the canned w/d and canned Blue and less canned Friskies but they are one stubborn bunch. I have given them Fancy Feast at times but some of them, including Tuxi bring it back up a short time later. They love the dry w/d and eat dry Purina Naturals and will eat By Nature Chicken, Turkey & Duck. The By Nature is a better quality dry food and want to try then on Blue dry. If they did make Friskies Minced Mice, or as Gallagher said, Butt Flavored cat food, our gang would love it!

  7. Imabear says:

    One of our cats, Spooky, loves the gravy in that canned food. He manages to get every drop while leaving everything else. It’s kind of amazing how he does it. All 3 love Fancy Feast. Their dry food is Iams, but we supplement with white meat chicken, occasional canned tuna and canned salmon (all these being “people” food, not cat food products – my husband eats a high protein diet and the cats benefit from this – little beggars that they are).

  8. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo and Tuxi, sorry for my confusion. I applaud you on being clean-plate kitties!

    Joanaroo, they could be yakking the Friskies back up because they find it so delish, they eat too fast. That’s what I do.

    There was definitely an adjustment period around here with the Blue. Adele seems to prefer it now, but it took a while. I often find Cole sneaking my DM, although he does eat quite a bit of Blue from his own special bowl in his room.

  9. catsworking says:

    Imabear, it sounds like your cats have it made in the shade. Years ago, Karen used to feed us a 9-Lives canned called “Savory Stew.” Don’t know if they even make it any more, but it looked suspiciously like people stew, with little bits of veggies in it. We’d eat around the peas and leave nothing in the bowl but those little green suckers, licked clean of gravy and everything.

  10. Zappa says:

    Hi guys!
    my mom feeds me canned food from PetGuard and Wellness with lots of gravy and I lick my dish clean! I found out from a very reliable source that the “homemade gravy” that I was eating was just hot water Mom was adding to my food! I felt so betrayed that I ignored her for several hours(it’s delicious,BTW)My dry food is Evo which is a mortgage payment but I eat vey little of it.I’ve lost my kitten fat and I am so shiny and soft. You deserve the good stuff and you do sell lots of books for Karen so demand the best!


  11. catsworking says:

    Zappa, thanks for providing another testimonial that the good stuff makes our fur nicer.

    I don’t know about the last part about selling lots of books for Karen, though. Our plan to help her hit 10,000 sold for her last birthday was a big bust. Right now, the calendar is outselling the book.

  12. Tuxi says:

    Hi Yul! We found that out with Peeper. She has a habit of eating moist and dry food fast and bringing it back up. With me though I think I couldn’t handle Fancy Feast because of it being so rich with the good stuff It’s a shame cause it’s so .GOOD!

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