Jury’s OK with Owner Starving Cats to Death

By Cole

In Boca RATon, Florida, it’s fine to leave your cats alone until they exhaust their ninth life trying to claw through the walls seeking food and water.

That’s exactly what 27-year-old special needs teacher Allison Dinsmore just proved, claiming she “lost track of time” and completely forgot she had two cats. She apparently was so terrified of her ex-boyfriend stalking her, she was afraid to return to her apartment.

But she continued to go to work every day and, it’s assumed, competently teach special needs kids.

A 6-moron jury found her NOT GUILTY of 2 felony animal cruelty charges that could have earned her 20 years in prison.

I think her cats Gizzy and Speedo would have reached a different verdict. Their little corpses were so badly emaciated and dried out when the landlord finally found them, that the coroner said he couldn’t perform the usual tests on them.

Dinsmore’s father testified that he’d have been happy to go over and feed the cats, but Allison NEVER ASKED HIM — nor anybody else.

Now Dinsmore’s father is on the warpath, saying he plans to go after the media and state attorney’s office for all his little girl’s pain and suffering. He seems to think slowly murdering 2 innocent animals by neglect is a little slap-on-the-wrist boo-boo.

At least the school where Dinsmore worked had the guts to fire her, but now she’s back in college studying pediatric physical therapy.

This is the kind of case that makes our kitty blood boil. Dinsmore is free to perhaps adopt replacement cats and find herself another psycho boyfriend. The first crazy guy who allegedly caused all the trouble seems to still be on the loose.

And 2 cats whose only mistake was trusting a self-absorbed, irresponsible woman with their lives are DEAD.

UPDATE: Florida is an all-round bad place to be a cat. Tyler Weinman, that smirking teenager facing 21 felony counts for butchering pet cats in the Miami-Dade area (2 more were recently added to the original 19), has yet to stand trial. The Dinsmore case should make him feel optimistic about beating the raps. He’s back in court on May 5.


28 Responses to Jury’s OK with Owner Starving Cats to Death

  1. Greetings: Such a horrible occurence of torture! I wish it to stop in our USA as to set a good example. The Animals(Cats) are sacred and have feelings of pain and neglect as we. (They are no. 4. on the evolutionary scale of Man )And have evolved to Man on other planets of our solar system. We are no. 8, ( as 9 the highest) Please stop the the torture of any creature.( I know cat lovers suffer greatly to see or hear this kind of cruel behavior. We of planet earth are observed constantly,by a Higher order of being.Please behave in a decent order of exitence. Peace to all..Goddess Irena 1

  2. Adele says:

    Cole, Alice and I just read your post, and Alice is begging me never to take her to Florida. I’m afraid she’ll have nightmares tonight; she’s already a little tense, because she’s afraid of the Easter Bunny coming in to the house. She’s also tense around Christmas, fearing that Santa and his reindeers will somehow get in through our faux fireplace.

  3. Imabear says:

    Florida! I swear I didn’t think they could top the hanging chads and Katherine Harris and now this! When I was in college I used to argue with my philosophy professor about whether you could or could not legislate morality. While that is still open to debate, it seems clear that you can’t legislate intelligence or even common sense. And stupidity continues to go unpunished. And they trust this woman with special needs kids?!?!

  4. tickleslordchaos says:

    I went to college in Florida. While I was there, some boys thought it would be funny to light a grill and cook a kitten alive on it. It made my stomach turn.

    In the southern region of Florida, it’s incredibly evident how little they care for their cats. The shelters have a 95% kill rate for kittens. They just treat them like trash.

    I hope our country starts realizing these animals are alive, with feelings and needs. Animal abuse is just a sign of lost humanity.

  5. Lori says:

    Cole, this makes my human blood boil. How could someone do that to 2 inocent kitty cats. They did not deserve to die. She should of had someone go over there and get the cats out like animal control they are understanding and they could have checked on the cats that’s what they are for too. Then the 2 kittys would be in a safe place like a new home with someone who loves them.
    If that happened here in MN that women would be in jail animal cruelity is a felony here.

  6. catsworking says:

    Lori, animal cruelty is a felony in Florida, too. If you read the newspaper articles, prosecutors decided to increase the charges from misdemeanors to felonies because of the struggles and prolonged suffering those 2 cats endured before they died, and the fact that she DIDN’T LIFT A FINGER to get anyone else to check on them and feed them.

    What we find most disturbing is that there’s no mention of the judge prohibiting the woman from having another pet, and that she herself thinks she’s mentally fit to work with special needs children. She sounds like the type who could easily “lose track of time” or “forget” and leave someone else’s kid to roast to death in a hot car on a summer day. She couldn’t even remember her own damn PETS!

    I don’t care how scared of her boyfriend she was. Anybody capable of forgetting about and ending someone else’s LIFE — human or animal — shouldn’t be out on the street. And her father, with all his misplaced indignation, just proves the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  7. catsworking says:

    Tickles, that is such a terrible image, I’m going to have to ask Karen to let me sleep with the lights on for a while.

    Fortunately, we live in an enlightened area of Virginia when it comes to animals. Adele, Yul, and I all came from the no-kill Richmond Animal League. They were kittens, but I was THREE YEARS OLD when Karen finally found me there. Our local SPCA is also no-kill, and the county shelter is converting to no-kill.

  8. Imabear says:

    Just wanted to follow up – my husband saw this story on the MSNBC website and sent it to me. He, like the rest of us, is livid. I can’t repeat what he said but as we are parents to three wonderful cats I’m sure you can imagine (of course, we’d be horrified it it were dogs, rabbits, etc, as well). Our babies are all rescues and we wish we had room for more (when we lost BJ in 2006 we went out and got Princess a few weeks later). My sister-in-law and her husband live in Florida and have taken in rescue dogs. Their previous two finally succumbed old age and ill health last year and they now have a new doggy – so at least the state isn’t totally bereft of animal lovers.

  9. catsworking says:

    We first saw the story on the Today Show Friday morning, and they mentioned that evidence was found of the cats trying to claw their way through the walls. And you can imagine what the whole apartment must have looked like after their litterbox got too dirty to use. Although, without food or water, that mess would have eventually diminished.

    I agree with Dinsmore’s father that 20 years in prison was too harsh. I think she should have been sentenced to however many months she left those cats alone, locked in a cell without food or water or human contact. If she managed to survive, then she could walk away saying she’d done her penance. If she didn’t, well, then justice would have been served.

  10. Tuxi says:

    This broad is a piece of trash and so is the jury. I’d personally would like to see her locked in a kennel and be used as an example of what happens at puppy and kitten mills. The poor animals are treated as she did her cats-no animal should have to suffer anywhere. If this bitch ends up dead from the boyfriend or one like him, which she’ll probably find, no tears will be shed by me!

  11. Joanaroo says:

    Hi Cole! Sounds like this broad’s father has a small brain like his daughter. 20 years isn’t enough in my opinion. Wait until she forgets a kid’s medicine, or as was mentioned, leaves a kid in a hot car. We already know she’s a callous, uncaring piece of crap to pets, wait until she kills a child in her so-called care. Let me have a go at her. I have a Louisville Slugger with her name on it!

  12. Tuxi says:

    Just read on the World Wide Whiskers blog (one of the possibly related posts) that the skank had been on a camping trip with a current boyfriend and didn’t think about the cats needs at all. Well, better give this ho a forced sterilization so she doesn’t have any human offspring to forget about and starve. People like this should be maggot meal by now.

  13. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, Joanaroo! Tell us how you REALLY feel about her. 😉

    This case is just another example of how the law deals WAY too easily with people who murder defenseless animals and children, which makes every potential perp think, “What the heck, I may as well throw the (fill in the blank) against the wall and stomp it until I break enough bones to kill it. Some stupid judge will give me a stern talking-to, and I’ll be free of a pest forever.”

    I can’t imagine what that jury was thinking to let Dinsmore off, unless they were all capable of murdering their own pets and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

    If ever a crime deserved an automatic eye-for-an-eye type of sentence to make people think twice about inflicting their cruelty, this is it.

  14. deb says:

    My cats are treated like family members. Truly! When we go out of town, we have a sitter that comes in twice a day to feed, water and play with them.

    This kind of cruelty is just an fatal attempt to land the owners in jail for an equal number of days without food and water to equal what their pets sustained.

  15. Jules says:

    I know the day will come when animals rights (and the justice for abusing those rights) will have the same importance as human rights (ahem) but that day can’t come soon enough. I hope we see it in our lifetime.

  16. catsworking says:

    Jules and deb, you said a mouthful.

    Here at Cats Working, we cats are treated like little people in fur coats, so I can’t complain. In fact, in some ways we’re treated better than people. Karen doesn’t have her own drinking fountain like we do. And sometimes while we’re chowing down on salmon, she’s eating ramen noodles.

  17. Tuxi says:

    Oh, Karen honey, Mom and I were just getting STARTED on this whoring piece of excrement! =) Mom has been in the room to monitor 2 mom cats she rescued give birth (both were way too far along to surgically abort, plus the vet’s office had a list of pet parents ready to adopt) and although Mom herself didn’t want human children and with all the endometrial tissue found and biopsied likely couldn’t have had them, she said cat birth was the most loving thing she had ever seen!

  18. Joanaroo says:

    Yes Tuxi! And when I read this story about this whoring skank not only did my blood boil, but it steamed and my pressure valve exploded! The lazy piece of excrement could’ve had the landlord or police escort her to the apartment and she could’ve turned the cats over to a good reputable rescue that could’ve found a loving home or a temporary foster for them. No, all she was interested in was camping and f*****g!

  19. catsworking says:

    The last time there was a kitten in this house was 10 years ago when Adele came home. Every year at this time, Karen starts getting broody about kittens. Most lately she’s been thinking of a pal for ME because Adele and Yul are so tight, I’m usually the odd man out. But the last time she tried that and brought the house up to 4 cats (bringing in Fred to befriend Ginger, now both deceased) it totally backfired and Ginger died just a few years later of kidney failure at age 7. Karen still thinks she succumbed to the stress of dealing with Fred.

    So enjoy the new arrivals while you have them. Kittens are so cute!

  20. Joanaroo says:

    Yeah, I do but Tuxi was talking about Midnight’s litter in 2005 and Bev’s in 2009. My sister and I have rescued and adopted to good homes many cats since 2002 but because we have a full house we haven’t rescued or adopted any since Bev. We did such a good job that I honestly haven’t seen any strays in our immediate area for months. All of ours are spayed or neutered and all cats our vet adopts out when fixed their pet parents can use the adoption fee toward the cost.

  21. Joanaroo says:

    We are lucky in that we have many no-kill shelters in our area. Some of them use the area PetSmart, Petco and Pet Supplies Plus stores to highlight cats for adoption. I testified to our town council to allow organized Trap-Neuter-Return but too many bastard council and residents (read Republicans) turned that down. The same ones who bitched about strays are the same ones who turned down the best way to control cat population. Hence my hatred of people like the Lazy Florida Skank Ho Cat Murderer.

  22. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, it sounds like you are more than doing your part to help save stray animals. Bless you.

    The day I met Karen, she started out at PetSmart looking at potential candidates, and was kind of taken with a big orange cat. But she’s always had a thing for black or white cats, so she came to the League building and found me in the big cat room. The rest, as they say, is history. She felt bad about the other cat, but learned that he also found a home that weekend, so it was all good.

  23. Tuxi says:

    Mom and Aunt Terri are friends with a woman who runs a no-kill cat rescue called Cat Angel Network that places cats for adoption at 2 PetSmart locations, and they also have many fosters and a private facility. They take such good care of cats and Mom got such great advice from them. Mom learned how to use a humane trap like a pro and learned so much she even impresses the vets we go to. She said she could never be a vet because she gets so emotionally envolved and cries like a baby when she takes kitties to the vets adoption center.

  24. Joanaroo says:

    Yes Tuxi. Because I get such a deep bonding with our cats it was hard when 5 of our cats went to the Rainbow Bridge in a decade. That was mostly due to kidney failure and some of the cats had hyperthyroidism. 4 of the 5 were euthanized and one died in the hospital. We had the cats cremated and they each have their own special urn. When I die I plan to be cremated and have my urn placed in a large ornate wood box holding my cats urns and the box be placed in a mausoleum. Figure I can plan ahead and have it ready for when the time comes.

  25. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, Karen has been lucky that all of her cats except Ginger made it into their high teens. Cleo broke all records living to be within months of 20. She had hyperthyroidism and Karen thinks the meds killed her. The rest died of kidney failure. All Wormald cats but the first, Coco, were cremated, but Karen didn’t keep their ashes. She’s lived in her house for 23 years, but never felt it was her permanent home, so never wanted to bury any cats here. Coco is buried in the backyard of a house her parents USED to own, and the new owners don’t know she’s there.

    When it’s our time to leave, Karen just lets us go to whatever’s next with no strings.

  26. Joanaroo says:

    I came up with my idea after reading that since so many younger people are turning to cremation, cemetaries now are building above-ground mausoleums where you have smaller vaults for urns or multi-urn containers. I just like the idea of all our ashes in one place for eternity. Sorry so maudlin a topic! Just that as much as I love my kids in life I want to give them a proper resting place for us all together when the time comes. And the overboxes can be beautiful-thinking of putting all our names and pictures on it.

  27. Joanaroo says:

    Our cat Sarah had kidney failure, asthma, and hyperthyroidism. She was a senior cat who one day when I was talking to a neighbor, came up to me and wanted me to pick her up. She looked lost so I brought her in a extra room to sleep. We couldn’t find an owner so we had tests done and over a few years her condition eventually was fatal. She loved it here and the Methimazole for hyperthyroidism weakened her immune system and her kidneys. She died in the hospital from complications.

  28. catsworking says:

    Karen doesn’t remember what med Cleo was taking, but she stopped eating and that’s when her ninth life expired. A few days after having Cleo put down, Karen was putting away her paperwork and read on the write-up that came with the prescription that “loss of appetite” was one of the side effects! If she’d read that sooner, she’d have taken Cleo off the pills immediately and might have given her a bit longer. Aside from not wanting to eat solid food (so Karen pureed canned food with water and served it as glop), there was nothing visibly wrong with her, and the vet had said that the treatment might be worse than the illness. He was right!

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