Who Do Democrats Think They’re Kidding?

By Yul

Obama managed to get his health insurance reform bill passed, and here’s what I think it means…

For everyone but children, it’s going to get a LOT worse before (if ever) it gets better.

Insurers have until 2014 to keep their underwriters and claims staff in overdrive finding ways to deny or cancel coverage and raise premiums for adults. Before anything substantive kicks in (if Republicans don’t manage to repeal it because they believe everyone who’s not rich deserves to die rather than see a doctor), I wouldn’t be surprised if 100+ million Americans have no insurance — that is, the ones who survive.

Once again, Obama has grossly underestimated man’s capacity for inhumanity to man. The law says insurers can’t charge sick people more. Does Obama really think they’re going to lower premiums across the board, or use the next 4 years to make everybody pay what they’d extort out of someone with a chronic, life-threatening condition they were forced to insure?

I’m just a cat, but gimme a break. It takes a total moron not to see that coming.

So far, 13 states, led by Virginia, are suing the feds over the constitutionality of making everyone buy insurance. For once, I’m proud to be a Virginian.

How DARE Obama decree that every American citizen finance private insurers’ profits and perpetuate their ridiculous bureaucracy that now costs over $350 BILLION a year.

In essence, he’s painted everyone into a corner, forcing them to buy private insurance with no other choice, since he rolled over and played dead on the public option and refused to even consider single-payer.

And where does it end? Now that he’s snugly in bed with WellPoint, Aetna, et al, somewhere in those 2,400-2,700 pages (I hear differing counts), does it say everyone has to buy and eat Wheaties for breakfast? Nobody seems to know.

I did just hear they tucked in a mandate for calorie counts on restaurant menus.

Republicans are dead wrong when they call this a government takeover of healthcare.

No, the government has handed solid-gold keys to the hen house to the foxes.

The fallout from this bill has the potential to make Bush’s decision to invade Iraq look like a little boo-boo.

Bonus: Michael Moore wrote a great letter that should make Republicans feel a lot better about getting steam-rolled on this one.

Bonus #2: Just found this column and it’s too funny to keep to myself.


15 Responses to Who Do Democrats Think They’re Kidding?

  1. Zappa says:

    Ha ha,Yul!!
    loved bonus #2!! You are one well-read cat!


  2. Joanaroo says:

    Hi Yul! Hate the bill but it is a start at helping to curb insurance industry abuses. I still want single-payer universal coverage and maybe you should’ve named your post “If the Prez and Congress had the smarts, concience and morals of those who passed universal coverage in Canada, Europe and other areas who have it, maybe we would have something to REALLY celebrate!”.

  3. Tuxi says:

    But still Yul I am proud that my mom didn’t put tea bags on her Phillies hat, decide to derangedly buy a gun and bra holster and hoof it out to Nevada for an orgiastic meeting of old farts getting orgasmic over Rethuglican chants, crocodile tears and Sarah Palin telling everybody to RELOAD and then likely shooting themselves in the foot, their neighbor, or tragically their own child playing with a loaded gun and then needing insurance coverage or worse a funeral home.

  4. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, as long as Obama was passing legislation without a shred of Republican support, he should have skipped this step and gone for single-payer. In the time it takes for any of this bill to kick in, the insurance companies will wreak havoc.

    Have you noticed that the insurers are the ONLY group who haven’t made a peep since he signed the bill? They WROTE a lot of it, and for every loophole he thinks he closes, they probably built in 50 new ones.

    I don’t see this curing any insurer of insatiable greed. They’ve got 4 years to price their products so the system actually does collapse and then we’ll see how bad it can REALLY get. The government will have no choice but to remove insurers from the picture. Maybe that’s what Obama is secretly counting on. That they’ll commit suicide maximizing profit.

    All this talk about “affordable” coverage is baloney. Who decides what’s affordable? What people need is affordable CARE, not a rotten insurance policy that’s just ANOTHER useless expense piled onto the cost of seeing a doctor.

    Tuxi, Palin’s running around telling people to RELOAD and Congress wonders where all the death threats are coming from. I almost feel sorry for McCain these days. He’s got to rely on Palin to get all her mouth-breathing bottom-feeders in Arizona to the polls for him. But I still think he’ll be toast in November, and then he’ll be kicking himself for palling around with her AGAIN.

  5. Tuxi says:

    That may be what Obama is hoping for is professional suicide for insurance companies, Yul, but the ratfink doesn’t have to make my mom and your mom have to put up with this crap. Mom even wrote to him and asked him why in the world he was so concerned about bringing the Repubs into everything when they didn’t care what the Dems thought of what they were passing when Dubya was in office. Of course the little shite never wrote back which of course our wimpy GOP representative never did when mom gave HIM Hell too!

  6. Joanaroo says:

    Yes and Tuxi, I agree with Yul that the Rethugs and Tea Partiers are so stoopid calling this a government takeover. It is playing right into the hands of what the Rethugs wanted-to help out the insurance company and then they can grease THEIR palms with the filthy lucre for the favor. All just a total COCKUP! What a screwed-up country and a damn Tea Party who doesn’t even know what the hell they are protesting!

  7. Tuxi says:

    Yul, this country needs to be run by WE CATS!

  8. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, our GOP rep in the House is Eric Cantor, and we’d feel slimed writing to him. Karen has, on occasion, written to our Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner, both Dems she admires. She even once wrote to Ted Kennedy. All about passing a good health bill. She got replies from all of them. Canned, of course, but at least they followed up.

    Joanaroo, “Tea Partier” is just another name for “Ignorant Bigot.” They take what it used to mean to be a Republican (fiscally conservative) and stretch it to a scary extreme that includes discriminating against EVERYBODY who isn’t a low-class, stupid white male. And the WOMEN who belong to this group and worship Sarah Palin as some kind of goddess need a new definition for stupid.

    I’m just sorry to see Obama blithely waltzing the country into a healthcare catastrophe to prove that good old capitalism doesn’t work in life or death situations (as every other industrialized nation has discovered — DUH!). There were 2 bills for single-payer sitting in the House and Senate all during this debate that he could have latched on to, but he swept them under the rug. I don’t think I can ever forgive him for letting Reid and Pelosi run amok making back-room deals, and I think it will cost him a second term.

    That bill is 2,400 pages long. We are aware of just the tippity-tip of the iceberg of what it contains. As the truth rolls out (some of it not to take effect until Obama is out, even if he got 2 terms), I predict there will be plenty of outrage all around. That’s why the insurance companies are keeping mum. They know what’s coming, and it’s more gravy for them.

  9. Tuxi says:

    Yes, and what Mom feels so angry about is she voted for Obama in the primary and Nov. vote because single-payer health care was his big selling point in his campaign and she didn’t vote for Hilary because she thought Obama really had a chance to get it thru. Then he turns the screw in his supporter’s backs. It really sucks. I’m mad too because as a Tuxedo cat I wear my 2 colors (b&w) with pride and he turned his mixed heritage into the history books then broke a campaign promise.

  10. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, we just got an e-mail alert about the City of Houston. Seems the mayor is jacking up the health insurance premium on city retirees who are under age 65 by 50% to counteract a budget shortfall. That’s exactly the age group Obama claims his bill should help — NOT. He always says to the people with employer plans, “You can keep the coverage you have,” but he doesn’t mention, “Even if it ends up costing you every last red cent you have.”

    I’m working on a post about the fallout that has begun. The insurance companies made their first peep about the bill, and it’s a doozy. A taste of things to come.

  11. Joanaroo says:

    Right, and we agree that there will be anger from Dems and Independents too but I hope that anger is channeled thru discussions like ours on a blog – and letters, e-mails and phone calls to the source, and not guns and bullets and bloodshed between members of the differing parties. I don’t remember things being this testy before, but all the riling up by certain media hasn’t helped either.

  12. Tuxi says:

    I think you humans should all settle down and do like we cats do. You notice how when we disagree you hear a growl, a hiss and then sometimes it grows into a quick tussle with some biting and scratching maybe, but we get tired of it, lay down and end up washing each other together. So, if your species would figuratively meet, discuss and work out something even with a little animosity, ya’ll wouldn’t need the Red and Blue State crap. Life’s too short! Tuxi

  13. catsworking says:

    Good point, Tuxi. I’d like to see Obama and McCain go at it and let the fur fly for a few minutes to settle in McCain’s mind, once and for all, who won the election.

    Joanaroo, what I can’t figure out is why Obama was just able to cut banks completely out of the student loan business and channel their profits into making more loans, but he couldn’t bring himself to boot out the insurance companies and channel THEIR profits into people getting healthcare. The banks weren’t actually KILLING anybody, but the insurers do by denying claims and canceling coverage. Such blatant double standards are going to be his downfall.

  14. Joanaroo says:

    You know, Karen, I wondered about that too. When I heard he backpedaled on universal health care I wanted to do to him what the sponsor of the college parade did to Dean Wormer in Animal House when Delta House sabotaged the parade:grab him around the neck and shake him silly. The arrogant shite did get $800,000 from insurance companies for his 2008 campaign so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

  15. Tuxi says:

    Maybe you ladies should call him DINO – Democrat In Name Only – for that sneaky move. I can think of some good non-racial names to call him for giving in to the Rethugs and insurance companies! Tuxi

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