A “Rielle” Class Act — NOT

By Adele

I know I’m being a blog hog, but I can’t let John Edwards’ brain-dead mistress pose half-naked and blather to GQ and not say something catty about it.

To dispel any doubts that she’s a flake, Rielle did a photo shoot sprawling all over a bed wearing nothing but a manly-looking white shirt, pearls, and panties, then called Barbara Walters and wailed she was “repulsed” by the result. What did she expect GQ to do? PhotoShop overalls on her? She sat there with her “See You Next Tuesday” barely covered and thought the photographer was taking head shots.

In the interview, she claimed she didn’t know who Edwards was when they met, like she’d just crawled out from under a rock. They hopped in the sack that same night, and then he decided to persevere with this presidential campaign because Elizabeth had him so pussy-whipped, he was afraid not to.

Johnny Boy, I hope you’re investing your millions wisely, because your witless Twinkie just put the last nail in the coffin of any chance you had of holding any position of authority again.

Rielle is not only stupid, but doesn’t hesitate to bite the hand that fed her. She lived with Edwards’ staffer Andrew Young‘s family to hide her pregnancy in 2007, but is now suing Young for invasion of privacy after she allegedly dismantled and discarded the sex tape she idiotically made of Edwards while he was running for president, and Young reconstructed and watched it.

The woman is without equal in the sh*t for brains department. And with Sarah Palin as competition, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Young thinks John Edwards is financing the litigation because Rielle was a penniless gold-digger until Edwards and his campaign began sparing no expense to support her. And Young has also revealed that while hedging her bets to snag SOME rich guy, she was seeing actor Jeff Goldblum on the side and led him to believe that her baby might be his.

Rielle doesn’t know if she and Johnny will live happily ever after, but claims that he now wants to parent his new daughter, Frances Quinn, full-time.

I guess it’s her way of telling Elizabeth Edwards that she and her 2 young children can go pound sand because Daddy would rather be with a skank.


8 Responses to A “Rielle” Class Act — NOT

  1. Bob says:

    Ok now this may come off as a bit harsh but maybe she could hook up with some of Tiger’s girls and start a T&A Girly Band ala Pussy Cat Dolls???

    The only thing that I can say about Edwards choice in the matter is she is pretty hot. Dumb as a post apparently but hot none the less. Guess we can all figure out which “head” was doing the thinking that night eh!!

  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, I think she’s just biding her time until Elizabeth goes to meet her Maker, then she’ll commandeer Edwards’ fortune and spend the rest of her life shopping and getting her nails done. And he’ll be a washed-up nobody who writes checks to pay her bills for his occupation. I feel very sorry for the 2 original Edwards kids who are still minors. Once they lose their mother, they might as well be orphans. They’ll probably spend the rest of their lives in therapy, trying to come to grips with what “Johnny” did to Mom.

  3. Joanaroo says:

    Ugh! That skank sounds like she’s been not just sloppy seconds, but thirds and fourths! Jeff Goldblum? Eww! Kinda going for the bottom of the scummy barrel. And Adele, we humans wonder about feline sexual behavior and cats incestual longing, but humans have to explain their behavior because of their supposed superior intelligence. Could’ve fooled us, huh?

  4. Tuxi says:

    Human intelligence? I was laughing at Mom making faces earlier because she’s doing her pre-op clean-out and had to drink a ten-oz. bottle of cherry flavored Magnesium Citrate. Not only did I relish seeing Mom suffer lousy tasting medicine, but I laughed at the sound coming from her backside on the toilet. Not to be graphic, but if she stood up she’d look like Yul using his box! Tuxi

  5. Tuxi says:

    We love the See You Next Tuesday wording for the c-u-ahem word. That got us both laughing!

  6. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, I can’t take credit for the “See You Next Tuesday.” I filched it from Charlotte York, who said it in an episode of Sex & the City.

    And you’ve got me snickering at the image of any human looking like Yul in his box. Your mom has my sympathy. Karen’s due for a colonoscopy this year, so I guess we’ll have ring-side seats to the prep here, too.

  7. MorganLF says:

    I have made my opinion of Rielle(fake name) before. She is a cheesy unattractive skank. One blog compared her to Camilla!
    The whole thing is freakish; once again a rich, powerful, guy loses it all, over an ugly “rode-hard” looking fake blond. She must have some talents, but a guy like Edwards could attract a really hot chick.

    So its clear he has issues bigger that being a cheater. Like Tiger it must be a mommy or daddy thing to chase after an UGLY dame is just that much more of a slap…politics does indeed make strange bedfellows!

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you always make us laugh! “Rode hard” is a good way to put it.

    I thought of the Camilla connection myself. There’s an unmistakable parallel there.

    On Entertainment Tonight after I wrote this, they were saying that Elizabeth was pretty upset about the whole GQ thing. Who could blame her, having that dame rub Liz’s nose in it. John Edwards is just lucky her days are probably numbered and she doesn’t have time to waste on his bimbo, because if he was afraid of her before, he should be TERRIFIED of her right now after this latest slap in the face.

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