The Sure Fix for Obama’s Healthcare Stalemate

By Yul

If Obama’s bipartisan healthcare summit yesterday accomplished nothing else, it should have erased any doubts that Republicans are out to sink him and they don’t care how many Americans go down with him. I heard a lot of grousing, but precious few better ideas out of them.

So Obama still needs support, and here’s the simplest way to get it:

Ban all employers from providing health insurance.

Obama could even legislate that employers rebate a portion of the savings back to their formerly insured employees to help them buy new individual coverage, which would cost the government nothing.

How could Republicans disagree? They always want to help big business boost the bottom line. They also claim Obama’s plan would raise costs so much that many employers would drop health insurance anyway. OK, so let’s do it right now and level the playing field going forward.

Businesses should love having this monkey off their backs. Health insurance is an enormous expense and hassle for them.

Private health insurers will be over the moon because it will put millions of new, unsuspecting suckers within their grasp.

Granted, the workers who have been opposing reform will be the only ones screaming bloody murder. That’s because they have no clue what healthcare really costs. After they get a taste of the reality of trying to buy individual coverage and discovering they can’t get it because of pre-existing conditions, they can’t afford it because it’s outrageously priced, or the policy they buy is crap and covers next to nothing, they’ll be screaming to Washington…


That’s when Obama will have free rein to stop insurers from discriminating against everybody, getting away with 39% rate hikes, and yanking coverage away from people when they get sick.

It’s a no-brainer and a win-win, so why hasn’t anyone suggested it?


7 Responses to The Sure Fix for Obama’s Healthcare Stalemate

  1. Tuxi says:

    Amen, Yul! My mom’s individual policy was once $200+, but now with the years that have passed, the coverage is between $250-$350 a month! Let’s see those STUPID Tea Partiers pay that out of their piss-poor-but-still-supporting-the-GOP wages! Has those good ol’ GOP tax cuts helped them? Idiots!

  2. catsworking says:

    When Karen first went freelance at age 47, she had decent individual insurance that cost $257 a month. Within about 5 years, it had gone up to $485 (with no major claims), so she’s been buying lesser coverage every year since then, trying to keep the cost down, but Anthem keeps f**king her for GETTING OLDER. This year Karen turned 55 and took a 20% rate hike up the butt, even though the only claims Anthem paid for her last year were for 2 teeth cleanings.

    She’s now underinsured, and every year Anthem jacks up the rate more and brings her one step closer to NO insurance. Do they CARE their greed is driving customers away? Hell no!

    She appealed to the state insurance commissioner about a previous unconscionable rate increase, but all they said was, “Anthem can charge whatever they want. We have no power over them whatsoever.”

    (Seems to me the state could save some money eliminating the do-nothing insurance commissioner job and every useless flunky associated with it.)

    In spite of our previous Democratic governors, Virginia is a very red state and it has sat back and watched Anthem get a pretty secure lock on the individual market and ritually rape its customers. We now have a Republican governor who says if Obama mandates that everybody have health insurance, Virginia will pass laws saying it’s unconstitutional. Apparently, Virginia will let nothing interfere with Anthem’s continued profits.

    As I said in my post, the Tea Partiers and anybody else with employer-provided insurance have coverage that free or heavily discounted. They have no CLUE what insurance really costs, nor what a nightmare it is to get. Until they know what exactly they’re protesting, they should keep their traps SHUT. Their ignorance and hypocrisy are off the charts.

  3. Joanaroo says:

    Hi Karen and Yul! Yup, it’s maddening! One of the WordPress possibly related posts-in their words-to this is posted by a group called Prayer and Action that smells in ideology like a GOP Friends of the Almighty Insurance Industry. Instead of praying to the Tea Party altar, they should be damn mad about the uninsured dying in this greedy country, but they think uninsured deaths and the amount of uninsured are lies. Way to go religion-side with the GOP LIARS!

  4. Tuxi says:

    Hi Karen! My condolences to you for a ReTHUGlican being voted in the past governor’s election in VA. We have a Dem. guv in PA but unfortunately he has to deal with the brain-dead other party in Harrisburg. Don’t you love how your gov doesn’t give a damn about the uninsured and under-insured? Damn dictator cares more about ideology! What an idiot!

  5. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, that’s exactly what I mean about their hypocrisy being off the charts. These staunch defenders of “family values” who call themselves Christians wouldn’t lift a finger to help someone who’s dying because they lack insurance or their insurance won’t pay for their care. Their behavior would make Jesus hurl hairballs.

    Tuxi, Karen supported Obama mainly because she thought he would do something about healthcare. In the beginning, he talked a good game, and even favored universal coverage (which is the ONLY viable solution to this mess). But he quickly morphed into a typical politician. When he started saying private insurance is the answer, she knew the whole matter was doomed. Obama KNOWS damn well it isn’t even close to a fix, and he knows he’s not going to be able to pass laws fast enough to keep insurers from finding new ways to screw people.

    No matter what Obama does, the insurers already intend to gouge people good on their age and where they live (as if they don’t already do both). They said that MONTHS ago.

    We were reading all about Obama’s belated plan on, and the section about individual insurance sounds wonderful, but as long as he’s depending on cooperation from greedy slimeballs like Anthem, it’s all a big joke.

    If Obama doesn’t manage to ram through good legislation with some teeth in it, he can forget about the Cats Working vote in 2012.

    Tuxi, Virginia is also in the process of repealing the limit of one a month on people buying guns. The gun nuts say it’s trampling on their constitutional rights. But WHO, besides a killer or anyone else up to no good, needs to buy more than a dozen guns a year?

  6. Tuxi says:

    Hi! We were reading about the gun thing on one of the possibly related post pages from one of the right wingnuts. We love how they worship guns, money, power and bitch about the democrats, but do THEY come up with anything to help anyone but themselves? HELL, NO! And Mom voted for Obama in the primary and Nov. election because of his platform and ESPECIALLY UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE! Sorry for shouting, but it makes me HISS!

  7. Tuxi says:

    Now Mom and I would like to give Obama and the traitor Dems a good swift kick in the a**, and earn me another “Will Bite” sticker! The Christianity religion aspect of politics has turned Mom against ever joining a protestant church. Unfortunately some in the Tri-County area have turned into a GOP pulpit anyway. I have a historical gripe with them in the Dark Ages for killing cats due to superstition and fear-mongering (GOP!), but without us the plague got the bastards!

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