Anthony Bourdain’s Packing Plastic

By Karen

Tonight on No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visits Brittany. I wonder if he’ll be buying anything on credit?

Under the revealing subhead, “Things We Hate,” Food Network Humor lit into the blatant, poorly-executed plug for Chase’s Sapphire card during Bourdain’s visit last week to Istanbul, even speculating that a stunt hand was used to proffer the card.

Stunt hand, hell. The CARD was a blank phony!

I give Bourdain a pass on this because he’s obviously doing the bidding of his cruel masters. But any more gratuitous Sapphire shilling shoehorned into NR risks sending Bourdain’s cred down the crapper and turning the card into a running joke.

Travel Channel, you’ve been warned.

Personally, I think Tony would be wise to start endorsing products of his choosing in other venues. He’d get my attention during those annoying network breaks that keep getting longer and more frequent.

But I do have a “fish to fry” with Tony in Istanbul for calling those who recoil from beheaded marine life “punk-ass loser Americans.”

That would describe moi.

I’d try durian or haggis, but I draw the line at sucking a fish skull. This aversion may have originated while I swam in Lake Erie as a kid and found them floating all around me.

But in the end, I must say, “Touché, Tony.” I had it coming after some unkind things I’ve said about the lovely Ottavia. But now we’re even, so watch it. (Just kidding!)

Daily Blender reports on the fabulous Cayman Cookout. The welcome reception alone makes you understand why Bourdain blew off the Tasty Awards, even if he did have to temporarily don chef’s whites again. Tony’s pricey Hawaiian shirt also made an appearance, and he wrote about the Cookout himself.

The second episode of Alternate Universe, “Romania Rhapsody,” has arrived, and Tony reveals sides of Zimmern and Samantha Brown they’d never let us see on TV.

Bite Club Eats caught Bourdain’s appearance in Santa Rosa, California, on January 13 and provides some highlights.

Tony did a phone interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal before his January 22 appearance.

June 8 is the release date for his new book, Medium Raw, and it will retail for $26.99.

NOTE: The cats are running the show the rest of this week but cannot respond to comments. Being a ruthless computer despot with final approval over their writings is the only shred of control I have over them.


6 Responses to Anthony Bourdain’s Packing Plastic

  1. Zappa says:


    Karen’s gone all Evil Human and not letting you use the computer? Hide the can opener!


  2. Adele says:

    Zappa, if the felines at Cats Working hide the can opener (albeit most cat food cans are now self-opening)aren’t they cutting off their noses to spite their adorable faces? Better to create some organic artistic masterpiece.

    Karen, have a great cruise; I hear you can have a real British high tea in Barbados.

  3. Zappa says:

    I never thought I would say this,but Jack Bauer has wooed me away from Tony Bourdain.They are both competing for my 9:00 hour (here in DC)and Jack has been winning. Karen,thanks for putting your foot down and taking away computer priveleges from the four-pawed little ingrates that don’t appreciate how spoiled they are! …..ahem….

    Zappa’s mom

  4. Bob says:

    I hope that this whole credit card thing was a one off.

    The whole notion of Tony having to shill for his corporate masters just doesn’t sit right with me, and judging by the backlash many others out there as well.

    Hopefully like his previous failed attempt to break out of his pigeon hole, “At the Table with Anthony Bourdain.” The backlash from the masses will keep him in check.

    Looking forward to being able to download the newest episode, winter has finally hit us hard here so looking forward to some comfort food TV.

    Also, a quick little thanks to Karen and everyone else here who have been supporting my blogging experiment. Thanks to people like yourselves my blog just topped one thousand hits!!

    It’s no where near the numbers Karen has but not too bad for just starting out a few scant months ago.

    Thank You one and all.

  5. catsworking says:

    Congratulations, Bob, on your first thousand hits. It took me months to get there myself.

    I’m behind with NR because I’ve been out of town.

  6. catsworking says:

    Zappa’s Mom, Who is Jack Bauer?

    I’ve been away for the past week, and I always unplug the computer before I leave. The cats could turn on the PC and monitor with just the push of a paw, but they have been unable to master getting the power cord into the wall.

    They got a good peek at how “the other half” (i.e., ferals and strays) live over the weekend while I was trapped in airports for 2 days trying to get home and my cat sitter couldn’t get to my house through the snow. It was no Fancy Feast, stale water, and dirty litterboxes.

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