John Edwards Comes Clean. Now What?

By Adele

Two years too late for the innocent toddler who’s had no dad, John Edwards has finally admitted that 2-year-old Frances Quinn Hunter is his love child. Not that anybody cares.

What is surprising is that a guy who fostered such an open, squeaky-clean, boy-next-door persona could turn out to be such a duplicitous douchebag.

Elizabeth Edwards has reportedly come to her senses and split from the rat, now that he’s settled his new family in their own house in Charlotte, N.C., reportedly worth more than $500K.

Rielle Hunter’s shameless scheme to bag a rich, powerful man actually helped the country dodge a bullet. Edwards didn’t hesitate to pile lie upon lie to cover his slimy tracks. He risked wrecking staffer Andrew Young’s marriage by having Young claim he was the baby daddy, he asked Young to get some quack doctor to fake DNA results, and then to steal a dirty diaper so Edwards could do his own secret testing.

If Edwards suspected that Hunter was sleeping around, that makes him a liar with execrable taste in tarts, and you have to wonder if, as president, he’d have routinely resorted to such idiotic, juvenile machinations to deal with the nation’s problems.

And now Edwards is belatedly babbling the truth (maybe), trying to upstage Young’s new book, The Politician, which is probably contains lots of juicy details.

Edwards seems on on track to marry Hunter once Elizabeth is history. It’s bound to be cheaper than forking over nearly $18K a month to the home-wrecker, who apparently thinks her destructive skills should be richly rewarded.

14 Responses to John Edwards Comes Clean. Now What?

  1. kb says:

    Everyone involved in this probably knew about it the whole time, I don’t think this was surprise to anyone. Elizabeth should kick his sorry butt to the curb if she hasn’t already. Too pathetic.

  2. Zappa says:

    whywhywhy did Andrew Young agree to lie in that manner in the first place? The sword that he agreed to fall on is now in Edward’s back in the form of his tell-all expose soon to be published….not that he doesn’t deserve it

    Zappa’s mom

  3. Joanaroo says:

    There was something that kept telling me “Nah!” when my sister kept saying “I hope John Edwards wins the nomination!” and I didn’t know what it was. Then this mess broke, and I was like “What a scumbag!”. If I was Elizabeth I’d take his “junk” and hold it for ransom! He deserves a good neutering!

  4. MorganLF says:

    And to think I almost liked this guy! What an ahole, the rudest move of all is how trashy and wore out that Rielle ( which is a name she concocted)her “reille” name was Lisa Druck and was a notorious party girl in the 80’s who dated Jay McMcInerney and was the inspiration for the jaded, sexually voracious character Allison Poole in his novel “Story of My Life”.

    This is why Edwards is such a douche, he really got lead down the garden path by his johnson and it wasn’t even by a hottie just a gold digger with a fake name.

  5. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, I suppose you’ve heard the latest — that Edwards and Rielle made a sex tape while she was pregnant, which reduces him to a whole new level of stupid. I just heard this morning that Rielle is going to court trying to get it back.

    I think neutering is just what he deserves. And without anesthestic.

    Oh, and I predict that the next political “scandal” to go legit will be George Bush and Condi. We’ve been watching them and thought years ago there was more to that relationship than people knew, just from the way she behaved toward him. Smitten, I would call it.

    Remember, you read it here first…

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you’re right. Rielle’s past doesn’t bear close scrutiny. I think the reason these guys fall for such tramps is that they think the women are such nonentities they’ll never talk or get anyone to listen to them. But it’s the one’s who have nothing to lose and are most desperate for their shot at 15 minutes of fame who are the MOST dangerous.

    A married woman who was on his level socially would have been a much safer bet for cheating because she’d also have wanted to hush it up.

    And now there’s the Edwards/Hunter sex tape. Talk about a man with his brain in his pants…

  7. catsworking says:

    Welcome, kb! From all reports, Elizabeth Edwards HAS finally had enough and they’ve split. She’s already made enough of a fool of herself standing by her man and pretending that neither the mistress or the kid have anything to do with her, even though they’re now technically related by blood to her own kids.

    If his so-called “confession” of the affair, and then continuing to lie that it was over, that he didn’t father the child, and that his staffer Young was the culprit, wasn’t enough to prove that illicit sex made John lose his mind, then maybe the sex tape will convince Elizabeth once and for all. It MUST exist, since Rielle is going to court to try to get it back.

  8. MorganLF says:

    Is it me or does Andrew Young and his wife come off as the most opportunistic, fame seeking, avaricious turn coat aholes ever? Is there nothing he of the smarmy southern accent won’t do to sell that book of his?

    With friends like that who needs enemas? ( Spelling intentional)

  9. Adele says:

    Morgan, you’re right, Andrew Young is unbelievably smarmy, and Karen, the Edwards/Hunter sex tape does take stupid to a new level. The narcissm of John Edwards astonishes me, and I, too, was for him when the primaries started. Normally I’d take a pretty European view and say that what a politician does in his/her bedroom shouldn’t be considered when looking at his/her ability to serve the country. But I make an exception with Edwards — the narcissism and disregard for his ailing wife and his children indicates that he would have put his own needs above those of the country. Why, oh, why do celebrities assume that no one will see emails or videos?

  10. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I just read that Andrew Young found the sex tape in a box of “trash” Rielle Hunter left behind during one of her numerous moves lately. She’d taken it out of the video cassette case so it was just a roll of tape, but somehow he managed to reconstruct it to find out what was on it. You’re right. It seems that there is no depth the guy will stoop to now that the truth is coming out and his options for cashing in are becoming more limited by the minute.

    So John Edwards showed extremely bad judgment in his choice of mistresses, AND put all his trust in a total scumbag. Not to mention the other guy on his staff who says he took it upon himself, without telling Edwards, to pay Rielle $100K+ to buy her silence. I don’t believe for a minute that Edwards wasn’t behind that as well.

  11. catsworking says:

    Adele, I haven’t seen Andrew Young on TV yet. We lost a lot of news while Karen was away.

    Edwards has shown himself to be pathologically selfish and short-sighted, yet he seemed so normal. Elizabeth Edwards was much the same way when she did that interview with Oprah, trying to pretend that Rielle Hunter and the baby had nothing to do with her or her kids’ lives. She dissed an innocent child who only came into this world because Elizabeth’s husband couldn’t keep his pants up.

    The country dodged a bullet not having those 2 end up in the White House.

  12. Tuxi says:

    Geez! I thought we cats are bad for sleeping with our own family members, but I think many in this cast of characters slept with THEIR blood relatives! Who in their right mind makes a sex tape, especially when they are married, have children and their spouse has terminal cancer? I’d give this bastard a Smith and Wesson enema!

  13. Tuxi says:

    And yes, Karen, I know what you mean about Dubya and Condi. When Mom could stomach watching the news when he was shown and he was greeting Condi, he always kissed her and had a more-stupid-than-usual look on his face. While he was in office the tabloids were hinting that he was having an affair, pissing Laura off, and he was back hitting the bottle.

  14. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, we don’t think the Condi bomb has detonated yet. Sure, the affair is splashed on the cover of the tabloids, but once the mainstream media get their hands on the e-mail, it’s all over for Dubya and his legacy.

    Condi was no dummy, but she always seemed brain-dead when it came to Bush. “Whatever Georgy wants!” No other explanation for it but a relationship that went beyond boss-subordinate.

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