Massachusetts Peed on Ted Kennedy’s Grave

By Adele

…And then spit on it, electing Republican Scott Brown to take Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate. But if Teddy’s watching, I think he realizes Massachusetts did the country a favor.

If Scott Brown can keep 30 million more Americans from being bilked by greedy health insurers, more power to him. Teddy would approve.

Obama let Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi run health system reform off the rails. Nobody knows all the secret deals and loopholes they’re hatching behind closed doors, but what we DO know bears no resemblance to the equal-opportunity, quality healthcare Kennedy envisoned. It’s all about buying insurance policies.

As long as Congress thinks for-profit insurers are the fix, billions will continue to be squandered on maintaining their worthless existence, instead of making every dollar intended for healthcare GO TO HEALTHCARE.

What part of that doesn’t Obama get?

Congress thinks a gullible public believes that insurers will meekly let the crap be legislated out of them. Everybody knows the cost of ANY law that even nibbles at insurer profits will be passed on to customers — just like the credit card companies.

And insurers won’t hesitate to get more creative in skirting legislation that keeps them from canceling sick people, denying claims, and dragging their feet on payment until their customers are dead and insurers get to keep the profits.

Ted Kennedy should be smiling down from heaven on Massachusetts, proud that they may have sent Congress back to the drawing board and stopped Obama from desecrating Ted’s dream of healthcare for all.

6 Responses to Massachusetts Peed on Ted Kennedy’s Grave

  1. deb says:

    Well, the people have spoken. Let’s hope our Pres understands what the people of Mass wants.

  2. Joanaroo says:

    Hi Adele! I agree that a Democat should be in Ted Kennedy’s vacancy. After blasting Scott Brown on because the health care reform was made null and void, I guess it was for the best since the public option was dropped, and as you say, the Senate bill can be made MUCH better, more like the House bill. Heading there now with my tail between my legs…say “Hi!” to your mom for me, Adele!

  3. catsworking says:

    Health care reform is dead? When Karen left, not only did she unplug the computer, but she stopped the paper and didn’t leave the TV on, so we cats have been living in a news vacuum for 9 days. Obviously, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  4. Tuxi says:

    Hi! If only human health insurance was as easy to fix as a tomcat who has a woman in every neighborhood! I agree that a public option needs included so everyone is covered! And I think the hell with bipartisanship! Republicans are too much like dogs-too set in their ways. And slobbering, sniffing each other, and trying to dry hump human women!

  5. Tuxi says:

    Now if we cats were running the country, and dogs were the Republicans, we would have national health care with no problem! There is nothing like a good sharp claw in the face, a hiss and a growl to get a feline its way and lead a canine to tuck its tail between its legs and run! Unfortunately, it’s the Democ(r)ats I see doing the tail tucking! It’s not the way it should be with a majority, dudes!

  6. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, the Democats seem to have blown their majority in just one year, and we suspect a real bloodbath in the mid-term elections. Ted Kennedy must be doing backflips in his grave over the fact that it was HIS seat that got the anti-Obama ball rolling.

    We like your style. If Obama had approached healthcare reform with claws unsheathed and unafraid to use them, he’d have gotten somewhere. Now he’s got Palin taking pot-shots at him every time she opens her mouth and, what’s worse, she’s sometimes making sense!

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