A Cat’s Advice to Jay Leno

By Yul

Any “comedian” who needs the cover of darkness and a semi-conscious audience to be funny is a loser, so I have no dog in the fight NBC started between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. But like everybody else, I’ve been watching.

Conan O’Brien gets 3 tails up for his feline reaction to NBC’s treachery. Instead of licking their hand and meekly letting them kick him past midnight, he’s outta there.

Jay Leno doesn’t wash as the innocent victim. OK, maybe NBC did yank him off the Tonight Show and set him up to fail with a more-alert audience at 10 p.m. But Leno letting Conan go down and grabbing Tonight back is just two wrongs not making a right.

Sure, Conan will reap millions, but that’s what happens in a breach of contract. He’d be a schmuck to say, “OK, NBC, forget our agreement and let’s just part friends.”

Leno’s saying Conan is a “great guy.” Not good enough.

Leno should “retire.” It’s not as if he needs the job.

NBC’s clueless suits have made many bad decisions and dissed their talent. They deserve to scramble to fill a now-empty time slot.

I suggest a new format. Instead of having some jerk deliver lame jokes and chit-chat, they could murder someone in the first 10 minutes. Then guests would solve the crime and try the perp. They could call it Law & Order: Tonight.

Even though I’ll probably never watch him no matter where he goes, I wish Conan O’Brien good luck.

Leno, grow a spine. Go away. Write a book. Then make your triumphant “comeback” to TV in a few years.


6 Responses to A Cat’s Advice to Jay Leno

  1. Bob says:

    I have been watching the late night shows just to see the fallout from NBC’s horrible decision making process.

    Being a fan of “Spitefull” Comedy these last few weeks have been comedic gold.

    I guess it just goes to show you that you can’t program a network based on focus groups.

    HMMMM Didn’t some spikey haired cook say that once??

  2. Zappa says:

    Hi !!

    Our late night tv favorites are Chelsea Lately and Steven Colbert-paws down the best hissing and spitting Humans ever! I’m glad that Conan has claws and will swing them,but I think that whole “Tonight” model sure could use some fresh catnip.Move on to cable,Conan,!


  3. melanie says:

    I saw this blog come up on Google Blog Search for Conan vs. Leno. I’m no question for Conan’s side. I think it’s clear that he was dealt with poorly. YAY, CONAN!

  4. MorganLF says:

    Leno is a sneaky hack. He steals bits without remorse from artists much funnier and infinitely more creative, like Howard Stern, who Jay has mercilessly stolen from unapologetically.

    He’s a weirdo working all the time, as if he can’t be comfortable in his own skin unless he is being applauded. The guy does comedy gigs all over LA, taking venue time away from comics who NEED the exposure, it’s not like he needs the money for Christsakes doesn’t he own 142 cars?

    The story of him lurking in the closet during the Leno/Letterman negotiations, just spells creepy.

    I won’t watch him, he’s had his shot shoo go away!

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, we haven’t watched Leno enough to know what he’s like, but have seen other people say what a nice guy he supposedly is. If that were true, and he’s such a towering talent that NBC can’t afford to lose, he should have thrown his weight around right at the beginning this debacle and said he would quit rather than be party to Conan getting shafted. They’d have worked something out.

    But he must have known he was tanking at 10, and he really wanted his old show back. Who knows? Maybe HE even suggested it. There’s no way he’s coming out of this farce smelling like a rose, no matter what he does now.

  6. MorganLF says:

    Jay is not a nice guy; that’s the character he cultivates.

    He used to be raunchy and really blue. He sneaked into the job and screwed Letterman the whole story is fascinating. He had a contemptible cutthroat agent, and it was made into an HBO movie I think. But Carson hated Jay. He really is an oily scumbag.

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