Will Sarah Palin Out-Fox Fox?

By Adele

Since quitting her pesky governor’s job, Sarah Palin has used Twitter to stay in touch with her base, publishing lots of incoherent criticism with no solutions.

So Fox Network thinks she’s qualified to be a crackerjack news analyst. Apparently, they’re unaware that her post-election strategy for dealing with the news media has been to bash it or hide from it.

On the other hand, Fox’s target audience hates current events tainted by truth or facts, so hiring Palin may just work — until she gets into a snit or receives a better offer and quits.

Palin made her official Fox debut last night on The O’Reilly Factor. While backhandedly fawning, Bill O’Reilly didn’t press for any facts, called his own questions “foolish,” and fed her insatiable ego by declaring, in his fair and balanced “no-spin” way, that other commentators are “pinheads” for doubting her abilities.

Palin came off more as a candidate than a pundit, refusing to take a good swing at any of the softballs O’Reilly kept lobbing at her.

She’s reputedly signed a multi-year contract, but her role is vague, possibly due to her tendency to go all mavericky when anyone tries to pin her down — like by electing her to govern Alaska.

In addition to spewing her down-home-style fluff wrapped in clichés, she’ll also host an “occasional” series called Real American Stories.

Hmmm… “Real” would imply fact. Sounds like Houston already has a problem.

And since Palin says very little these days that’s not straight from her book, the repository of every thought she’s ever had (she referred O’Reilly to it several times), don’t expect anything original out of her — unless you count lies. Like her never-ending insistence that Obama plans death panels (see 12/22/09 10:29 a.m. tweet). It was selected the biggest political whopper of 2009 by voters on the St. Petersburg Times’ non-partisan fact-checking site, PolitiFact.

I’m guessing Palin cagily negotiated with Fox a hefty non-refundable salary to be paid up-front, so when she bails mid-contract — and you know she will — she can just take the money and run.


4 Responses to Will Sarah Palin Out-Fox Fox?

  1. Preston says:

    Honestly, who else wanted her? She is perfect for “Fake News”, enough said.

  2. Zappa says:

    Bail mid-contract? For some even peskier job,say an elected office? Americans frighten me more and more….

    Zappa’s mom

  3. catsworking says:

    Preston, you are right. When it comes to fake news, Palin on Fox is going to give Jon Stewart an endless stream of material.

    Zappa, the Palin Paradox is that she and her witless followers think she’s perfectly capable of running the whole country, even though she found running a virtually barren state with less than a million people too much to handle.

  4. MorganLF says:

    To paraphrase Pat Robertson; Sarah Palin is a plague visited on Americans by the devil.

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