A Bourdain Holiday Smorgasbord

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain is putting the finishing touches on his next book, Medium Raw: A Blood Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook. Cats Working reader Cindy found an e-mail interview at Grub Street that mentioned, as of December 14, Tony was in Vietnam again. House-hunting, perhaps?

Tony looks dapper in coat and tie — although I wouldn’t say “amused,” as Grub observed. In a subtle homage to Ottavia, notice that Tony holds the boning knife so his wedding ring is clearly visible.

Here’s one for the “Call Me Confused” department: The San Jose Mercury News ran an undated video clip of Bourdain eating street tacos in Oakland, California, to introduce a brief December 16 interview with John Wenzel from the Denver Post that said he’d spoken to Bourdain by phone in New York.

Wait a minute! Tony was supposed to be in Vietnam on December 14. I can’t keep up. If Star Trek transporters ever go mainstream, Bourdain will probably have one in his living room.

The interview was blah and inspired comments that centered on nothing but whether Bourdain really said “Myanmar” or “Burma” as a place he’s intrigued by, but reluctant to visit.

Tony got unwittingly dragged into this truly disgusting nugget, uh, McNugget. The McNuggetini is a cocktail made with said mystery meat, barbecue sauce, and vanilla vodka. Alie Ward, one of its creators, says, “It’s like Anthony Bourdain meets Martha Stewart on crack.”

If she knows anything about Tony’s position on all things McDonald’s, trying to link him to her awful concoction takes irony to a new level.

The Ninja Priest tries to improve on Tony’s recipe for boeuf bourguignon by including some helpful tips. (After discovering that used copies of the Les Halles Cookbook are scarcer than cat thumbs — I’ve asked Santa to bring it to me to make my collection of Tony’s tomes complete.)

At Rachel Ray Giveaway (which probably has no actual affiliation to Ray, since it misspells “Rachael”) there’s speculation on who would win in hand-to-hand combat, Tony or Rachael. The last time I checked, Bourdain was kicking Rachael’s ass in the comments in many ways, though some observed he’d never really physically attack a woman.

Mike Hale at the New York Times picked his top 10 favorite TV shows, and declared No Reservations “still the only show in the food-and-travel category that doesn’t make me want to throw things at the host.”

If you’re into caricature, Eating the Road has Bourdain’s likeness in an interesting gallery of food personalities.

Cats Working wishes the Bourdain family — Ottavia, Anthony, Ariane, and Lupetto — a very Merry Christmas!


9 Responses to A Bourdain Holiday Smorgasbord

  1. Bob says:

    Another good score Karen. I have no idea how you manage to find all of these sources.

    I hope that the snow didn’t get you too hard this week,
    don’t worry it will be gone soon. Our snow on the other hand will be with us until spring. 😦

    Santa Bob Ho Ho Ho

  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, Bob. All I can say is that Google is a wonderful thing…

    I’d say we got about 10″ of snow over the weekend. We had a bit of melt yesterday and the street got plowed amazingly fast, but now my car is blocked in by a huge pile of ice chunks I’ll have to tackle today. It’s supposed to stay cold until Christmas, so this stuff may stick around all week. I just hope I don’t have a dead car battery when I finally get the car cleared. It’s 5 years old and sitting idle in the cold for a few days may do it.

  3. Adele says:

    Alice and I were concerned about your getting socked by the snowstorm over the weekend as well. She worried that you had enough provisions for the cats.

    We’d like to add our Christmas wishes to the Bourdains as well. Alice hopes Santa is very good to Ariane and Lupetto — she’s in her yearly holiday worry mode. We have a faux fire place, and she spends a lot of time staring at it. Since strangers scare her, she needs constant reassurance that neither Santa nor any of the reindeer (she’s particularly scared of the reindeer) will be making their way down our chimney. Alice likes getting presents, but she says Santa can leave them by the door, thank you very much.

  4. catsworking says:

    Hi, Adele. I got to the grocery store last week before everybody went bonkers and made a run on bread and milk, so we were well-provisioned through the storm.

    I think they said this morning that NYC got 10 inches, so I hope Tony was home to take Ariane to the park for some winter sports.

    Cole worked hard all weekend, and tomorrow he will be providing a full account of his first Cats Working Christmas. We have a real fireplace and Yul and Adele eagerly await the arrival of Santa Kitty. I’m sure it will be a shock to Cole, but he catches on fast.

  5. Cindy says:

    We got 18 inches at our house. We did not make it to the store so we have had Chinese takeout leftovers all weekend.
    But we were well stocked with cat food. We know our priorities.

    Here is a very short and strange video clip I found.


  6. Zappa says:

    Hi guys!
    The snow hysteria had me amused-I have people to do my running around.I know that Santa will be good to you guys because you were good kitties (I’m sweating it just a little)My mom bought some of Karen’s books and calendar for Christmas presents.This book seems a good read,I smacked at it a bit and tried to eat the box they came in.
    Have a great Christmas!

  7. catsworking says:

    Zappa, thank you so much for getting your human to buy my book and calendar! I know the cats are eager to see how well their birthday gift idea for me worked, and will be pleased to hear that you did your bit to help them.

    They also made sure I had them well stocked on food, treats, and litter before the storm hit. We could have been socked in for a couple of weeks with no problem.

    The only one around here who should be sweating it with Santa is Adele (although you may wonder about Yul after reading Cole’s post today). She went from being a peace-making cuddle-bunny with Yul and the late Fred to a territorial little dictator when Cole arrived. Just recently they seem to be doing a lot better, and can be mere feet apart without Adele going postal on him, but if he startles her, her scream will curl your tail. She also sometimes mistakes Yul for Cole and reacts the same way, which confounds Yul completely. “What’d I do? You were warming your feet on my belly a minute ago. A guy can’t leave for a minute to grab a bite to eat?”

    Cole bears some responsibility because he seems to get a kick out of jumping out and chasing Adele just to get a reaction. He says it’s a game he learned in the joint to screen new admissions to see if they could cut it in the big cat room.

  8. freddymars says:

    Doesn’t it seem as though Tony is not doing very much traveling and taping for his show? I wonder what’s on tap for the new season…maybe his new bosses (i.e., the same people who owned Food Network) are not too keen on keeping him…seems like he is just doing personal appearnaces now.

  9. catsworking says:

    Hi, Freddy! As far as I’ve seen, Bourdain is still doing every bit as much traveling for No Res as ever. He’s shooting episodes for Season 6 as I type this. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post to find out where he’s just been and where he’s going.

    He has said that he’s stepping up his personal appearance schedule in 2010 to 40+ gigs because it’s by far the most lucrative aspect of his career. And he’s got a new book coming out in June, so there may be a book tour. It makes sense that he’s trying to earn as much as he can while he’s still Travel Channel’s top-rated show.

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