TasteTV Names Anthony Bourdain “Person of the Year”

By Karen

TasteTV is rolling out the red carpet for Anthony Bourdain. He’ll receive a special achievement award as “Person of the Year” at the 2010 Tasty Awards on January 14, 2010.

No Reservations was nominated for Best TV Food Program – competing with 30 Minute Meals, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Man v. Food, Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, and Top Chef. You can cast a Viewer’s Choice vote in that category.

No Res is also in the running for Best TV Food Travel Series, and Bourdain as Best Male Host in a Series.

No telling if Tony will be at the ceremony because the Cayman Cookout on Grand Cayman begins the same day.

When Bourdain was in Denver on November 18, he ate elk, wild boar, and reindeer hotdogs at Biker Jim’s sausage cart, proclaiming them the “pinnacle of American food.” He then bought and wore the T-shirt to his appearance and proceeded to diss New York City street food.

Commenters at Midtown Lunch responded to Bourdain’s blasphemy.

Tony also talked more trash about Guy Fieri, particularly his hair. Not sure if it’s the spikes or the color that inspire his ire.

And just to prove that Bourdain’s whining about there being nothing but chicken wings and fried mozzarella in Denver was unjustified, a special order of bacon-cashew brittle was delivered to his hotel.

Asian Foodie saw Tony with David Chang at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York on November 23. She found Chang dull, his constant cursing notwithstanding, and Tony tame (maybe in a mellow mood for Thanksgiving?). But he bad-mouthed New York City food AGAIN.

Joseph Bayot did a very thorough write-up on this appearance, well illustrated with shots of Bourdain’s spikeless new ‘do.

For every fan who goes sour on Bourdain, it seems there’s always a new one waiting in the wings. Things I Learned Watching TV has decided that Tony isn’t a douche after all and is now a NR devotée.

And Hey, Coach J admits she has a crush on Bourdain, even though she thinks he’s got terrible taste in clothes.


8 Responses to TasteTV Names Anthony Bourdain “Person of the Year”

  1. Bob says:

    Is this the same Bourdain that I just saw in re-runs extoling the virtues of Old Manhattan???

    How can he diss NY street food in print, but rave about it in his show. Pining for a dirty water hot dog, or slice of utility pizza???

    I am offically confused

  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, now he says the only good street food in NY is found in the outer boroughs. Wasn’t he with Zimmern when he went to Red Hook and ate at some booths under tents?

    I was surprised by his apparent change of attitude myself. But maybe he means that there’s a dearth of good ethnic street food, like he finds everywhere else in the world in great variety.

  3. Adele says:

    Except for the dirty water hot dogs and the utility pizza, I think Bourdain has come to believe that the best variety of ethnic food comes from the outer boroughs. I’m sure he still loves Katz’s and Russ and Daughters (fine lox and bagels), but that’s not street food. I’d have to say that Chicago, while a great food town, isn’t a great street food town. We have our hot dog carts, and tamale and elote (corn on the cob) vendors, but except for neighborhood festivals in the summer, there’s not much variety to be had. Of course Taste of Chicago (held for a week around July 4) is the ultimate street food celebration, but huge crowd, hot weather, and food that’s either on a stick or best enjoyed sitting down, has never been my idea of a good time.

  4. Cindy says:

    I have finally found a little of the new season schedule. Since it is only a month away, you would think Travel Channel would really be pushing it.
    01/11/10 Panama
    01/18/10 Istanbul
    01/25/10 Brittany

  5. catsworking says:

    Cindy, good researching! I guess that means the new season starts January 11. I wonder if they’ll slip a little advance episode On Demand like they did last season? Remember when Adele found the Washington, DC, episode On Demand before it aired?

  6. Adele says:

    This seems as good a spot as any to wonder about the fact that the Travel Channel feels compelled to air at least 2 hours of Man vs. Food at least 2 nights a week. Since Adam Rich goes to different cities to pig out, I guess it could loosely be called a travel progam, but all we see is basically the inside of dives where Adam has gone to consume mass quantities of food. I hope this isn’t the new direction of the Travel Channel, and I can’t wait to go to Istanbul and Brittany with Bourdain. Good sleuthing, Cindy!

  7. catsworking says:

    Adele, I’ve never sat through an entire episode of Man vs. Food, but all I ever see is the guy stuffing himself. The show’s a one-trick pony, and although it may be infinitely fascinating to teenage boys, I can’t see the host’s health holding out indefinitely.

    The other night I caught the last few minutes of Zimmern in Paris and I have to say, he did nothing for me. His show definitely suffers from chronically lame voiceover.

    Let’s face it, aside from his roguish good looks, it’s Bourdain’s brilliant writing and on-the-spot observations that place No Reservations way in front of the pack. His crew’s keen eye for unusual camera angles, and their shameless theft of movie themes also keep it fresh.

  8. MorganLF says:

    Quite so Cats..to those of us who are true fans his camera asides obscure literary and cinema riffs are the goods ..roguish good looks notwithstanding.

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