To White House: Let the Ass-Kicking Begin!

By Yul

Sorry, Katie Couric. The Today Show snagged an “exclusive” with the White House crashers, with Matt Lauer carefully making them state they weren’t paid.

Now the party parasites claim a dead cell phone kept them from realizing they had no “tickets” to the state dinner for India’s prime minister. Like it was a sold-out Broadway show instead of an “invitation only” honor from President Obama.

Congress plans to grill them, but why waste time? This is a personnel matter where the White House needs to be taking names and kicking ass.

NBC news anchor Brian Williams said he saw the pair turned away at one gate. OK, that guard’s in the clear. So is the metal detector operator who ensured they weren’t packing heat.

Other than that, everyone else should be in deep doo-doo, facing serious — possibly terminal — disciplinary action.

The Today Show’s “legal expert,” Dan Abrams, said the couple may face no criminal charges if no one can prove they lied to anybody.

So if they had climbed a fence, crawled in through an unlocked basement window, and spoken to no one until they shook Obama’s hand, that would be all right?

The couple knows they crashed. They didn’t stay for dinner because they had no seats. They’re pros. The blonde routinely pretends she’s a former Redskins cheerleader to crash their reunions.

They can protest ‘til the cows come home, flashing their carefully worded e-mails with overly polite, unsuspecting dupes they exploited on the inside, like Pentagon official Michele Jones, who actually got them in to a morning ceremony that was canceled.

The couple is notorious in Virginia political circles, with a long-standing reputation for name-dropping and party-crashing, according to Governor Tim Kaine and Senator Mark Warner.

Until they’re locked away, far from the rich and famous, no social event is safe. The stupid media has shown them how easy it is to seize the spotlight, so unless they go to jail, we’ll never be rid of them.


3 Responses to To White House: Let the Ass-Kicking Begin!

  1. Zappa says:

    Crashing Redskinettes reunions? This woman is more disturbed than I thought

    Zappa’s mom

  2. Zappa says:

    I like the kitty picture! Is that you,Cole?


  3. catsworking says:

    Zappa, if you read the link to their Virginia shenanigans, the Governor says he chatted with them coming out of the Congressional Black Caucus dinner, not realizing they’d just been kicked out for crashing it. And they claim Senator Mark Warner made a speech at their wedding, but he didn’t even attend it.

    The last thing anybody should be doing is giving these social-climbing creeps face time on TV.

    Yes, the new picture in the header is me enjoying some down time on the sofa between attacking the houseplants and smashing lamps.

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