Why Aren’t White House Party Crashers in Jail?

By Yul

The social parasites who crashed the first White House state dinner (unnamed to avoid feeding their rush upon Googling themselves), stood up Larry King to shop their story around the networks for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They need the money. Blondey allegedly hasn’t paid her hairdresser since 2002, and her polo-playing hubby sent his parents’ Virginia winery into bankruptcy.

But instead of talking TV deals, this pair should be talking to the CIA — in an undisclosed location under a naked bulb while being beaten senseless with rubber hoses for making President Obama look like a fool in front of India’s prime minister.

I rarely miss the Bush administration, but Cheney would have known how to handle this, and it wouldn’t have involved posing with trespassers for Facebook.

Let’s hope no network is stupid enough to take their bait. These people aren’t news, and they’ve already made too many front pages. If we keep feeding freaks’ insatiable need for attention, they’ll never go away. Hear that, Jon and Kate Gosselin?

NBC news anchor Brian Williams aptly compared the crashers to “Balloon Boy,” the kid whose father pretended his son was trapped in a runaway balloon to land a reality show. He pleaded guilty to a felony. Shouldn’t invading the White House carry a stiffer penalty — say, a few years of hard time?

Obama simply can’t let this pair get off scot-free — or sit back and let them profit from their dishonesty — or he’ll cement the growing perception that he’ll roll over and play dead on just about anything.

2 Responses to Why Aren’t White House Party Crashers in Jail?

  1. Zappa says:

    Apparently,these two have already been contacted by one of my mom’s least favorite Humans,Catty Couric(according to online sources) her staff has offered them the opportunity to tell their side of the story.All they did was sneak under a big fence,something cats have been doing for eons.Why reward them with more bright lights and fawning?


  2. catsworking says:

    Oh, no. Not Couric! I’m very sorry to hear that. I just hope she doesn’t intend to pay them. They should not get one more minute of air time on any so-called “reputable” news broadcast, unless it’s to report that they have been arrested and thrown into the slammer.

    You’re right, Zappa. If those 2 had been cats, they would have been tossed into the street faster than you can say “Meow,” as soon as Malia started sneezing and outed them. She’s allergic to cats, you know.

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