Another Week in the Life of Bourdain

By Karen

Wendy at Room 214 should have known some bloggers can’t keep a secret. The November 2 debut episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Alternate Universe on the Travel Channel Web site, “Robo Chef,” was on YouTube and all over the blogosphere by October 27. (Except here, where cats have honor.)

Bourdain’s posted about it the same day on his own blog, revealing that he wrote the whole series himself, so it should be good, although it’s getting mixed reviews.

Tony is appearing in Waukegan, Illinois, on November 6, and Deborah Pankey of the Daily Herald got an advance phone interview with him. Tony told her that Ariane was a fairy princess for Halloween, and when she’s old enough to trick-or-treat, Dad wants to accompany her dressed as a pirate.

Jennifer Olvera of the Vernon Hills Review also talked to Tony before Waukegan and got his take on the future of food writing for print (doomed by bloggers), social networking (“fame maintenance”), and the Chicago food scene. She also mentioned that he does have a new book coming out in 2010.


I couldn’t find the complete text, so I’m not sure if Bourdain actually wrote a full book review or just did a blurb for My Bread, a cookbook by a Manhattan baker named Jim Lahey.

I just found this 41-minute audio interview of Tony with Jeremy Shapiro of Stir the Pots from April 8, 2007, the day before Ariane was born. In those days, he was very supportive of bloggers — all bloggers — and the role we play in the Information Age.

A few months ago, Shapiro traveled to Turkey, where he missed Tony filming there, but he met Zenyo Gursës, a Turkish blogger who wrote about Bourdain’s visit for the local paper. If you can read Turkish, please let us know if he had any new insights. The article crashed Google Translation.

Bob from Winnipeg hasn’t checked in yet with the scoop from his visit to Les Halles last week, but we’ll post it as soon as he does.

5 Responses to Another Week in the Life of Bourdain

  1. Bob says:

    Hey all I am back in Winnipeg, Look for my upcoming special guest post “Into the Belly of the Beast” for all the juicy tidbits from my dinner at Les Halles.

  2. German says:

    well actually Zeyno Gurses is not talking about Bourdain’s visit per se in her blog. As far as I understand, she explains how she discovered Bourdain and his book Kitchen Confidential and started to admire him/his work. She also briefly analyzes his work in No Reservations. Then she talks about how she heard Bourdain’s plans to visit Turkey. She sounds really excited:)

  3. catsworking says:

    Welcome, German, and thanks for the translation! Maybe the link I pasted was to Zeyno’s blog text, not the newspaper article she wrote. I thought there seemed to be less text.

    If you click on the link to Stir the Pots blog, he’s got a PDF of the actual newspaper article. If you click on it and enlarge it, maybe you can read it. That would be talking about Bourdain’s visit to Turkey.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hi, I think the gist talks about her admiring Anthony, her listening to my interview and my travels in Turkey, specifically cooking at Abracadabra with Dilara Erbay!
    I will try to get a translation, so far my contacts in Turkey are too busy but I have a local Turkish store where I may ask my friend there to help out!


  5. catsworking says:

    Hey, Jeremy! Thanks for checking in. I really enjoyed your phone interview with Bourdain. You got a few things out of him that I haven’t heard him tell anybody else since you spoke with him. Too bad you missed him on your visit to Turkey, but it sounds like you had a great time on your own.

    If you can get a translation to that article and pass it on, or send me the link to your blog if you post it there, I’d be grateful. Cats Working is sort of a clearinghouse for Bourdain trivia. We’ve had to translate things before, although never from Turkish.

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