Junk from Bourdain’s Alternate Universe

By Karen

Wendy of Room 214 has done her job well; reaction to Robo Chef is popping up on the blogosphere, most noticeably on what is apparently Bourdain’s new favorite blog, Grub Street.

Grub Street reported on Alternate Universe yesterday — a full 9 hours after Cats Working — and I’m wondering if it’s a coincidence that they happened to use the exact same title as my post (“Anthony Bourdain Gets Animated”).

Then Bourdain himself was right there with the very first comment, and then the third.

I’m feeling miffed.

And reading other bloggers’ reaction to the show is making me wonder if we all saw the same video. Eat Me Daily mentioned seeing Andrew Zimmern in a straitjacket. I didn’t. Anybody else? But I could see Tony having that fantasy.

Creative Loafing says Bourdain eats people’s brains, but it never happened, at least in Robo Chef. I think even Tony would balk at chowing down on Sandra Lee’s gray matter, even though it could be an amuse-bouche at best.

Blogger Veronica Belmont is the only one I’ve seen so far who obviously “gets” it.

15 Responses to Junk from Bourdain’s Alternate Universe

  1. Zappa says:

    Why not respond to Cats as well? Further proof that it’s all gone to his head…..ggggrrrr

    Zappa’s Mom

  2. Von says:

    Hi, I am new here

    Yes, if you go frame by frame you can see Andrew Zimmern in a straitjacket he’s in a mob scene.

    I luv your blogs keep up the good work.


  3. catsworking says:

    Zappa, Bourdain has never responded to Cats Working, except to acknowledge our existence via Christmas card last year. He has this big pocket of fans here he chooses to ignore. Go figure. Maybe it’s my lack of food porn. He seems to gravitate to the more food-related blogs, like Ruhlman and Grub Street.

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome Von! Thanks for the tip. I didn’t go frame by frame, so that’s why I missed Zimmern. To see him in a straitjacket is something I would not protest.

    Bourdain weighed in on his blog about the new series to set the record straight. Obviously, he has noticed the confusion it has created in the blogosphere (not that I take any credit for pulling some of that together for him to easily peruse). He says he wrote the whole series himself and thanks Zimmern and Samantha Brown in advance for whatever he’s about to do to them, so it should be good.

  5. Bob says:

    The Cat Has Landed…..
    Landed late yesterday at Laguardia due to a VIP comming into town to throw the first pitch at the World Series..Obama???? Didn’t get to see the start of the game.

    Well a brief rundown of events so far.
    Drinks at Desmonds… Dinner at les halles, Timmy was our waiter, VERY Chatty fellow… Yes Adele we got pictures…. More to follow

    Off to Central Park and the first concert tonight!!!

    Later Kittys

  6. Adele says:

    Two things: I do wish Bourdain or at least Lupetto, the Bourdain family cat, would put a little somehting on Cats Working. Imagine how excited Yul, Adele, and Cole would be to hear from Lupetto?

    And Bob, thanks for checking in. Hope last night’s concert lived up to expectations and you fit in a pastrami sandwich before heading back to the Great White North.

  7. catsworking says:

    Bob, I think an Iraq war veteran named Tony Odierno threw the first pitch to Yankees captain Derek Jeter. Don’t know why that would gum up the works at La Guardia. We’re looking forward to your review of Les Halles, which seems to hint at some scoop forthcoming from that “VERY Chatty fellow” Timmy.

  8. catsworking says:

    Adele, it never occurred to me that Lupetto could comment, but why not? Surely, Bourdain leaves the laptop unguarded now and then.

    Today was National Cat Day and the kitties missed it. I think there was some dissent in the ranks over whether it’s a black-cat-thing only or for all cats, so Adele has been off sulking. Cole’s excited about being a free black cat for the first time on Halloween, and Yul’s been showing him the ropes. They sit on a windowsill and pretend to be stuffed, then make menacing moves whenever Trick-or-Treaters get close. They’ve been practicing all day.

  9. Adele says:

    Alice missed National Cat Day, too. She’s been worrying a little about Yul and Cole and Halloween. She asked me to make sure that all of your windows are secure, and she hopes that Cole’s first Halloween in freedom will be a good one.

    I think Michelle Obama was at the World Series opener as well, so that probably accounts for the traffic tie-up. Why does that fact that there’s a chatty Les Halles waiter named Timmy sound familiar? Was he on the “Into the Fire” NR where Bourdain, with the help of Eric Ripert, went back to cooking for the day?

  10. catsworking says:

    I don’t remember anything about Timmy, but Bob had mentioned his name before he even left Winnipeg, so Timmy must have shown up somewhere.

    Tell Alice not to worry about the cats on Halloween. Yul is a seasoned veteran, and he won’t let Cole get into any trouble. The jury’s still out on whether we’ll participate with candy or not. All this business about washing/sanitizing your hands after every knock on the door to avoid swine flu. I think I’d be more worried about some kid sneezing on me than passing virus through candy. Sheesh! Talk about sucking all the fun out of it.

    Maybe I’ll just put some spooky lights in the windows so Cole and Yul can do the black-cat schtick they’ve been rehearsing and leave it at that.

  11. Adele says:

    Alice knows there’s a Santa hat in your house. She wonders if you have any Halloween costumes for the felines. I got her a little witch’s hat, but so far no luck in having her wear it long enough for a photo.

  12. Bob says:

    Adele, yes Timmy was in the “Into the Fire” Episode.
    He is the shameless self promoting waiter featured in the episode. Hell of a nice guy, and as it turns out from my neck of the woods. Tim Hails from North Dakota originally.

    So Yes there will be a bit of a scoop we talked quite a lot actually, as our table was at the front of the house beside the Hostess/Waiters Station.

    I also had a brief chat with some of the other kitchen personalitys. I must say that kitchen is TINY.

    So the rest of our trip is going well, Did Katz Deli today, Damm That Pastrami is to die for. Delish.. But worth 15 bucks I don’t really know this is NY afterall.

    One thing that I do TOTALLY agree with Tony on is people on the street, Dar and I take the time to plan our route and GO. We don’t make a habit of bunging up the sidewalk.. Time Square was an absoulte tourist Zoo. NUTS, every freaking corn fed behemoth in the country has set up camp there so it seems.

    I can say I saw it, so I can cross it off my list.

    Another thing I can’t get over is how incredibly frendly the locals are, none of the attitude that you see in movies. Acually very friendly people. Everyone has a favorite resturant to recomend when I say I am eating my way across the city.

    Well I should go, off to MSG again tonight for day 2 of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert. Last night’s show started before 8 and didn’t let out till 1:30.

    Look forward to my upcoming guest post
    “Into the Belly of the Beast”
    Should be interesting to say the least.


  13. catsworking says:

    Adele, I considered for a brief moment trying costume the cats up for Halloween. Adele would look particularly fetching in a witch getup, since her nickname around here is, kindly, “The Twitch,” when she’s on a rampage. But I knew the boys would never go for it.

  14. catsworking says:

    Bob, so you already have a title for your guest spot. Excellent!

    E-mail it to me separately so we can put it front and center on Cats Working.

  15. Bob says:

    That was the plan Karen…. Man last nights concert WOW… the show stopper was U2 with Patty Smith, Bruce Springsteen, The Black Eyed Peas, and….. Wait for it ….. Mick Freaking Jagger… WOW

    A quick hop around today and Home tonight

    Stay tuned Same Cat Time , Same Cat Channel


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