Bourdain Bits Few & Far Between

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain is almost more intriguing when he temporarily drops off the Web’s radar, appearing only in inconsequential blog references that add nothing to our store of knowledge. One wonders what he’s doing at times like these. Working on his next book? Filming No Reservations in some far-flung place? Holing up in his apartment to watch kiddie TV and have tea parties with his daughter?

Nobody knows but Tony, and that’s OK. The guy’s certainly got a right to his privacy.

But he did talk recently to Larry King on CNN, sort of coming off as a layman among nutrition geeks. The topic was, “Does a healthy diet include meat?” and Tony was consulted about halfway through the show.

We all know where Tony stands on meat. In the face of the experts’ opinions that we should all stick to grass and acorns, Bourdain staunchly defended carnivores’ right to eat things slower and stupider than themselves and, as a consumer, excoriated American meat safety practices.

If you don’t want to sit through the video, Nikolas Kozloff quotes Bourdain’s comments more extensively, although he thinks Tony’s overall coolness is “rapidly wearing thin,” and that Bourdain would do better to rail against “corporate cattle ranching and agribusiness as opposed to vegetarians and vegans.”

The Wall Street Journal reported a bit more on Bourdain’s recent appearance with David Chang at the New York Wine and Food Festival. What got my attention was that they discussed blogs. WSJ wrote, “Having alluded to New York magazine’s Grub Street twice in the course of the evening, Bourdain seemed to look at food bloggers positively, or at least seemed to be receptive to their influence.”

Hmmm… so he likes food bloggers. I have no idea if Bourdain still checks in at Cats Working but, if he does, I can assure him of this: He’ll never find food porn here, nor catch me telling anybody where or what to eat. And I hope I get points for never referring to him as the “bad-boy chef.”

4 Responses to Bourdain Bits Few & Far Between

  1. zappa says:

    Hi Karen
    my Human used to have the big time hots for Anthony Bourdain,but now she finds him a paunchy suburban dad.The cranky schtick seems to have stuck.I think she is still a little mad that his DC show (where we live)was something he would have rather have skipped entirely


  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, Zappa! I think your human has a point. As time passes and Bourdain’s cooking roots become a dim memory, his publicity value as “former chef” diminishes and he morphs into “foodie who travels.” And the older he gets, he goes from edgy hot guy to cranky old man.

    Zimmern is clearly positioning himself to take over as the reigning food/travel guy for Travel Channel whenever Bourdain stumbles.

    I hope Tony’s working on some killer books because he’ll need them before long to keep himself out there.

  3. Bob says:

    Well the latest on my NYC story, reservations have been booked for Les Halles!!! Darlene and I should be enjoying the best of what Carlo’s and Crew can put out next Wed..

    The thought being that it would be a great way to start off our trip with a nice relaxing meal after having to deal with airlines and cabs and Hotel check ins.

    Reservations have indeed been made, so looking forward to a beer at Desmonds with Brian, then a nice walk up the street to the resturant for dinner.

    I will be mentally taking notes so stay tuned for my review of Les Halles.

    Same Cat Time, Same Cat Channel


  4. catsworking says:

    Bob, next Wednesday while I’m sitting here eating my Boston Market frozen dinner, or whatever leftovers I can scrape together, I’ll be thinking of you and Darlene enjoying the good life at Les Halles.

    The cats have graciously agreed to let you be our first guest blogger.

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