Oslo to Obama: No Pressure!

By Yul

Nobody saw it coming — Norwegians putting Obama’s feet to the fire with a tongue-in-cheek Nobel Peace Prize. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to see my fellow black cat win a prize, but that one? For what?

It’s still business as usual in Iraq, and if Obama heeds his generals, things are about to take an ugly turn in Afghanistan.

For a change, everyone seems to agree on one thing: Obama was recognized mainly for not being George W. Bush. On the other hand, the day the Nobel was announced, we hauled off and bombed the moon.

Looking for ice. Yeah, whatever.

Obama is increasingly much talk, little action. Just ask gays. Or people waiting for deliverance from the scourge of private health insurers. On that score, Obama hasn’t just taken a backseat to Congress, he’s locked himself in the trunk. It’s become blatantly obvious that health insurance “reform” is all about protecting insurers’ precious profits. Any change that would actually reduce cost and waste — the private option, expanding Medicare, single payer — is DOA.

But will Obama be able to end Bush and Cheney’s wars? Will he de-nuke Ahmadinejad and get the Middle East to accept Israel? Will he ever get Americans to stop screaming and making themselves look foolish to the rest of the world?

I’m guessing not, and Obama will someday be hiding the Prize in a closet, but you have to applaud Norway’s off-beat way of reminding our president that talk is cheap and results would be nice.

4 Responses to Oslo to Obama: No Pressure!

  1. coffined says:

    Hey, they had to give it to somebody, so why not the current star of our political system?

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, coffined. You’ve got a point. Why not Obama? What has anybody else done for peace lately? I can’t think of anyone.

    I’m sure the Norwegians thought they were bestowing an honor on Obama, but it opened fresh political can of worms for him here. I didn’t listen to Rush LimpPaw that day, but if he was on the air, he probably said an earful because the Nobel mostly represents Obama’s promise, not his accomplishments. Now his detractors can claim that he gets awards just for being Obama, the international rock star. More fuel for the Republican fire.

  3. zappa says:

    Do you think if Rush Limpaw becomes a football owner, he will leave Obama alone for a while? Throwing a new toy his way might distract him for a while (didn’t he have a big problem with catnip a few years back?).


  4. catsworking says:

    Zappa, I happened to catch LimpPaw on The Today Show this morning. They said he has lost 80 lbs and has a GIRLFRIEND. Imagine. Someone dates him. It makes me want to hurl a hairball.

    Your memory is good. LimpPaw was popping a human brand of bad ‘nip a while ago. Illegally, too. But that’s OK. It’s just anyone else who breaks the law who needs to be condemned. Like when Palin’s teenage daughter was having an illegitimate baby and “family values” took on a whole new meaning.

    Unfortunately, I think LimpPaw is so in love with hearing the sound of his own voice, nothing will ever distract him from bashing Obama.

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