Testing the Power of Cats Working

By Yul, Adele, and Cole

Today is Karen’s birthday, but we won’t say which one. We cats are planning a BIG surprise and we need your help.

Back in 2006, we inspired Karen to write a little book called How to Work Like a CAT: Walking with Confidence Through a Dog-Eat-Dog World. As of June 2009, sales stood at 7,249 copies. The publisher never did much to promote the book, but Karen worked her tail off to get it noticed.

In honor of her birthday, we’d like to boost sales to a respectable 10,000 copies, but since we’re indoor-only cats, this blog is our only way to spread the word.

The book is hardcover, full-color, and overflowing with feline wisdom. It makes an excellent, inexpensive gift for anyone who likes cats or works too hard — which covers just about everybody.

Cats Working readers, please help us between now and Christmas. Tell your family and friends about the book. Ask for it in your local bookstore. Take a minute to send a link to the book’s official Web site to everyone you know. It’s http://www.worklikeacat.com.

The book is discounted almost 1/3 off on Amazon.com. It’s also available on Canadian Amazon and in many other countries, although only in English.

(You can get used copies dirt-cheap, too, but they won’t count toward our goal — they’ve already been sold once.)

There’s also a really nice spin-off 2010 wall calendar at Amazon. Karen wrote all new tips for it. We’d love for you to buy that, too, but we won’t be greedy.

We’ve written 421 posts for your amusement and have never wanted anything in return. But now we’re shamelessly asking you — just once — to show us the power of Cats Working.

PS: Karen won’t know about this until January when the next royalty statement comes, but we’ll let you know how you did.


12 Responses to Testing the Power of Cats Working

  1. zappa says:

    Hi you guys!
    I will buy your book for my Human.Books are great to take naps on top of! Tell your Human Happy Birthday and don’t barf any hairballs.


  2. zappa says:

    I am very tall and I have a black goatee,so that is why my mom named me Zappa.I love your idea for kitty sniff films and ZappaCole Productions! I’ll have my People call your People.


  3. Bob says:

    Consider the word spread here in Canada….
    Cats RULE!!!!!

  4. catsworking says:

    Zappa, maybe one day we can get together and do lunch!

  5. Adele says:

    From Alice:

    I’m saving up to buy How To Work Like A Cat for Adele for Christmas. Be sure to tell Karen Happy Birthday. I love my Adele, but it sounds like you guys have one of the best humans around. Too bad you don’t have opposable thumbs, otherwise you could fix her a nice dinner.

  6. catsworking says:

    Everybody, thanks so much for stepping up to the plate to help us out. We’ve been resting on our laurels as Karen’s muses for 3 years (well, not Cole, he just joined us) letting her push the book alone, so anything we can do will come as a shock to her — in a good way. We’re not typically what you would call “useful,” except when it comes to taking our turns on the blog.

    Well, actually, I (Yul) did once retrieve a sock for Karen from behind the dryer with a gravity-defying vertical leap from a very tight place, and I once earned her a little scratch in a class action lawsuit against Buspar that I was a party to. Yes, a legal settlement actually paid out to a CAT.

    On the other hand, in terms of shedding, puking, chaos, and destruction, I guess we’re lucky we still have a home here. She’s got limitless patience with cats that she rarely lavishes on humans.

    As for Karen’s birthday dinner, she’ll be going to her parents and I heard her say “lobster” on the phone, so I think she’ll be eating better than us for a change.

    Cindy, thanks for the Bourdain video! Karen will love it.

  7. mary austin says:

    Happy birthday Karen. I seem to really get along with Libras, particularly born this week. I’ve had several really good friends born this week, as well as one of my very dear deaparted cats. I think I will buy your book for my out of work sister, who is in the business world. I’ve been following your website ever since I got my first computer this February, another fan via an Anthony Bourdain search. Here in the Northwest I have so many friends and acquaintances who love his show and books. Keep up the good work. it is really appreciated! I have a purring kitty in my lap now and must go to bed…

  8. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Mary! We always enjoy hearing how people (or cats) found us. I think your sister will find the book inspiring, particularly since she’s out of work, and it may help her navigate the treachery of workplace politics more sure-footedly in her next gig. It’s all about regaining/retaining a sense of dignity and having confidence in your own abilities, no matter what the other animals are doing to please the “master.”

    Thanks for checking in and we hope you keep reading.


  9. MorganLF says:

    Happy Birthday Karen and tell that gang of muses that all my friends are getting a certain book this Christmas. They are all cat lovers and book lovers, so this is a no brainer!

    Getting closer to November 11, The DC Food Fight Benefit hosted by you know who and I’m starting to get excited! Now THAT is a birthday gift!

  10. zappa says:

    Hi “Cats”!

    I would love to do lunch! Your bowl or mine? The occasional lapse aside,my Human serves up some half decent stuff,plus,my litter box has a cover on it!


  11. catsworking says:

    Karen tells me that one of our litterboxes used to have a cover. This was years ago when Yul was just a kid. He’s so tall, he’d step inside, raise himself up to his full height, and walk away wearing the cover like a big hat. He’s also been known to wear lampshades. He’s a real party animal. It was his penchant for standing up to pee like a typical guy that got us boxes with no tops, but really high sides.

    Our cuisine got a recent upgrade, too. Karen discovered that we’ll actually eat the ground Fancy Feast flavors, rather than just licking gravy off shredded Friskies. FF is more expensive, but it never ends up down the disposal, so it’s worth it.

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