Animal Cruelty: Entertainment to Supreme Court?

By Cole

Under a 1999 federal law banning graphic animal cruelty videos, a Virginian named Robert Stevens got 3 years in jail for selling films of  pit bull fights. A federal appeals court overturned his conviction, and now the Supreme Court will decide if people’s freedom of speech is violated if they can’t film animals being tortured and killed.

As if anybody needs to be making Stevens’ bloody garbage or “crush videos,” so perverts can watch women stomp mice and kittens to death with their bare feet or in high-heeled shoes.

Dissecting the law, which the Obama administration and 26 states support, the justices played verbal games, implying it could ban educational films about hunting or nature.

The justices miss the point. To make these films, film-makers need “actors” — animals who can’t protest being thrust into dangerous or deadly situations. They can only use their claws and teeth to futilely fight for their lives while cameras roll.

Because animals can’t “speak,” we don’t deserve the right to live?

If we were talking about filming naked women in stilettos slicing and dicing a few babies or Supreme Court justices for fun, I think the debate would have been over quickly.

Justice Antonin Scalia said, “It’s not up to the government to decide what are people’s worst instincts.

Scalia, you soulless douche bag, by even considering throwing out this protection for animals, the Supreme Court displays its own worst instincts.

Going back to Robert Stevens, his argument is that his pit bull flicks were fine because they weren’t “obscene, inflammatory, or untruthful.”

Wrong, Stevens. They were obscene. And you are obscene, promoting the “sport” of dogs tearing each other apart. You should have gotten life in jail — with a hungry pit bull as your cellmate.


16 Responses to Animal Cruelty: Entertainment to Supreme Court?

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Some folks are just plain cruel. I don’t see how this benefit’s any one. We control, and rightfully so, outrageous sexual displays don’t we? Oops! Maybe that overhaul needs to be much larger.

  2. Bob says:

    Shaking my head again, Cole how have we let you critters down. As a species I am ashamed.

  3. catsworking says:

    When I read about this, it made my kitty blood boil. You’d think it would be a no-brainer for the Supreme Court to let this law stand, but no, they wanted to split hairs, suggesting Congress make it “more specific.” I guess to be sure no one will miss the next exciting episode of Palin and Cheney hunting.

    There’s something fundamentally wrong with a country that thinks it’s OK to watch animals being tortured and killed as entertainment, just so no human feels “censored” for staging the carnage.

    As Justice Alito brought up, what next? The Human Sacrifice Channel? 24/7 reality TV of people having their hearts cut out and served up to the gods? Wouldn’t want to stifle the pagan priests now, would we?

    If such insanity doesn’t get squashed at the Supreme Court level, there’s no hope.

  4. zappa says:

    Hi Cole!

    I’m going to make a movie of Humans sneezing uncontrollably and suffering from pet dander allergies.Let’s all curl up on the sofa with some really good organic catnip and laugh our whiskers off.


  5. catsworking says:

    Zappa, you are so funny! I think that’s a great idea. Let me set the scene…

    Man or woman lying on a bed, fully clothed (we want to be tasteful) but tied hand and foot so they can’t escape. Then kitties jump up, one by one, until the bed is full of them. No hissing or scratching. Just friendly cats walking all over the human, swishing tails under its nose, curling up beside it, between its legs, sitting on its chest and staring into its eyes.

    The human’s eyes start watering, then it sneezes. Over and over. But it can’t wipe its nose or reach for a tissue, so tears and snot just run down its face until it is a big soggy mess.

    We could call them kitty “sniff” films.

  6. Bob says:

    Sniff films… you may have a fetish market there!!!!

  7. Adele says:

    Why Cole, you’re exposing your artistic side to us — your scenario sounds like it might sell better than “Video Catnip.” Perhaps you and Zappa can collaborate — with a name like Zappa, he must be quite a quirky fellow.

  8. boscodagama says:

    The Human Sacrifice Channel.. well, don’t we have plenty of masochists?

    Sniff fillums? Snot funny.

  9. catsworking says:

    Bob, if there are people who get off on watching women squish mice and kittens between their toes, I’m thinking there’s probably a huge market for runny boogers.

    Adele, you may be on to something. We could call our production company ZappaCole. It sounds like an Italian deli meat.

  10. catsworking says:

    Ah, Bosco, you topped us! You’re the “pick” of the litter.

  11. MorganLF says:

    Excellent and appropriate use of douche bag! Is it possible you spent some time in North Jersey?

  12. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I heard a lot of salty language for 3 years in the joint, so some of it couldn’t help rubbing off. You should have heard what the inmates called humans who did all the paperwork for an adoption then backed out at the last minute, or returned one of us after only a few days because we jumped on the counter or didn’t match the drapes, after all. Talk about douche bags!

  13. MorganLF says:

    I know we are Catcentric here, but I just saw “Marley and Me” and am not ashamed to say I am still sobbing into my third hankie…My brother had a “Marley “named Jason and he was a black lab. So bad he was good, a big goofy sloppy barking mess and boy did he love the kids..sigh.

  14. catsworking says:

    Well, Morgan, you cinched it, Marley and Me will never be shown in this house. Even though he was a dog, we can’t stand to watch movies where bad things happen to animals — not even dogs or cartoon animals.

    We don’t particularly have anything against dogs except we think they’re kind of stupid and inferior. We watch the Dog Whisperer for laughs.

  15. Adele says:

    Alice and I almost watched Marley and Me this morning, but I was afraid that something bad might happen to Marley, and I didn’t think I could take it. I even cry when Dumbo is taken away from his mother, and I took a young friend to see The Land Before Time years ago. She was four and couldn’t understand why I was sobbing when Little Foot lost his mother to an earthquake. She kept holding my hand and saying, “Those dinosaurs aren’t real, Adele.”

  16. MorganLF says:

    Its actually a sweet movie. Nothing “bad” happens but time takes it’s toll. I think you guys will like it. I’m a sucker for movies that make me cry.

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