Bourdain Postponing Vietnam Again?

By Karen

Cats Working reader Cindy provided a link to this Wall Street Journal article where Anthony Bourdain said he earns the bulk of his income these days making personal appearances, and that he plans to do 40 in 2010. So if you haven’t seen him in person yet, your chance may be coming soon.

I think his next book, Cooks, is due to come out next year. Shooting No Reservations, promoting a new book, and doing his Evening with schtick doesn’t seem to leave time to move his family to Vietnam without leaving them there alone most of the time.

Dana of The Traveling McMahans had a chance encounter with Bourdain in the airport leaving Louisville after he appeared at the IdeaFestival on September 25. She got an autograph and a glimpse at what Tony can be like when he’s not “on.” Unfortunately, he didn’t fare too well in comparison to the gracious travel guru Arthur Frommer, whom Dana interviewed one-on-one before attending Bourdain’s talk.

An independent account of Bourdain at the IdeaFestival reveals that he’s apparently forgotten the fallout over his conversation about fat people with Ted Nugent because they’re now part of the act, and not in a good way, it seems.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever linked before to this interview with Chow from November 2007, but I don’t recall seeing it. In hindsight, it’s interesting to read about Tony’s decision to hang up the leather jacket (which didn’t last too long) and plans to do a Travel Channel series in Italy with Mario Batali that has yet to materialize. He also calls the Tuscany episode (where we got our first glimpses of Ottavia but didn’t know it) the “most fun show to do ever.”


9 Responses to Bourdain Postponing Vietnam Again?

  1. Adele says:

    Being what can kindly be described as Reubenesque, I always feel a little twinge when Tony goes on one of his fatist rants. He’s absolutely right about the poor eating habits of Americans, but how does he square his fatism with his love for Mario Batali, whom he describes as “Falstaffian.?” Is Tony like one of those racists who is capable of liking individual African Americans?

    I worried that he’d be terribly rude to Dana of the Traveling McMahans and was pleased to see that he was just tired and distant — about what you’d expect. Seeing his autograph made me wonder whether Cats Working would get another Christmas card this year. I hope so.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, in snarking on fat people, Bourdain’s messing with about 67% of the population and undoubtedly a large chunk of his fan base, so he’d better tread carefully. We’re capable of inflicting a lot more damage than a bunch of stringy vegans. 😉

    Bourdain’s claiming an unfair advantage anyway, since most of us weren’t blessed with addictions that kept us gaunt well into middle age. And I predict that Ottavia will revert to Italian type sooner or later, being big-busted, short and kind of stocky already, and will have him eating his words–literally. I weighed only 113 lbs. when I was 42, and things I could wear then look like doll clothes to me now. It seems to happen if you enjoy eating anything but lettuce.

  3. Adele says:

    Ottavia seems to keep quite active with her martial arts, so she may be able to stave off middle age spread longer than some, but she’s not skinny-skinny, and perversely Tony seems to also get digs in at very lanky women like Gwyneth Paltrow. Go figure. The other disturbing thing is that Dana of the Traveling McMahan’s said he smelled like cigarrettes. He has all the reason in the world to quit smoking, and it seems to be hard for him; this should make him a little more empathetic toward others.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, when it comes to addictions, Bourdain cuts nobody any slack. He has said in interviews that he thinks they are “character flaws,” so an inability to quit is your fault, not the substance’s.

    I’m guessing he based that statement on his success in giving up the drug habit. Ever since he said he quit smoking, he’s been caught doing it here and there. Obama, too. And we won’t even mention Bourdain and booze in the same sentence…

  5. boscodagama says:

    Hah! Bourdain being rude. Reminds me of the time in the 1970s a friend of my brother’s girlfriend ran up to her heart throb, Steven Stills, at DFW and he told her in no uncertain terms to get the f*%& away from him. Stardom is such a burden.

  6. catsworking says:

    No doubt being recognized everywhere gets to be a pain (unless your name is Kate Gosselin). But I should think people who dare to approach stars are usually avid fans and they’ll remember getting the brush the rest of their lives.

    If you do what it takes to achieve fame, you should probably do what it takes to be “on” whenever you’re out in public because those “pests” are your livelihood. On the other hand, if some jerk walks up and starts mouthing off, all bets are off and the “get the f*%& away” response would be OK.

    We know Bourdain gets himself into some dark moods when he’s on the road, so maybe he was having one of those days and Dana was pushing it to go beyond the autograph but just didn’t realize it.

  7. Pegu's underling says:

    Bourdain typically calls them as he sees them, no? He doesn’t pull many punches and there is some credence to most of his arguments.

    Sure, when talking with someone like Ted Nugent, you may get a bit carried away, but then did you see the guns Teddy-boy was firing? I’d buy what he was preaching too!

  8. catsworking says:

    Pegu’s, you do have a point. There probably was some self-preservation instinct involved in that chat with Nugent.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Tony will smoke till the end of his days and drink. I’m sure he’s cut way down from his 2 packs a day,but frankly I think that cat looks sexy with a smoke and he’s the only guy I can say that about, except Colin Farrel and ANY hot dude from Scotland…

    As for his being a bit standoffish, all I can say is in many online posts anyone who has encountered him has written that he was a down to earth, friendly guy. Everyone is entitled to an off day.

    I agree with his assessment that the inability to stop an addiction is a character flaw and who among us is not flawed? That brings me to the fat discussion, slim all my life I now hate myself for succumbing to middle age spread. Frankly I am a closet fatist and I am in peril of hanging myself on my own petard so a major diet is in the cards, right after I finish making this big pot of gravy with meatballs and bracciole.

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