U.S. Gets an Olympic Smack-Down

By Yul

I wasn’t surprised that Chicago wasn’t picked to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. What did surprise me was that we got eliminated first. We never even had a chance. So much for our so-called superpower.

The Obamas tacked another cool million onto the deficit to fly to Copenhagen on a fool’s errand. On the bright side, by failing to wow the IOC, they spared the country from wasting billions on pointless sports when there’s real life-and-death stuff going on where the money would be better spent — like healthcare, disaster relief, and education.

The people of Chicago themselves were ambivalent about it. They saw nothing but construction and congestion for the next six years. And for what? To impress a bunch of pharmaceutically engineered athletes of unidentifiable gender?

The U.S. has also been spared the embarrassment of hosting what would probably be the most poorly attended Olympics in history, particularly if Obama gets the boot in 2012. If they’ve been watching American news lately, people in other countries should be afraid — very afraid — to come here for any reason.

The United States is being not-so-slowly overrun by pasty-faced, screaming, gun-toting zombies who hate everyone but their own kind and who will share nothing.

It’s Obama’s misfortune that the U.S. is making itself the last place on earth anyone would feel safe holding any international event. He gave it his best shot, but he didn’t lose the Olympics. The American people did.

4 Responses to U.S. Gets an Olympic Smack-Down

  1. zappa says:

    Hi Yul!
    Can you explain the expensive part to me? I see that Humans like to chase balls around and jump on things.Cats do that all day long in living rooms across the world.Why do special venues need to be built for that? Don’t Humans realize how much fun you can have on top of kitchen cabinets? After all,they invented them!


  2. catsworking says:

    Zappa, there is no logic to it. Humans turn everything into team sports, from politics to religion to war. They spend billions of dollars to play silly games and score “points” and win “medals.” Who cares? Points and medals have no nutritional value. I’ve never understood it. As you said, cats physically run circles around humans every day just playing to amuse ourselves, yet we seek no glory. We don’t need any medal hung around our neck. We KNOW we’re the best!

  3. Adele says:

    Yul, I was one of the 45% of Chicagoans, who didn’t want the Olympics. I was afraid of the loss of affordable housing and didn’t want to see Mayor Daley and his cronies line their pockets more than they already have. Obama disappointed me, too, as did the other heads of state, who went to Copenhagen. As you and Zappa so ably pointed out, cats don’t require expensive venues to show of their feats of derring do.

  4. cat says:

    Given that some people living in Chicago didn’t want the olympics there, it’s not really surprising. Oh an humans can have lots of fun on top of kitchen cabinets (or tables) it just involves 2 humans where as a cat doesn’t need anyone else 🙂

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