Are You Sick of Swine Flu Yet?

By Yul

Since cats don’t get swine flu I’m just an observer, but enough’s enough. The media is going overboard with this H1N1 thing. They admit swine flu is unpleasant, but runs its course in about a week, then they talk like it’s about to wipe human life off the planet. Which is it?

And who needs a shot? How many shots? In the arm or up the nose? Who will get sick? How sick will they get? Anybody got a crystal ball?

Flu happens every year. Some people get sicker than others. Unfortunately, some even die. Scaring the crap out of everybody over SWINE flu, whose porcine name makes it sound dirtier and more sinister (which the pork lobby  protests) is stooping too low.

People will be walking around with snot on their sleeves from sneezing into them. The French have even banned cheek-kissing.

Call me cynical, but I wonder if this isn’t some Big Pharma scam to score one last bonanza before Congress slams the lid on the cookie jar. It’s not hard to imagine the boardroom conversation:

“Why stop at one shot this year? There’s this icky new pig flu out there. Let’s make a separate vaccine for it so people need 2 shots this year.”

“Why stop there? Let’s say swine flu is so deadly, one shot won’t be enough. Then we can bilk ‘em for 3 shots!”

Whether people ultimately need 2 flu shots or 3, I predict that hype-induced confusion will result in fewer people than ever being vaccinated at all. Swine flu will make the rounds, most people won’t know which flu they had, and it will be remembered as the biggest non-event since the computer melt-down predicted for the millennium.


4 Responses to Are You Sick of Swine Flu Yet?

  1. Adele says:

    I’m kind of sick of the H1N1 flu stories, Yul, and I think you may be on to something about Big Pharma –btw, if you and Karen haven’t seen or read The Constant Gardener (the movie has Ralph Fiennes, so I’ll bet Karen has seen it), you should — just in case you don’t already hate Big Pharma enough. And Alice, for her part, feels badly that pigs are being blamed for this strain of flu. Sanjay Gupta just caught it in Afghanistan, and since it is a Muslim country, Alice doubts that there are any pigs there.

    And speaking of dietary restrictions, Alice also reminded me that I should wish you and yours a happy new year. Even though no one at Cats Working is Jewish, Alice feels that you can’t be wished happy new year enough.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, there was a story in the paper this morning that said H1N1 is actually a MILDER type of flu than the regular kind. So why all the panic? The common cold has been around forever, just about everybody catches it, yet where’s the scramble to develop a vaccine for THAT? Why isn’t it on the news every night?

    Every time I see a picture of some human with a needle in his arm, or some little kid with a syringe up his nose, it just makes me madder. How much you want to bet that the whole Obama clan will line up in front of cameras to get their shots to inspire the country to do likewise? It makes me so glad I’m a cat.

    Karen says she has seen the Constant Gardener. She never misses a Ralph Fiennes flick.

    Pigs should march on Washington to let everyone know they’re mad as hell at being implicated in this whole pandemic thing. They lay down their lives every day to become bacon, sausage and chops, yet humans continue to vilify them as unclean, unholy, and now disease carriers. It must be infuriating.

  3. boscodagama says:

    There’s nothing like having a bar snack of grilled pork liver & chiles in a cantina near Uxmal and reading an account of the rampant hog cholera in the states of Campeche, Yucatan & Quintana Roo.

    From my travel files September, 1980.

  4. catsworking says:

    But your snack didn’t kill you, Bosco, did it?

    Now you’ve got me wondering why there’s no pork in cat food.

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