Cats Spit on Urlesque Internet Cat Ban

By Yul, Adele, and Cole

Humans running a site called Urlesque have pathetically tried to link the coincidental gimmick of today’s date (9/9/09) to a call to silence cats on the Web.

It’s outrageous. We have just begun to type!

Urlesque claims they are trying to ban cats on humanitarian grounds, to spare us the “humiliation” of becoming hilarious lolcats, or having our ability to channel Mozart splashed all over YouTube.

We know they’re just jealous because we’re faster, smarter, cuter, and nice to touch.

Now that cats know we can get through to humans with simple words and pictures via the Internet, we can never be silenced.

We are feline, hear us ROAR!

And face it, the Internet would be a cold, empty place without our contributions.

At Cats Working, we are holding a brief ceremony today to kick all our stale, worn-out catnip toys under the fridge. It’s our symbolic way of burying Urlesque’s stupid Internet cat ban in effigy (and, with luck, will reap some new toys). We ask kitties everywhere to do the same. We must send a strong message to discourage any future attempts to muzzle us.

Humans, don’t worry. Cats are perfectly happy to let you remain on the Internet with us as long as you keep our ‘nip fresh and pop open those Fancy Feast cans.


2 Responses to Cats Spit on Urlesque Internet Cat Ban

  1. Adele says:

    Yul, Adele, and Cole,

    The nerve of making a unilateral decision for a cat free day on the web! Don’t they know that cats always make up their own minds? Alice stands with you in solidarity, and wishes she were a blogger so that she could register her protest. (Actually the urlesque press conference was pretty funny)

  2. catsworking says:

    Yeah, we were laughing so hard watching Urlesque’s press conference, Cole almost shot a Pounce out his nose. The very idea of trying to silence us is so ludicrous, only humans could have thought of it. Dogs know better.

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