Parental Paranoia Goes Wild on Obama

By Yul

In January, Barack Obama was inspiring kids worldwide by proving that anybody could become president. Eight months later, some American parents think he’s out to brainwash their kids.

On September 8, the first day of school in many places, Obama wants to go on TV to tell school children to work hard and not be dropouts. Some parents have a problem with that.

I could see it if we were talking about Bill Clinton lecturing on morality, or George W. Bush explaining peace. But what’s Obama ever done to poison children’s minds? Have an occasional cigarette, like parents never smoke?

These adult paragons of virtue insist that kids should learn values from them, not the president. Yeah, right. Like how to make a pictures of Obama look like Hitler in case they ever want to join the Klan. Or how to disrupt a town hall meeting by screaming incoherently at a Congressman to show how polite and respectful they are.

Some school districts are refusing to show Obama’s speech, or will let kids walk out like Obama’s the stranger with candy they’re warned to avoid, because he might do worse than molest them — he might turn them into socialists.

Give me a break.

If anybody’s got evil intent here, it’s the parents who seek to deny their children the opportunity to start the school year by having the president of the United States speak directly to them and encourage them to excel. It’s a message they probably hear all too seldom at home.


15 Responses to Parental Paranoia Goes Wild on Obama

  1. boscodagama says:

    And school kids were praying for Bush2 when he was Prez? There’s a serious disconnect here, foax.

  2. catsworking says:

    The idea that parents are telling their kids NOT to listen to the president talk to them about their education just makes my kitty blood boil.

    If Obama ever wanted to give a speech to cats, I’d scratch Karen’s eyes out if she tried to stop us from hearing it. (Fortunately, the TV has push-button controls that we cats can operate without opposable thumbs, so parental censorship is out of the question around here.)

    Karen told me that one president, she thinks Kennedy, actually started a program for physical fitness, and she was REQUIRED to climb a rope in gym class to show she could meet some physical standard.

    Could you imagine how up in arms parents would be if Obama ever tried to get their flabby, pasty-faced little brats away from their video games to exercise and be healthier? Oh, the HORROR!

  3. Nina says:

    Yeah WTF? As it was pointed out by somebody else, George HW Bush did the same thing in 1992 and nobody said a peep about it then. But ohmygod Obama wants to talk to the school kids (“brainwashing”) and the parents are up in arms. I don’t know if it will be shown in my kid’s school or not at this point (haven’t heard, not on their website), but if there is one thing I have taught my child, it is to think for himself (actually, we live in the bible belt, so I did it to counteract everything ELSE they teach in OK public schools). At 17 he is more than capable of independent thought. Perhaps if sheeple actually did some parenting and taught their little lambs something worthwhile, they wouldn’t see this as a threat.

  4. catsworking says:

    Hmmm… Sheeple. I like that. Describes them to a T.

    I feel sorry for all the little kids who were so excited when Obama got elected, and who might go to schools in red counties like mine where they won’t be allowed to watch the speech. It really sends the wrong message. Then let their parents try to explain to them how Obama went from saint to Satan. And why his kids are so bright, respectful, and well-behaved. Certainly, it can’t be due to anything the Obamas are doing right as parents.

  5. Bob says:

    Geeze anytime I need a laugh I just turn on the Americian News… Ya’ll are great people but man some of the things you think up…. Shaking my head in disbelief.

  6. boscodagama says:

    This is first time I’ve ever heard of a finger being bitten off that wan’t in a bar fight.

  7. catsworking says:

    Bosco, are you talking about that guy who was driving through the healthcare reform demonstrations and rolled down the window to ask what was going on?

  8. Adele says:

    The events of the past few months have me despairing for the intellect of my fellow Americans. First we allow a special needs president to serve for 8 years and then all this s*^t. It took a Canadian friend of mine (an ex-pat) to remind me of the McCarthy era; Yul at a time when your many times great grandparents were alive, there was a very crazy senator from Wisconson, who led the country to believe that communists were crawling out of the woodwork; careers were ruined and many of our finest artists were blacklisted and persecuted — including Paul Robeson, who must be in the top ten in the cool black guys hall of fame. We did finally come out of that era, but I guess with out a single enemy like the Soviet Union, our hate and stupidity can spew in all directions. Alice and I are pretty bummed.

  9. MorganLF says:

    You know, I set out to comment twice but got so heated up that my comments meandered.

    I am furious that racist hate can be masqueraded as a parental right!!

    Wake up you dopes, we KNOW your agenda!!

  10. catsworking says:

    Cats may not get to go to school, but WE will be watching Obama on Tuesday and will pretend he’s talking to us.

  11. MorganLF has bigger cajones than I do. The irony of this sad situation is that I personally have as hard a time admitting that so many Americans are racist a-holes as they themselves do. From the “birthers” to “Obamacare” as socialism and now this nonesense . . . if they could all just admit what’s really bothering them, it would be a lot easier for the rest of us to engage in the intelligent, reasoned dialogue necessary to facilitate positive change. For EVERONE.

    I just started on wordpress so I don’t know if this is frowned upon — if so I apologize — but I invite anyone interested to take a quick look at my “mini-rant” on the subject of President Obama’s speech today at and replace the words “the president” and “Barak Obama” in the statements of those quoted with “that n!gger” and see if they read any differently.

  12. catsworking says:

    Gregory, welcome to WordPress and Cats Working. Read your post and it’s spot on. Since it dovetails our topic, we’re happy to post the link.

    We cats all watched Obama’s speech today, and Karen even teared up when the principal started talking about how those kids would remember that day and talk about it for the rest of their lives.

    I wonder if there’s really ANY school in the country where, if Obama had contacted it about making his speech there, would have said, “No, we don’t think so. It’s the first day of school so we’ll be too busy. Besides, you might try to brainwash the kids.”

    No, I think the school administrators who refused to show the speech showed cowardice in knuckling under to the naked bigotry of some ignorant parents. I doubt there were many kids today who wouldn’t have loved to hear the president speak directly to them, and who wouldn’t have felt inspired by what he said.

    What I’m hoping to see next is some backlash, where parents kept their kids home from school so they could WATCH the speech because their school wouldn’t allow it.

    I hope this controversy lights a fire under Obama’s butt and he takes no prisoners when he addresses Congress on healthcare tomorrow night. “No drama” is fine when you’re dealing with rational people, but he isn’t, and it’s time he pointed that out to them and starts making reason prevail.

  13. Excellent point about the necessity for a significantly more “dramatic” approach, closely echoing this recent NY Times op-ed piece:

    Excerpt: “Roosevelt understood that governing involved choice and that choice engendered dissent. He accepted opposition as part of the process. It is time for the Obama administration to step up to the plate and make some hard choices.”

  14. catsworking says:

    Loved that NY Times piece. People elected a Democratic majority because they want to see a lot of CHANGE, not Dems kow-towing to Repubs, begging for permission to accomplish everything. When the opposition gets as nutty and detached from reality as the neocons on healthcare, the time comes to tell them to shut up and bend over because, like it or not, here comes progress and fairness.

    The one big strike against Obama, I think, is his color. Some crazies itch to kill black cats just because they’re black. Rush LimpPaw, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck seem to be just a few sentences away from calling for Obama’s assassination as a patriotic duty, and some stupid redneck will be listening.

    When Obama was shaking kids’ hands after his speech yesterday, I was watching his back, hoping nothing bad happened.

  15. MorganLF says:

    Well Done Gregory. That’s exactly it, one day Rush, Beck and their type will just lose it and shout “n!gger!”

    Oh by the way I liked your line about “precious snow flakes” In my rants I refer to them as Ming Vases.

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