Florida Taxpayers Ordered to Foot Cat Killer’s Defense

By Cole

Judge John Thornton has ordered the state of Florida to pay $12,500 for alleged serial cat killer Tyler Weinman’s investigation and defense in a trial that could involve more than 100 witnesses. Prosecutors didn’t object, so let’s hope they’re sitting on some solid DNA evidence.

Weinman faces 19 felony counts of animal cruelty and improper disposal of animal bodies, as well as 4 counts of burglary, after he allegedly mutilated and murdered trusting pet cats and tossed them back into their front yards earlier this year. All the killings occurred in the two communities where Weinman shuttled between his divorced parents — coincidentally, whenever he was in town.

The LA Times reported that Weinman tried to make a deal before his arrest by confessing to some killings in exchange for lesser charges. Why would a completely innocent kid do that? Police decided to arrest him after he described too enthusiastically how a cat’s skin sounds when it’s peeled from its body.

Since being released on bond in June, Weinman has been under house arrest with a monitoring ankle bracelet. His grandfather is putting up $50,000 for his defense and helped post the $249,000 bond that sprang him from the slammer.

This family is sinking everything it has to prove the unemployed 18-year-old dropout they love is innocent. If they succeed in getting him off on a technicality, let’s hope he doesn’t show his gratitude by disemboweling and skinning them.

6 Responses to Florida Taxpayers Ordered to Foot Cat Killer’s Defense

  1. Adele says:

    Gee Cole, I guess since Yul and Adele outrank you, you’ve been stuck following this very disturbing story. You’re doing a good job of keeping us informed, though, and you have the makings of an excellent crime reporter.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, This was the first big story they assigned to me when I joined Cats Working and you’re right. It’s disgusting. Back when Weinman was arrested, they were working on DNA samples from the cats. While he’s been hanging out at home enjoying his summer, I hope they have firmed up the evidence to prove him guilty or innocent. One official has been saying this is going to be a “big trial.”

    It’s good to know that so many people care about what happened to those cats. Or maybe they’re just concerned that we’re watching the making of a serial people killer — with his family’s full support and encouragement.

    Personally, it sounds to me like the kid knows too much about how to take cats apart to be innocent, and he didn’t learn it all in biology class.

  3. KathyO says:

    Gee Cole, why did you have to put your own twisted opinion at the end? When reporting news on someone who has not yet been tried, you should report only what you know. Our laws are based on “Innocent until proven guilty”. Reporting like yours is what’s wrong with the media now. It’s what incites rage and hatred in people. What will you do if they find this young man innocent of all charges? Are you going to publicly apologize to him? I hope so for your sake, because you will live with that guilt for the rest of your life.

  4. catsworking says:

    Kathy, if the kid is innocent, I’ll have to live with the guilt of it for the rest of my NINE lives, so I don’t form my opinions lightly. But I certainly get your point. I try to be as objective as possible, but controversy is the name of the game in the blogosphere. If I had just presented straight facts, would you have jumped in to comment? Blogs without opinions are called newspapers.

  5. Joanaroo says:

    Cole-I agree with you! This kid is seriously psychopathic and needs a good long incarceration! If he was or will be found guilty-knowing how long trials and any allowed appeals take-I think it would be perfectly OK to do to him what he did to these poor cats! It’s disgusting when this goes on and the guilty gets a fine and light sentence since this behavior will likely lead to him murdering humans as well. Might as well turn him into worm food now and be done with it!

  6. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, I just read this morning that Tyler is still under house arrest, but the judge is letting him travel to Orlando for Thanksgiving, and he’s now got permission to go to the gym. Why he hasn’t gone to trial yet, who knows? I guess they think spending a year sitting around the house, not working, possibly not getting an education, is going to improve him.

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