Anthony Bourdain’s Paunchy Physique is the New Chic

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain seems to wear all his shirts untucked these days because he’s sporting a paunch, but who knew he was a trendsetter? It’s even got a name.

In “It’s Hip To Be Round,” in the New York Times last week, Guy Trebay revealed that Tony’s look is called the “Ralph Kramden” among Brooklyn boys.

(Photo - Paul Wellman)

(Photo - Paul Wellman)

Bourdain’s charms are apparently wearing thin with sfist, who turned Tony’s own San Francisco blog words against him.

Speaking of San Francisco, here’s a clip cut from the episode of Tony sampling absinthe and foie gras vodka for breakfast. Did he learn nothing in Paris? The Examiner provides more info on the strange distillery.

Serious Eats collected many amusing comments about Tony’s allegedly chronic state of inebriation through the whole episode.

Rochelle at Sexy Girls Eat had an accidental encounter with Tony at PDT in New York, and TV Squad has sprung to Sandra Lee’s defense.

On tonight’s new episode of No Reservations, Tony travels to Bangkok, Thailand. Ingrid at Room214 says he and the crew get caught up in “political upheaval…protests, violence, and uncertainty.” Sounds like Beirut. Bourdain hooks up with another runner-up from his fan contest, a Muay Thai fighter named Eric Rivera who may get a lot of footage, possibly for Tony’s wife Ottavia, who studies martial arts.

Tough as he’d like us to believe he is, Tony seems to be going out of his way to make sympathy rounds among his contest’s also-rans.

Since he knows his fans like to see him suffer, tonight’s highlight may be watching Tony harvest cockles while waist-deep in mud in the Gulf of Thailand.

9 Responses to Anthony Bourdain’s Paunchy Physique is the New Chic

  1. Adele says:

    Laughed out loud reading some of the Serious Eats’ comments about AB’s state of San Fransicso innebriation. And I learned that “faced” is yet another synonym for drunk (I may be somewhat behind the times). Liked the thought of a No Reservations drinking game . . . not that I could ever play drinking games. I just hope for Tony what a friend’s Irish (from the auld sod)father was able to say at age 86, when people commented on how well he looked — “I finally found the right brand.”

    And Karen, as I sat in “Julie and Julia” the other day, I did think of your blog and hoped for “Karen and Tony.”

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, thanks for the kind words, but I’m not holding my breath. Now, if I’d thought to cook my way through the Les Halles Cookbook, blog about it, and beat Julie Powell to the punch, I might have a chance. Now I’d just be accused of being a knockoff.

    I’m guessing “faced” is an abbreviated version of sh**faced.

    Tony waxes very poetic about the upcoming Thailand episode on his blog this week, so I’m looking forward to one of those beautiful, magical episodes, the rioting notwithstanding. But I’ll confess it will always be Siam to me, with a Rodgers & Hammerstein score.

  3. boscodagama says:

    We saw Julie & Julia on Saturday. FYI, I couldn’t get through the Julie Powell book, it was so shallowly vapid. This aspect of the role was quite well done by Ms Adams.

    We both had read MY LIFE IN FRANCE and had no problems with that section of the fillum. This Julia section was exquisite. I’d kill for the Buick station wagon they had in France.

    Anyway, there were more extremely pregnant women in the theatre at that showing than there were men in the theatre. I was glad I had take LaMaze training 25 years ago. I think.

  4. catsworking says:

    Bosco, thanks for the quickie review. Interestingly enough, after I saw J&J, I had no desire whatsoever to read Julie Powell’s book, but I wouldn’t mind picking up a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

    Guess that’s an indication of who made the better impression.

  5. boscodagama says:

    Julie is said to be from Austin.. having lived in Austin for 20 years, I find the absence of her hankering for comida mejicana & bbq (not the local pork soup on a bun with coleslaw) to be more than a trifle disingenuous. Even Houstonians prefer real “crewzeen”.


  6. catsworking says:

    Bosco, it’s funny you should say that because I got the impression Julie was a New Yorker. I think that was because of the juxtaposition with Paris. I mean, Paris vs. Austin? No way.

    Did anyone notice if they ever mentioned in the movie where Julie lived?

    Wait a minute! Of course she was in New York. She was working for some 9/11 commission within sight of the crater of the World Trade Center.

    I guess that’s why they never had Julie hanker for Tex/Mex, although in real life maybe she does.

  7. boscodagama says:

    When her Ma called, she said they even saw it in the NY Times in Abilene. And her Ma had a definite Texican accent.


  8. catsworking says:

    Bosco, you have really done your homework. Interesting interview. I don’t think I’d ever seen the real Julie Powell. And you’re right. They only hinted at her Texas roots through her mother’s voice. As much as I loved the movie, it seems a lot of details went right out of my head the moment I left the theater. I think I remember more of the Julia scenes than Julie’s. Maybe it’s just jealousy. 😉

  9. Cindy says:

    Be afraid, be very afraid. Comcast may join in the second round of bidding for the Travel Channel. That would be worse than Scripps-Howard aka The Food Network.

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