No Reservations: 3 Emmy Noms + Australia

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain seems to be walking on Cloud 9, wherever he is. No Reservations got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series, and the Laos episode netted two more nominations for photography and editing. Tony has covered it in depth on his own blog.

Tonight, No Reservations goes to Melbourne, Australia, and Ingrid at Room214 provided a few details and a peek:

Tony visits the Queen Victoria Market with British chef buddy, Paul Wilson, where Tony sees a lot of fresh meat, fish, and produce. Then he eats at Wilson’s restaurant, Half Moon.

Tony plays trugo (whatever that is) and WINS! Now, that’s something I want to see. Bourdain the jock. But I’m guessing trugo is some kind of board or card game.

Tony tries Middle Eastern street food, visits Chinatown, and ends up at a BBQ where roast lamb is featured.

Here’s the Travel Channel run-down of his Australia itinerary.

Someone at the Examiner spotted Tony in New York City at a restaurant called Michael’s with an “unidentified guest.”

In case you’ve been skipping past comments…

Cats Working reader Cindy tipped us off to the possible sale of the Travel Channel. No telling what that could mean for the talent, but somehow I don’t see Bourdain returning to the Food Network stable. He works like a cat, and he’ll land on his feet, no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, reader Petunia thinks she heard Bourdain doing a voiceover on a TV commercial for Glad storage containers. I haven’t heard it yet myself, but keep your ears perked and check in when you hear it. Tony has wondered if he should be cashing in on endorsements like so many of his celebrity chef friends. Maybe this is his way of testing the waters.


Sillymharia writes about her admiration for Bourdain and her despair over the lack of his female equal on TV, enumerating the shortcomings of female hosts she watches. Her humorous style puts her in Bourdain’s league for snarkiness and wit, and she’s only 23. Recommended reading.


6 Responses to No Reservations: 3 Emmy Noms + Australia

  1. Adele says:

    Good for Tony and Zero Point Zero! I did think that the photography and editing of the Laos episode was phenomenal, and even though NR has settled into a predictable routine, there’s nothing like it on television, and many of the shows still surprise us with glimpses of humanity or humor or just plain gorgeous scenery that we’d never get elsewhere. Bravo, Antonio! But I’m with Morgan; I never want to see the Greek Islands or the Azores show again.

    I hope the impending sale of the Travel Channel doesn’t affect No Reservations. Hard to think that it would, since NR is clearly the flagship of the Travel Channel line. Although I think given half a chance, Sillymharia could put on an excellent show. She seems to have the right spirit.

  2. catsworking says:

    The scene I don’t mind seeing again and again on the Greek show is the last one, where Tony’s out on some beach with a rented family trying to look like they’re having a ball. His snarky comments are classic. So unlike how gooey and sentimental he went in the final Hawaii scene where he’s at the luau with all the American tourists. Must have been Spam overload.

    Note to self: Watch Hawaii again. Someone said Ottavia’s in that scene.

  3. Bob says:

    Yep I am pretty sure Ottavia is in the Hawaii show.
    Last scene, sitting in a Hut.

  4. catsworking says:

    Bob, I pulled out the Hawaii episode last night and went right to the end, where a brunette was sitting with another woman on a porch behind Tony. I don’t think it was Ottavia. I couldn’t make out her face at all, but the shape of the haircut didn’t seem right. Too round. But you could still be right.

  5. Bob says:

    I just looked at the footage again from Hawaii, I can see what you mean about the “round” haircut that the person is sporting.

    If you check out the Tuscan episode that aired right after Hawaii Ottavia has a similar cut in the infamous “Tony Cooks Italian” scene.

    Not 100% on Her in Hawaii but who else would have any where near that kind of haircut???

    On a side just watched Australia, good foodie episode. No Sidney but then he covered Sidney in his “Cooks Tour” days. I was in awe of the Szechwan meal he had… I like Burny food.. Nummy

  6. catsworking says:

    Bob, I saw the Australia episode last night and it was food porn, no doubt.

    I’m 50-50 on Ottavia being in Hawaii. You may be right. Why WOULDN’T she have gone on that shoot? But I went back and looked at that clip a couple of times and it just didn’t look like her to me. On the other hand, I’ve been saying I have a hunch she’s pregnant, and in a few months I may have egg on my face about that if she doesn’t deliver. 😉

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