Bourdain Responds to Cats Working?

By Karen

A new episode of No Reservations in Chile airs tonight. Anthony Bourdain’s blogging and full of snark again, and — although I can’t prove it — I swear he’s been reading Cats Working.

The biggest bombshell in his blog post is that his upcoming visit to Sardinia (airing September 14) will have so many “prominent personal/family elements,” they’re calling it the “Meet the Fokkers” episode.

Perhaps a long-anticipated glimpse of Ariane? Ottavia occupying center frame at last? Could the “Fokkers” be Mr. and Mrs. Busia?

But what really spooked me was the link he included to the episode list I’ve been complaining I can’t find. When has he ever done that before?

Just FYI, Ingrid at Room214 is alive and well. She surfaced again last week to supply her advance scoop on Chile, which I noticed took no time to scatter around the Web like fairy dust.

As you’d expect, Tony does his share of “pigging” out, and mentions the completo in his blog, a monstrous hotdog topped with sauerkraut, pickled veggies, tomatoes, avocado, and mayonnaise.

According to Ingrid, he also channels Andrew Zimmern with caldopata (hoof soup) and chunchules (fried intestines), pays his usual visit to the local market, and takes in a rodeo.

The Travel Channel has actually published a list of where he went, ate, and slept in Chile before the episode airs. Can you say “180 degrees” from their attitude in the Philippines?

And the last question Tony answers via blog is that he must be getting R&R now because filming for Season 6 doesn’t begin until August, and the ‘Net continues to be silent on new appearances and chance encounters.

Hope you have a relaxing summer in some great, undisclosed location, Bourdains. You’ve earned it!

PS: To illustrate how closely the fate of Cats Working is tied to Bourdain, we’ve been averaging a lackluster 500 hits a day this summer, but since the Travel Channel began running a NR marathon yesterday, we’ve logged nearly 2,800 hits. Obviously, new episodes spike interest. (Note to Tony: Searches on Wife #1 are the most popular topic by far, running about triple Current Spouse. Go figure.)


30 Responses to Bourdain Responds to Cats Working?

  1. Bob says:

    Well what did you expect Karen. After his own website I am sure Tony checks here to make sure that all of his facts are correct!!

    Looking forward to seeing the Chile episode the web willing I should be watching it by Wed.

    So if you are lurking around here Mr Bourdain drop us a line.. if you haven’t already done so. HMMMMMM
    Me thinks I smell a grey’s dog hiding somewhere in here.

    Come to Winnipeg

  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, I figured after we met and he saw I’m harmless (or at least he could kill me with both hands tied behind his back), I dropped off his radar. But there were just too many little things in his last post that smacked right on what I’ve been saying lately that made me feel like he was writing to me.

    Or maybe that’s just my oversized ego imagining things again. 😉

  3. Adele says:

    Bob — “methinks I smell a grey’s dog hiding somewhere in here?” Is that like a red herring? Je ne comprend pas.

    Karen, I don’t think it’s wrong to suspect that someone in the Bourdain household keeps track of Cats Working, although it sounds as if the family has been traveling quite a bit. Frankly, I half expected that you’d receive a sympathy card when Fred passed on. Am looking forward to Chile tonight and REALLY looking forward to the Sardinia episode. Tony in Cuba could be great. Between the music and the 1950’s cars and some very good food, not to say lots of rum, it sounds like it could be his kind of place.

    Happy Bastille Day to one and all. I’ve been burning French CD’s and checking out recipes for a Bastille Day party I’m co-hosting tomorrow night. Once again, I say, too bad you and the regular Cats Working gang don’t live closer, you’d all be invited.

  4. Lechon y Mofongo says:

    Well, I am one of those who suddenly finds herself more curious than ever about Anthony what with the new season tonight. Interesting that curiosity over him has peaked in recent days.

    Do they eat chili in Chile? I wonder:)

  5. Bob says:

    Adele what’s not to understand??? I am not as bright as you think to leave red herrings..

    Although I think, that if I were to leave them they would be lightly grilled and served whole, perhaps with a nice green salad.. Damm now I am hungry again..

    So Tony if you are out there, send us a crumb.
    See if the Wicked Smart Brains in the Cats Working Cabal can find the Elusive New Yorker…

    And just for the Record… None of us here to the best of my knowledge have doubted your cooking chops.
    Though it was fun to see you sweat your ass off in the kitchen with Eric..

    Take it Easy
    Bob from Winnipeg

  6. catsworking says:

    Adele, I think Cuba was made for Bourdain and he’ll feel a great vibe there, politics notwithstanding.

    A Bastille Day party? Never happen in Richmond, but it sounds great. The cats would look so fetching in striped collars and berets.

  7. catsworking says:

    Lechon, thanks for writing! I deleted the last 2 lines of your comment because I have a deal with my cats, and fellow bloggers, that Cats Working will NOT turn into merely a Bourdain “fan site,” although many fans come here for whatever scoop I can provide. I try to keep it real, presenting the good and the not-so-good and trying to be fair.

    Although we admire Bourdain as a writer and traveler, you won’t find a lot of over-the-top fan praise (except maybe on the “Ottavia Bourdain: Found” post. I let some through there, but that was long ago, before I met him).

    So let’s just say, for the record and to maintain your dignity as a new Cats Working reader, that you admire Bourdain tremendously. Your secret fantasy will be safe with me. 😉

    Good question on the chili, by the way. Maybe a foodie will check in and give us the answer.

  8. Lechon y Mofongo says:

    Saying Anthony is hot is undignified? If he wasn’t as good looking as he is, do you think his show would be as successful? Let me tell ya, most the time, it’s not the food I’m looking at! Censorship, for whatever reason, smells like boiling tripa! And it’s not like you’ve got a vast readership and posting going on here?

    But, … , seems to me, after watching last night’s show, that Anthony is road weary? We’re starting to get to many ho hum, “In every culture, there’s a dish like this,” comments. Been there, ate that, Anthony?

    I bet when he’s cooking, he’s really hot:)

  9. Adele says:

    I enjoyed the Chile show. Lechon, Tony does seem to have the formula down by now, but when he goes to a beautiful and interesting place, I just sit back and enjoy the scenery, both natural and human, if you get my drift. Chile really looked gorgeous, and with the exception of that loathesome looking hotdog, I thought the food was appealing.

  10. catsworking says:

    Lechon, it wasn’t the part about him being hot, which we all agree with by the way, it was the f-word and the “feed me, feed me” at the end. Sorry. His wife reads this stuff, so I try to keep it PG, even though I’m not Ariana Huffington.

    But moving on, I watch the new episodes on a one-day delay because I VHS tape them (while I’m asleep), then transfer them to DVD without all the crap at both ends because the timer is never exact, so I’ll watch Chile tonight. But from what you’re saying, he’s been showing some burnout for a while now. I just hope it doesn’t get him canceled, especially when he starts paying multiple visits to places. Sure, there’s no way he can see/eat everything in one trip, but after a while viewers are going to start saying, “What? He’s back in Vietnam again? Is this another rerun?”

    I guess any travel show has a finite life once the host runs out of places he cares to visit. Bourdain may be reaching that point, unfortunately.

  11. catsworking says:

    Adele, seeing the completo scene in the sneak peak, it was a wonder Tony and his host didn’t collapse grabbing their chests. Guacamole AND mayo? If Bourdain has a regular doctor and he ever watches the show, he must just shake his head in despair at the thought of the next office visit.

  12. Lechon y Mofongo says:

    Fair enough about the f word, although there is nothing here on your site that warns against offensive language. I would think that anyone who watches/enjoys Bourdain can handle the f word. But the “feed me,” was just a play on the Little Shop of Horrors catchphrase and his vocation.

    Yes, the gloppy mayo used in Chile was a bit much? I also felt very sorry for the cows in the rodeo, must be so scary for them? Although hypocrite that I am, I love steak fajitas. Is it okay to be a meat eater, but object to such things as rodeos, circuses and zoos? We have to eat, but do we have to be sadistic toward animals? Bring on the laboratory, genetically engineered meat already. I’ll feel better when I know my rib eye or chicken breast was grown on a lab belt and didn’t have a face or central nervous system.

  13. Adele says:

    Lechon, I know what you mean about that rodeo scene. I averted my eyes. And I’m a hypocrite,too. I’m sure if I ever tried to raise animals — at least mammals — for food, I’d probably make them all pets and become a vegetarian. I’m not so big on beef, but I am fond of the noble pig (not all the cuts about which AB raves, but bacon, pork chops, ham for sure). Yet there’s hardly anything cuter than a little piglet.I guess the most we can do is make as sure as we can that our food is sustainably and humanely raised and humanely dispatched.

  14. catsworking says:

    Lechon, there is some bad language on the site here and there, but not typically used toward people, even though I know you meant it in a highly complimentary way. Recently, a little girl responded (I think she was 9) to someone who’d posted a comment here, telling them not to use bad language because a child was reading.

    We have a diverse audience, it seems.

    So I do try to moderate things and keep the raunch to a minimum. I very rarely censor ideas, but never claimed Cats Working is a democracy. I expect adult readers to note the style of the content and follow suit in their comments. And even if I delete something, I don’t hold grudges. 😉 You’re always welcome here.

  15. catsworking says:

    OK, now I’ve seen the Chile episode and must agree with Lechon. There was a certain flatness to it, and I’m feeling like a lot of episodes are beginning to run together. Certainly Bourdain can’t hit it out of the park every time, but he’s got to be feeling some “been there, done that a million times” by now.

    Maybe I missed some of the rodeo scene while fixing dinner, but all I saw was slamming cows against the wall, which seemed pretty tame compared to what they usually do. I like pork and big, juicy burgers. I try not to think about how they get to my plate. I’m a hypocrite.

    PS, Lechon, I did get your earlier reference to The Little Shop of Horrors, and now I picture you as a huge potted plant. Can’t get that image out of my mind!

  16. Bob says:

    I have just caught up with the rest of you. Watched the Chile episode last night. Bear in mind that I live in the bread basket of Canada and as such I am used to “Natural” depictions of the way Cattle (Read: Food) are raised and dispatched.

    But even I kinda winced on the way the calves were pounded into the side of the ring. But like the Argentine episode where the calves are castrated, its not part of our normal day to day.

    Far and away though for shear cruelty I have to vote for Tony bug eyed trying to deep throat that Completo.. I never thought I would see him unable to finish a hotdog of any kind.

  17. Cindy says:

    Bad news folks, I recently read that the Travel Channel is for sale and one of the potential buyers is Scripps. You remember them, the wonderful people who also own Food Network.
    Recently John Young, the General Manager of Travel Channel, resigned. He was the one that was so helpful when No Res was stuck in Beirut. The parting was amicable, he wanted to go back home to London.

  18. catsworking says:

    Bad news is right, Cindy. I see censorship coming.

    But also GOOD NEWS. No Reservations is nominated for another Emmy! Best nonfiction series.

    And get this, Padma Lakshmi is nominated, along with Tom Colicchio, for best host of a reality show. PADMA!

  19. Bob says:

    Well I hope that someone other than the food network picks up the reins at Travel. It’s been real nice to see Tony running amuck on someone else’s dime!!!

    But I honestly would rather see him throw in the towel than work for those middle of the road douche bags again.

    Time will tell…

  20. Cindy says:

    Actually, No Res got 3 nominations! The Laos episode got 2, 1 was for the cinematography (Zach & Todd) and the other was for picture editing.

  21. catsworking says:

    Wow, Cindy! I didn’t see a detailed list. That’s absolutely wonderful! If Tony gets an Emmy or 2 under his belt, then he should be sitting pretty no matter who the Travel Channel gets sold to.

    Bob, somehow I don’t think Bourdain would swallow his pride and fall in with the Food Network crowd again. It’s just not in his nature. He’d figure out some other way, just like he did when he left FN. Maybe Martha Stewart would pick him up, like she did Emeril when they kicked him to the curb. She and Tony are buds.

  22. Bob says:

    True Very true, I guess even if they keep it hush hush, we would be able to see the fallout..

    Imagine a tracking shot of a isolated hut, the locals have out the homemade rocket fuel, the ladies slaving away preparing an indigenous feast.

    Cut to Tony Mason jar in hand, about take a swig of lighter fluid. As always he downs the vicious liquid, only to be reminded to use the doily when putting his beverage down on the log. 🙂

    I would prefer that to food network run slavery again….

  23. catsworking says:

    Bob, I can absolutely picture the scene.

    If things start heading south with the sale of Travel Channel, Bourdain may see it as his opportunity to spend that year in Vietnam he keeps talking about. He’s still got the 3-book deal to fulfill.

  24. MorganLF says:

    He’ll go to FN if the deal is right, but there are many other places he can go. Like Public Television or Bravo. I would hate for him to join the “Rachel Ray” Network again but they are the major playas in the industry. I missed Chile and frankly have been bored to tears by the endless reruns of Azores and Greece!

    Lechon I agree his hotness is the key draw along with is humor and brains. I think Sardinia will be a fun show and am looking forward to it. Maybe we’ll see a format change “at home with the Bourdains”.

  25. petunia says:

    I may be crazy but I was watching tv late last night and a commercial ran for some Glad product–those storage containers– and I could have sworn it was TB doing the voiceover–they played it again and I had the same reaction–although he and Eric Bogosian do sound very much alike…
    As for new season of NR–it does seem flat to me also–but how many years can you do the same thing? Every show, no matter how great, loses its charm after three or four seasons…

  26. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’m with you on that so-called “marathon” last weekend. Sheesh! They should have thrown open the archives and shown all the greatest episodes, not kept running the recent stuff into the ground.

    I personally think he’s burned his bridge at Food Network and would never go back under any circumstances, just as a matter of pride. But if he wins these Emmys, he will probably have nothing to worry about finding a new home.

  27. catsworking says:

    Petunia, thanks for the tip. I’ll be watching out for that commercial and see if it sounds like him, too. He’s been wondering if he’s been passing up the gravy train not doing endorsements, so a voiceover for a culinary-related product like Glad containers may be a great way to get his feet wet without putting his mug out there and risking making a fool of himself. Voiceover comes easy to him. And he may know people at Glad, since they sponsor Top Chef.

    While I was watching the Chile episode, I found myself wondering if he’s beginning to get bored with the obligatory scene at the local market. They’re all running together for me now.

  28. MorganLF says:


    Right on! Some of the early episodes rough and funny totally warrant repeats!! I have never seen the Xmas special (and would love to) do you remember the one in East Berlin? Saw it once saw him driving the tiny cardboard car, thought he was great snarky and at hos eye rolling best!

  29. MorganLF says:

    Sorry meant “his eye rolling best”

  30. catsworking says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought you were calling him a “ho!”

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