Bo Obama’s a Boring Bow-Wow

By Cole

First Dog Bo Obama and I have something in common. We’re black and we have 2 white feet. His are in front and mine are in back. But that’s where similarity ends.

Bo posed recently for his official White House portrait on the lawn, which is being distributed on his new baseball card.

(White House Photo - Chuck Kennedy)

(White House Photo - Chuck Kennedy)

And let the merchandising begin…

Bo has a comic book called Puppy Power in which he’s a superhero. Dopey Dog is more like it.

There are already quite a few slapped-together books about him. Ty is selling a Bo Beanie Baby and key chain.

Such fuss over such a dull dog.

Michelle Obama said Bo likes to chew on people’s feet and play with his ball late at night. He also enjoys chewing his toys and eating tomatoes. His favorite pastimes are running and napping.

Ho, hum.

The only intriguing fact about Bo so far is that he’s a Portuguese water dog, but they say he can’t swim. How do they know he doesn’t dog-paddle? It can only mean someone threw him into the deep end of the pool and he sank.

Since Congress loves pretending to work, it’s a wonder they haven’t launched a full investigation.

Jon Stewart tried to make Bo controversial on The Daily Show by claiming he’s openly gay.

Nice try, Jon. But until Bo pees on something or somebody important while the cameras are rolling, he’s non-news.

Let’s hope Mad magazine digs up some real scoop for its book, Bo Confidential: The Secret Files of America’s First Dog, to be released in August.

4 Responses to Bo Obama’s a Boring Bow-Wow

  1. Bob says:

    Too Cute Not To Post…. Lets see if this one gets through.. Lost one today already!!!!????

  2. catsworking says:

    Awww, that makes us want to get a kitten!

  3. Hey, I don’t see any cats blogging and tweeting for feline Cancer. Bo blogs and tweets to raise money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF). Bo knows that one out of 3 dogs get cancer and over half of them die from it.

    Bo is also acting as Spokes Dog for Obama Watches. Bo The First Puppy has his picture on a watch and 2 pink paws to signify that 10% of the profit for Bo watches goes to the NCCF.

    Bo is one smart and caring First Puppy!

  4. catsworking says:

    Hi, Jack! Welcome to Cats Working, and thanks for stopping by, seeing as how you’re a dog person.

    We never said Bo doesn’t have his heart in the right place, and all his efforts to raise money and awareness of canine cancer are excellent. As he matures, he’ll probably champion many other causes. We’re just saying as puppies go, we expected a little more action out of him. I suspect the White House is keeping his best misdeeds, the real juicy stuff, from the press.

    To show you that cats and dogs can cooperate, here’s the link to your site and the Bo watches you mentioned. The site says there are only 49 left, and they’re cute. So if anybody out there wants one, hop to it!

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