Michael Jackson: One Conflicted Black Cat

By Yul

I’m not a fan of Michael Jackson’s music, but I considered him a fellow black cat (underneath), and his unexpected passing stunned me. In his own strange way, Michael was one of those rare people whose departure leaves a hole in the planet.

Have you noticed how everyone seems to have forgotten they were vilifying him as a child molester just a few years ago and saying his career was over?

I believe he did inappropriate things, but with innocent intent, pathetically trying to recapture his own missed childhood. He didn’t realize he was playing with a stacked deck of adult knowledge and feelings because he tried so hard to suppress them.

Michael didn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. If anything, he was too nice and people used him.

If his death was simply a sudden heart attack, Somebody up there provided him the mercifully quick and graceful exit he needed, but could never find for himself without having more scorn heaped on him. Fate may have known he was walking into the biggest humiliation of his life with that 50-show comeback next month in London, and that he wouldn’t be able to survive it.

Sure, die-hard fans were eager for him to command a stage again, but plenty of people would have been saying, “That weird, washed-up pedophile is just making a fool of himself.”

Michael must have felt enormous pressure to succeed, knowing it was his last chance to salvage his career and pay his debts. Failure would leave him even worse off than before, with no options left.

But now he’ll forever be the King of Pop, with no embarrassing finale. As the world mourns his death, we must acknowledge that, for his sake, its timing was perfect. I hope he’s finding the peace and love he craved so much in life.

2 Responses to Michael Jackson: One Conflicted Black Cat

  1. Bob says:

    I don’t know if I agree with the “King of Pop” crown that he had thrust on him from a early age, and to be honest I kinda had a “Hmmmph so what” attitude when I first heard of his death yesterday afternoon.

    But thinking on it after a night I have kind of mellowed my view. I never was a big fan of his music, but having said that my younger brother a total metal head, had his thriller album.

    Like it or not his music, especially in the 80s and 90s was pretty much everywhere, a kind of MUSAK that was in the background of our culture back then. Even the most jaded anti fan could probably name at least 10 songs off the top of their head.

    Its interesting watching CNN, watching all of his “Friends” coming out of the woodwork like bugs in the basement coming out after a heavy rain. Eager to strip what ever they can from his freakish memory.

    One thing is for sure though, the “BOY” had talent, I really don’t think he ever truly grew up. From his talented childhood to the perverse caricature of a human being that he became.

    May Death grant you the peace that Life never did.


  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, Karen has had the discussion about her taste in music before. Trust me, there is NO Michael Jackson to be found anywhere in this house. But as we’ve had the TV on with nonstop tributes to him, we’re all hearing a lot of songs we recognize. You’re right. He was EVERYWHERE, even if we weren’t aware of it.

    I think as time goes on, his last freakish years and appearance will slowly fade, and he’ll be remembered more as the black, crotch-grabbing dynamo he was when he recorded all his greatest hits. Like Elvis, who will always be the teen heart throb people remember from his movies, rather than the bloated cartoon of a man in a sequined jump suit he became.

    It’s a shame that Michael Jackson didn’t live to enjoy a spectacular comeback, but I truly believe this happened for a reason. With his luck, that whole London gig was going to somehow blow up in his face and leave him worse off. And then we’d be reading about his suicide.

    On the other hand, the heart episode does seem strange, since he’s always been thin and fit and hyper-vigilant about his health. And they said he passed a 4-hour physical exam not long ago. I hope they don’t find out that he overdosed, because then it will be, “Poor wimp, couldn’t take the pressure or fear of failure.”

    I feel really sorry for his 3 kids. They’re said to be really well-behaved and he was great with them. They were there when he took ill, so this has got to be devastating for them.

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