Mama, Don’t Make Us Cats Go Vegan

By Yul

I can watch people eat salad all day, just don’t toss any into my bowl. I’m an unapologetic carnivore.

Last month, Karen bought this bag of junk called “By Nature” that contains chicken and fish, but the brown rice, various grains, tomato pomace, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries ruin it.

Cats eating berries? Ha! The bag sits untouched.

But it had me worried, so I’ve been checking around to see what cats might face if this animal vegan thing takes off. I found VeganCats who sell VegeYeast, a supplement 100 times more acidic than regular yeast.

Could that possibly be a good thing?

A dog-owning VegeYeast fan shared some of her homemade dog food recipes. She puts garlic powder in everything, oblivious that it’s dangerous for cats and dogs. (For the record, onion can be fatal.)

They also sell vegan Evolution at $2.95 for a 14-oz. can. Add the pharmacy of dietary supplements to fill the nutritional vacuum, and our food is probably more expensive than people’s.

VeganCats had nothing good to say about mainstream canned food:

Most people… don’t know about the filthy renderings, diseased parts and tumors, unnatural fillers and other junk that goes into common foods, and they seem to think that most foods contain pure meat. Well, folks, that’s not the case, and you’d probably be quite surprised how little “good” meat goes into most mainstream brands…

What’s their point? If you believe Anthony Bourdain, cats are getting the most delicious “nasty bits.” Well, maybe not the tumors.

But I agree with VeganCats on this…

For those who say a vegan diet is “not natural,” please let us know what’s natural about a cat eating parts of cow, turkey, salmon or other such creatures that they’d never catch in the wild. When there is finally a can with a full dead squirrel, mouse, mole, etc., inside, then there will finally be a “natural” cat food…

Now they’re talking. We’d love Friskies® Field Mouse Savory Shreds, and we’d be helping the environment!


16 Responses to Mama, Don’t Make Us Cats Go Vegan

  1. Adele says:

    Yul, Alice wouldn’t eat By Nature, either. But, like it or not, you’re pretty domesticated, and I’ll bet you wouldn’t like the taste of mouse, no matter how well garnished.

  2. catsworking says:

    Yeah, Karen’s pretty peeved about it. Right now she’s trying to slip some to Cole, telling him it’s a new flavor of Pounce. So far, he’s not buying it.

    I may be a housecat, but if Friskies can put gravy on shredded tumors and have me licking my chops, then let them throw a little of that joy juice on a mouse and I’d be in 7th heaven. A taste of the wild with a dash of Julia Child!

  3. Adele says:

    Yul, you are a renaissance cat, with a touch of the poet. Alice is still giggling about your little rhyme. It just might be a great gimmick to sell some high end cat food. There’s a company (can’t remember the name) that has stuff like Thanksgiving Dinner, Shore Dinner, and something like Chuckwagon Dinner. Alice refused all of them.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, cats are always wary of canned food with suspiciously vague names, like Mariner’s Catch or Super Supper. Chuckwagon Dinner and the others you mentioned would be the same. Whoever said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” wasn’t looking at a cat. If they’re selling guts in a can as pet food, those are the cans where you’ll find most of them.

    I didn’t realize I made a rhyme before until after I read it again later. Sometimes I’m too clever for my own good!

  5. Meow Boy says:

    Well if a certain Chef were a cat, and we know for sure that he has an affinity for the feline set. I am pretty sure that he would hold up your united anti-vegan front with you.

    He would be right in eating those ground up lips and snouts.. MMMMM wait a min I think he does that for a living already…..

  6. catsworking says:

    Meow Boy, did you see the comments from your fellow Canadian Christine who has a bee up her butt about Adele’s post on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe at the G20? She thinks we’re all REPUBLICANS and traitors and making Americans look bad.

    In her response, Adele mentioned you as an example of a reasonable Canadian we appreciate.

    And you’re right. I bet we could pour a can of Fancy Feast over rice with a few spices and Bourdain would eat it with gusto!

    Some vegan pet owners are dumb and think just because they can live without eating meat, cats can, too. Without all kinds of vitamins, we end up with terrible health problems because we metabolize things differently. The only time cats graze is when we want to puke up hairballs.

  7. Bob says:

    I have actually not seen the “Christine” post in question… But thanks for the thumbs up for being a reasonable human being….

  8. catsworking says:

    Bob, you can see Christine’s comments here. She really lit into Adele for picking on Michelle Obama and it turned into a real cat fight (possibly without Christine realizing she was actually tangling with a cat), but I think they have worked it out now.

  9. Zappa says:


    My Human gives me some stuff called EVO but it has lots of meat but no carb-y grain’s really good but she yells about the price. Yawn.

  10. catsworking says:

    Zappa, I hear you. Karen whines and moans every time she has to shovel licked-over Friskies down the disposal because we only wanted the gravy, even though we know she gets a break on the price because she buys it at Sam’s Club.

    We just got a sample in the mail from Fancy Feast called “Appetizers” that looks like yummy white-meat chicken. The packaging said something about it being “another way to share a special moment with your cat.”

    Yeah, another way for them to cut a container of food down to 2 lousy ounces and charge a fortune for it

    Karen is saving it for a special occasion, since we’ll have to split it 3 ways and only get a taste. But hey, today is a holiday, so maybe today’s the day!

  11. Joanaroo says:

    Hi Kitties! Oreo and the gang here eat Friskies with gusto but are divided on higher end food. We’ve had Dick Van Patten’s Natural food, Triumph and the brand that you mention with names like Turducken and the others. We had to give some of our dearly departed cats Hills Prescription k/d for kidney disease before they succumbed to the illness, and I swear my Grayson and Ginger actually stuck their tongues out and said “BLECCH!”.

  12. Joanaroo says:

    And yes, garlic and garlic powder and onion and onion powder are not for cats. Believe it or not, we actually found a store brand-we don’t feed them it, just picked up a can to see what was in it-and it had garlic powder in it! A call placed said it was not a fatal amount-just for flavoring. Wish now I had asked if a human had tried it for taste! I know our kids like to eat pasta with sauce but we watch since I think too much tomato can cause a blood composition problem.

  13. Joanaroo says:

    Not to look stoopid of course, but we usually give the kids about a tablespoon of sauce on the pasta but it’s weakly spiced and diluted with tomato paste and diced tomatoes and juice. I have GERD and IBD so I have to be careful of spice and just remembered too one of those store-brand cans had onion powder too. Our kids also get white albacore tuna in water as a treat and one of our kids likes asparagus and whole green beans, but a small amount not to cause the trots!

  14. catsworking says:

    I’ve heard of cats who like green beans, but none of us have ever tried them. I like the occasional potato chip though, mostly to lick the salt.

    I’m on a high-protein (51%) prescription diet called Hill’s DM that’s very expensive ($44 a bag from the vet). Adele sometimes sneaks it, too. But Karen just switched Adele and Cole to a higher-protein diet called Blue Wilderness that comes in a green bag (it’s new) and is made with deboned duck. It’s 40% protein, which is the highest you can find in non-prescription dry food, except for another Blue Wilderness brand in a blue bag that’s 45%. They were eating that first, but it’s made with chicken, so Karen switched to see if the new food with duck would help Adele’s skin allergy.

    We also eat certain brands of Fancy Feast that are less than 10% carb with no wheat gluten.

    Karen did a lot of research on cat diets when the vet recently thought I was diabetic (The high protein diet actually cured me after 3 weeks. My blood sugar dropped right down to healthy normal range), and learned that obesity and diabetes have become epidemic in pet cats since we started eating all these high-carb dry foods. It’s like feeding us Fruit Loops for every meal. Since I made the switch, I’ve lost a little weight without trying, I’m loving the canned food (which I never did before), and none of us puke as often as we used to.

    For kidney failure, which Karen has a lot of experience with, having lost Ginger, Rex, and Fred, vets have thought high protein strains the kidneys, so the special kidney diets are VERY high in carbs. But the thinking is changing on that. Carbs are simply not natural for cats at any age or state of health and we don’t have the plumbing to digest them well. We’re obligate carnivores and have always survived on protein and fat. (BTW, high fat content in cat food is actually a GOOD thing. When looking at ingredient labels, add the protein and fat together. The total is the GOOD stuff. The rest is most likely carbs, whose amount they usually omit because they don’t want you to know how much junk is really in the food. Go to PetSmart and read the bags, even Hill’s. You will be SHOCKED to see how the high-priced foods are no better than the cheap commercial brands.)

  15. Vegan Human says:

    I am vegan and I have cats, but I do not have them on a vegan diet. They eat what my veterinarian tells me I should feed them, and what I would feed them even without a doctor’s say-so. I do not force my diet upon others (and isn’t that a big no-no with vegans anyway? At least it should be. The preachy vegan thing is getting old, and people who have “vegan pets” make us all look nuts.)

  16. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Vegan Human! And thank you for not subjecting your cats to a plant-based diet that would ultimately prove fatal, after making them suffer the effects of severe malnourishment. We wish all vegans thought like you.

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