Washington Set on Botching Healthcare Reform

By Karen

Our legislators reject single-payer healthcare as “too drastic” a change for the country (Translation: Too simple and ethical for them to make a buck from), so growing numbers of single-payer advocates are yelling “Foul!”

One word explains why any plan continuing to be based on private health insurance won’t work:


Every penny wasted on insurance company overhead and bureaucratic requirements doesn’t go to medical care.

To preserve the status quo, insurers recently offered to forgo $2 TRILLION in future profits. That’s chump change to them. They’re admitting they’re already rolling in dough by cherry-picking, charging extortionist rates, and denying claims.

Two single-payer bills, HR 676 and S 703, languish in Congress while our representatives sit mesmerized by insurance industry snakes promising “fixes.”

The other blunder Washington’s intent on making  is to keep employers involved. That’s what they mean by, “You can keep the plan you like,” because virtually no one in the individual market has coverage that’s both adequate and affordable.

Instead, employers should contribute to a national program where workers can access affordable, portable healthcare. Corporate America instantly escapes the administrative hell of dealing with insurance companies, and employees no longer have to stay in jobs they hate just for the health benefits.

Characterizing single-payer as “free” or “socialist” is deliberately ignorant.

NOBODY says it will be free. Hundreds of billions now wasted on bureaucracy and profit will be rechanneled to actual medical care.

Republicans oppose Obama’s public option to give individuals and small businesses a break because they’re afraid private insurers will languish.

Exactly. Any industry whose success depends on providing NOTHING needs to die. The only ones entitled to profit from medical care are care providers. They earn it.

Sen. Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK) outlines the Republican proposal, which sounds fine if you think 50 new state bureaucracies in bed with private insurers are better than one federal agency that isn’t.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer lays out all the players and their plans. You need to watch this issue closely because whatever Congress does when it’s finished dithering will affect you and your family — guaranteed.


2 Responses to Washington Set on Botching Healthcare Reform

  1. Bob says:

    Healthcare is always a tough issue, it really sucks not to have any care and it sucks even more not to have care and not afford it..

    Canadians (some call us Socialists) have a decent system but it is by no means perfect, we don’t pay out of pocket for our care but we are taxed for it and other government programs just the same.

    By in large though it works, I see your talking heads spouting political rhetoric about the health care issues, and the lobbys trying to maintain the status quo.

    Hopefully someone has the will to make the changes

    Via La Revolution

  2. catsworking says:

    It’s looking increasingly like Congress is going to throw us all under the bus by requiring everyone to buy a policy from private insurers. As I said, nobody who opposes reform EVER addresses PROFIT.

    The insurers will be sitting pretty. They’ll get 46 million new people to rape, premiums will stay high and they will continue to deny claims even as they post record profits.

    Obama’s well on his way to being a one-term wonder if he lets this happen.

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