Michelle & Carla Fashion Face-Off: Part Deux

By Adele

For her second trip to France, Michelle Obama left the bedspreads on the beds. Instead, she and France’s First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, both channeled the angels by wearing white dresses to the D-Day commemoration.

Michelle didn’t gamble with another getup whipped up on spec. She played it safe with New York chic; a Narciso Rodriguez coat over a Michael Kors dress.

Carla wore a short black coat over a simple Dior dress with an inventively folded neckline. A petite black belt complemented her dainty figure, and she traded the usual Maria Von Trapp flats for kitten heels.

Sarah Brown with Carla and Michelle (Photo - Getty)

Sarah Brown with Carla and Michelle (Photo - Getty)

Unfortunately, Michelle indulged her weakness for glitz before dark, wearing silver Jimmy Choos that were lovely, but too frivolous for a daytime ceremony honoring the dead.

And who could take their eyes off that wide silver belt cinched within inches of Michelle’s armpits? It was by Givenchy, and seems destined to become a must-have for women who aspire to look like a dumpy dominatrix on any occasion.

Poor Sarah Brown, the British prime minister’s wife. Obviously, nobody told her it was a competition, so she showed up looking appropriate, yet plain. Someone please get her a 3-way mirror and steer her to the proper size.

Later, sightseeing in Paris with Malia and Sasha, Michelle showed French women she also knows her way around a scarf by draping a lovely one around her neck.

(Photo - Medina/Getty)

(Photo - Medina/Getty)

Both first ladies definitely upped their fashion game, but I give this round to Carla.


2 Responses to Michelle & Carla Fashion Face-Off: Part Deux

  1. MorganLF says:

    I recently saw a photo of Michelle in plaid shorts sans make up-faccia brute! Her caboose is huuuge which does not show in certain clothes since her shoulders are large and offsets the effect. What she is doing with these ridiculous cinch belts under her armpits is emphasizing her flat chest, not her flat stomach as she seems to believe.

    Geez who’s picking her wardrobe Dick Cheney?

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, the laugh of the day! Thank you! Those belts are a nightmare. When she puts them over light colors, they cut her in half and the bottom of whatever she’s wearing underneath makes her look like she’s got a big gut.

    And with her junk in the trunk, the last thing she needs is sweaters that hit right above it. On the other hand, sweaters that cover it, as tight as she likes to wear them, and buttoned, would make it look even bigger.

    Body-skimming styles are what she needs.

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