Putting Nancy Pelosi on Notice RE: Healthcare

By Karen

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outdid herself for smug ignorance at a recent Christian Science Monitor event, infuriating supporters of single-payer universal healthcare. She said…

“As our members came back from their recess, a great deal of what they heard out there was public options, public options, public options, public options. In our caucus, over and over again, we hear single payer, single payer, single payer. Well, it’s not going to be a single payer. … We had an opportunity for that awhile back, and it was not realized. And that’s not what it’s going to be. So we had to take people from a place that they see universal, affordable, quality health care available best in single payer and say this can be achieved in other ways.”

Pelosi can ignore the will of the people because she’s already got what we want — government-sponsored healthcare. Yeah, WE pay for it so she can sit in Washington and help her insurance buds screw us.

Private health insurance is based on making a profit from premiums by providing little or nothing in return. Denying claims and rescinding policies are used as employee incentives for personal bonuses and to boost the bottom line.

Because lives are on the line, it’s morally indefensible. Yet these are “the other ways” Pelosi coyly refers to.

Why is she so keen to protect health insurers? Because they’re generous campaign contributors — bribing politicians with OUR health insurance premiums. Eliminating them would mean hundreds of billions instantly freed from bureaucratic waste and political corruption for medical care.

Any politician who refuses to consider the single-payer option is really saying,

“Your healthcare expenditures should continue to be wasted or end up in my campaign coffers. To hell with you and your family’s medical needs.”

Two bills for universal single-payer care, HR.676 and S.703, now sit in the House and Senate. If one of them, or something similar, doesn’t pass, then we need to wipe Washington clean in the next election of every politician who puts insurance company profits above constituents’ health.


4 Responses to Putting Nancy Pelosi on Notice RE: Healthcare

  1. Bob says:

    Your Other Option is to move to Canada or Cuba, or Eurpoe, or Scandinavia.

    The Problem with the US system is as you said, it puts profit before care. Although as a people we do pay a substancial amount of income tax at least we get some health care bang for our buck.

    It’s not a perfect system by any means, but listening to you its a damm sight better..

    I get a kick out of all of the Slighted Right saying USA is on the way to Socialism. OHHHH Scary. Socialism can and does work in most of the world.
    Contrary to belief it’s NOT Communism.

    But I guess the loudest voices get heard the most too eh.

    Oh Well Back to Frozen Utopia, I really hope your Government sees the light… and Soon.

    Bob aka Che..

  2. catsworking says:


    Right now I’m paying $2,592 a year for health insurance that = NO care. No prescription coverage, no claims paid until I shell out another $2,250 to meet the deductible. Pretty sweet deal for Anthem. They just keep collecting premium as pure profit because I’ll never meet the deductible unless something terrible happens.

    I’d be happy to send that $2,592 to Uncle Sam if it’s going to get me some actual medical care.

    Rush Limbaugh and his ditto-heads like to yell “Socialized Medicine!” and “Rationing!” and “Waiting Lists!” to scare away the uninformed (and those who have their head up their asses because they have employer-paid coverage at the moment) from the concept of universal healthcare.

    But let these jerks lose their job or have that coverage yanked because it’s become unaffordable for their company, and try to get decent coverage in the individual market, or pay never-ending waves of doctor bills for every single simple little office visit or procedure, and see how quickly they come around to my way of thinking.

    Obama gave a press conference last night to celebrate 100 days in office, and I was shocked, SHOCKED, that not one lame-brain reporter questioned him on healthcare. On Capitol Hill, they’ve been trying to sweep single-payer under the rug to protect the insurance and drug companies, but the voices are getting louder (especially from the medical community), as Pelosi admitted, for single payer. They won’t be able to ignore us much longer, because if they come out with some plan that just throws more business to greedy health insurers, there’s going to be hell to pay.

    Solving this problem and giving Americans an affordable alternative would put BILLIONS back into the economy INSTANTLY and give the economy the shot in the arm it needs. The only reason they have for dragging their feet is losing their bribes from insurance and drug lobbyists.

    They’re not fooling anybody. After the pointless auto and banking bailouts where they poured billions down big business rat holes that deserved to fail, the voters have had ENOUGH and Pelosi had better wipe that eternal smirk off her face and start playing on our side for a change.

  3. Adele says:

    Karen and Che, you’ve both said mouthsful, and I couldn’t agree more. However, Pelosi’s smirk will vanish about the time we get good single payer health care. Between the botox and the face lifts, I don’t think she can move her face that much.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, 🙂 🙂

    You’re right! I just saw a head shot of her and she looked like Joan Rivers’ sister!

    When she was first named Speaker of the House, I was so proud to see a woman get the job. But she has been TERRIBLE. Not even her little YouTube video of cats in her office can redeem her with us.

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