Feline Streaker Nabbed by Tail at Wrigley Field

By Fred

Most humans are blaming the cat who ran across Wrigley Field on April 21 for interrupting the 4th inning of a Chicago Cubs/Cincinnati Reds game, and they say she got what she deserved when she was tossed into the stands by her TAIL.

Run, kitty, run! (AP photo)

Run, kitty, run! (AP photo)

The Chicago Tribune claimed felines aren’t weighing in on the controversy because “repeated attempts to seek comments from cats were unsuccessful.”

Well, let’s set the record straight on that. Cats are not happy about it. Not one bit.

Our tail is an extension of our spine, so a tail is never, under any circumstances, to be used as a handle to lift us.

But the tail is exactly what the security guard grabbed when he finally nabbed this calico cat, tossing her to someone else waiting in the stands with a towel.

I’m assuming the cat’s female because most calicos are. To her credit, she put up a good fight, clawing and biting several humans who tried to catch her as she streaked to her 15 minutes of fame.

A bunch of strays live nearby, and some people think they recognize this cat as one of those. No one knows what possessed her to join the game, unless she was interrupted in hunting rats reputed to live at Wrigley, or some fan smuggled her in as a joke.

Fortunately, a vet said she appears to have suffered no lasting damage from the rough handling and waits in a local animal shelter for someone to claim her or give her a good home.

I hope this story has a happy ending.

3 Responses to Feline Streaker Nabbed by Tail at Wrigley Field

  1. LADYDIANA1956 says:

    Another too smart Calico Maybe seeking fame).=^..^=

  2. Adele says:

    Fred, my computer was acting up yesterday, and every time I tried to post, it froze up. Better today. I just wanted you to know that Alice insisted I take part in the Tribune online poll to express our disapproval of how the Wrigley cat was handled.

    You know, besides the famous Curse of the Billy Goat, a cat played a role in one of the Cubs’infamous late season collapses. In 1969, the Cubs had a fabulous season; everyone thought they were headed for a pennant. Then there was a late-August game, where a black cat got on the field and crossed the path of Cubs third-baseman, Ron Santo. The Cubs lost that game, and it was downhill from there. I think the cat was just looking for work and probably could have been employed in some way. For a team that has an animal for a logo, the Cubs sure are superstitious about other animals.

  3. LADYDIANA1956 says:

    Cats rule again =^..^=

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