Emeril Beat Anthony Bourdain to Richmond

By Karen

Dressed in camouflage, my fellow Massachusetts emigrant, Emeril Lagasse, came to Richmond on April 18 to film an episode of his new show, Emeril Green, with the soldiers at Fort Lee. Emeril had nothing but compliments for Army food.

(Photo - Mark Gormus, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

(Photo - Mark Gormus, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Between seasons of No Reservations my mind wanders, on Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain’s wedding anniversary today, to the land of What If. For example…

What If, when Tony met Ottavia, he had been pre-Kitchen Confidential, an underpaid chef, and an unknown, part-time novelist? Would she still have fallen for Antonio’s other charms? His smoking, his snark, his not-quite-ex-wife?

I mean this in no way as a reflection on Ottavia, because God knows I kept my fair share of bad boyfriends under wraps. But I’m guessing the very idea of bringing home to the parents a separated ex-junkie with a checkered work history, 20+ years her senior, would have eliminated him from consideration. TV fame and his potential for fortune must have helped his chances.

So in addition to getting the best job in the world, success brought Bourdain fatherhood, a hot wife, and a close new extended family. It’s the kind of “happily ever after” that would probably make Tony himself hurl. But Happy Anniversary anyway… and many more!

Now back to Bourdain’s April 4 appearance in Knoxville, Tennessee. Chef Joseph at Avanti Savoia’s Blog offers a thoughtful perspective from a non-fan point of view.

And one of Tony’s hosts wrote about his disappointing non-experience with Bourdain during shooting of the Washington, DC, episode.

That post led me to this great little cache of 9 deleted NR scenes from the most recent season, including Eamonn’s Irish pub in Alexandria, Virginia, where Tony enjoyed a sandwich of French fries and butter. You can also watch him mercilessly diss the pastry in Venice. Turns out he has no more respect for chocolate lovers than vegans. Who knew?


9 Responses to Emeril Beat Anthony Bourdain to Richmond

  1. Bob says:

    Tisk Tisk .. Are we the only ones that Noticed..

    A Very Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Bourdain.

    Karen, how many unexpected twists and turns does one life take.. all that really matters rich or poor is that you are happy..

    It appears that my new adopted family is French, so food is king. Can you see me smiling from there????

    OH on a good light, my GF’s son found my stack of Naughty Books when I was moving in.. Yea I got busted.
    He found my stash, Poor buggers reading a Cooks Tour right now.. Seems he has been sneaking off to his room to watch No Reservations when his Mom wasn’t watching. Not that I encourage filth or anything. GRIN

    Actually Dominick makes a Wicked Rack of Ribs, at 16 he’s already done two years at a Country Golf Course Kitchen. Where his Auntie is Famous for home made bread and huge breakfasts. So the boy is earning his chops. Funny that I heard him giggling when reading a cooks tour, once I slip him Kitchen Confidential he’s going to be like us…….

    Willing to do Tony’s Dark Bidding…
    YES MASTER WE OBEY, Just Please bring a few Bonnet head sharks with ya if we have to “Dispose of any Bones or Scrap”

    Doing well


  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, things seem to be moving pretty fast up there. Before long, you may be telling us there’s a little bundle of joy on the way. Hey, if Bourdain can do it, why not?

    I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that you are grooming the next generation of fans for him. Job security.

    Congratulations on your new digs and family!

  3. catsworking says:

    Thanks, Cindy! There’s some great stuff there. As Tony would say, he looks like his own son in a few of them. How quickly those gray hairs add up.

  4. Adele says:

    Congrats to Tony and Ottavia. I’m really missing new NR episodes.

    And congrats to you, Bob, on your new domestic situation. Mazel tov.

  5. Bob says:

    Well not Jewish and sick of packing already..

    My knee is still buggered, Sposed to do a 10 K Charity walk this weekend… May be helping out behind the scenes..

    Nice new interview with Tony and Eric today, on his site.

    Thanks for all the good wishes, 🙂


  6. catsworking says:

    Hey, Bob. Thanks for the lead on the Tony & Friends. Good luck on the walk.

    Ladies, Apocalypse Now showed up yesterday and I’m planning to watch tonight, just for Tony.

  7. Cindy says:

    Does anyone know about the episode airing this summer that filmed in Flushing?


  8. catsworking says:

    Cindy, I saw that item as well, and wondered if Bourdain’s visit to Flushing might not have been related to Buffalo. Or perhaps he’s working on another special of some sort.

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