Does Padma Lakshmi Want Out of Top Chef?

By Karen

Padma seems to be working overtime to rebrand herself as a mindless sexpot between seasons of Top Chef. In 2008, she was number 66 on’s list of “The 99 Top Most Desirable Women of 2008.” It apparently went to her head.

Now she appears in her birthday suit in the May issue of Allure magazine, virtually ensuring that few people will ever again notice what she’s wearing.

Pushing Thickburgers for Hardee’s in a commercial filled with R-rated foreplay was weird enough, but the experience must have still left Padma’s exhibitionist fantasies unfulfilled in a way that only throwing herself naked onto a rug for Allure could satisfy.

Or maybe she’s trying to cash in on whatever value her nudity has because, at 38, the clock’s ticking on how long she’ll be compelling as a sex object.

But Top Chef head judge Tom Colicchio must be wondering if Padma’s forays into soft porn during the off-season are turning her into a culinary joke, and if he and the other judges can keep a straight face whenever she opens her mouth at the judges’ table.

Maybe there’s a double standard at work here. Anthony Bourdain bared almost all in his notorious “boner” picture, but nobody held it against him because his everyday life is intellectually richer than most people’s.

Padma’s brief marriage to author Salman Rushdie didn’t seem to enhance her depth of character. Her last cookbook published in 2007 was called, Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet.

The competition will seem trivialized when aspiring top chefs  are ordered to “pack their knives and go” by a Playboy bunny wannabe who makes love to junk food. Will Colicchio let it continue?


8 Responses to Does Padma Lakshmi Want Out of Top Chef?

  1. Bob says:

    Well honestly from a man’s point of view..
    I thought those nudes were much more tasteful, than that slutty Hardees’s ad.

    A good point was made bout St. Tony of the Holy Ham Bone.. Is it a double standard???

    Or is it just that we all know that Tony’s funny but full of shit none the less.

    If your trying to be a serious food critic, sure do playboy, but Hardee’s. Thats the thing I don’t get.


    On my leg issues, yea its still buggered, but Man I love Canada, Codine is Legal and so easy to score at any drug store…

  2. Daniel says:

    I never liked that woman, show her the door…

  3. Adele says:

    Bob, sorry about the leg; hope it heals fast. And I’m with you regarding Padma. Nude photos would be far less offensive than her making love to junk food. I’ll bet that Hardees burger was purged faster than a hairball, after the tape stopped rolling. Tom Coliccio was on Charlie Rose, the other night (doubt that Charlie’s PBS interview show runs up in Canada, unless you can get a US station). I kept waiting for him to say something about Padma, but I fell asleep before the interview was over.

  4. catsworking says:

    They did a bit on The Today Show this morning about selling burgers with sex, and they showed Padma “doing it” with her Thickburger. But the real “beef” was with Burger King for staging this almost unintelligble rap number about Sponge Bob SquarePants, featuring the King surrounded by a bunch of Fly Girls with phone books in their shorts.

    That’s probably why Padma went with Hardee’s. The phone book would have made her look fat.

  5. Bob says:

    Actually we do get quite a lot of US programming up here, its not like we are in Europe after all.

    PBS being one of the stations. Will have to check that out.

    Leg is in knots, but self inflicted doing drywall and painting today to get the basement ready for next week.

    On the cool side Scored AC DC tix for when they come here in Aug. Early B Day present from Dar for my 40th in Sept.. Must be love….

  6. catsworking says:

    Bob, what’s happening next week in your basement?

    Ladies, I did start watching Two for the Road and am finding the constant flashbacks very annoying. The only way to tell when it is, is by the length of Hepburn’s HAIR. How stupid is that?

  7. Adele says:


    It may be that those flashback scenes — very 60’s btw — in Two For the Road are easier to tolerate on a big screen. I already loved the movie, the first time I saw it on a TV screen.

    Bob, AC-DC, huh? So you’re kind of a metal head?

  8. MorganLF says:

    AC/DC rules…I’ll be cranking it in my new ride as I go visit a friend in the country at a lake house tomorrow..”Back in black…”

    Car has Blue tooth telephony, when someone calls the radio cuts out and the call comes out over the 7 hundred (well a lot anyway) speakers! F’n Awesome! …I’ve been calling everyone I know just cause it’s so cool!

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