Rachael Ray Goes Fruity on Anthony Bourdain

By Karen

When Anthony Bourdain failed to send the fruit basket he’d considered after reading that Rachael Ray had booked the New York Dolls for her show, she allegedly sent a basket to Tony. It included a note asking him not to shoot any puppies, which had been his other impulse upon realizing that he and Ray share some taste in music.

Bourdain’s peeps deny any such basket was delivered, but I don’t know. It sounds like something Ray just might do.


3/29/09 UPDATE: Story confirmed. Ray did send the basket. Tony has posted a thank-you note to her on his blog.

Bourdain also just told Metromix in Los Angeles in this entertaining, witty interview that he could see himself tossing back shots with Ray if she ever stops cooking, but he could never bring himself to be drinking buddies with Sandra Lee under any circumstances.

And never ceasing to amaze, in that same Q&A, Bourdain revealed that when he’s finished roaming the world, he’d possibly “like to teach creative writing to fifth-graders, or English 101.”

Somehow, I can’t picture Tony diagramming sentences and explaining which parts of speech his favorite 4-letter words are to kids who picked them up from watching vintage episodes of No Reservations.

Here’s some good news for Bourdain’s devoted readers: In another interview with Nation’s Restaurant News, he said that his follow-up to Kitchen Confidential, tentatively titled Cooks, is scheduled for 2010 release.

He also mentioned in that interview, published March 23, that he was heading to Chile the next day, but on March 26 he was in Los Angeles speaking at the UCLA Extension Restaurant Industry Conference.

Continent-hopping is all in a week’s work for our Tony. Since he’d already been spotted in Chile previously, I’m assuming he needed more footage for No Res.

Just before these trips, he was being tracked on the blogosphere all over San Francisco. SF Eater offers the most comprehensive account of Bourdain sightings, complete with a map.

Press Democrat analyzes Bourdain’s taste in beer on that adventure.

After trying to ban such reporting when Bourdain shot in the Philippines, I suspect his producers have done a complete 180 and now welcome all the free advance buzz. These authentic, first-hand insider glimpses only seem to heighten fans’ anticipation for new episodes of No Reservations.


6 Responses to Rachael Ray Goes Fruity on Anthony Bourdain

  1. Bob says:

    Hey Cats and Karen.. Been a while since I have posted anything… Like the new Bourdain update on his writings and sharing a brew with Rachel…. EWWWW.

    I just can’t see it happening it would be like matter and anti-mater getting together. There would definitely be some fall out after that kind of meeting.

    I just don’t get some of the other bloggers on the Web.
    Yea we know Tony likes beer but do we really need a pint by pint breakdown…. GEEEZE and I thought WE were obsessive!!!

    Really sucks to hear about your health care situation, I guess up here we just take it for granted that if we get sick… we go get treated.

    I really can’t get my Canadian head around the idea of Care for Profit. It just seems wrong to me.

    Well hope he finishes up Cooks soon, Hopefully he’s heard me whine enough and will grace Winnipeg with another book tour!!!! 🙂

    Take Care and for God’s Sake Stay Healthy!!!

  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, you may have spoken too soon. Bourdain himself has acknowledged that Rachael Ray DID send him a fruit basket. His latest blog entry is a thank-you not. I’m thinking they are one step closer to becoming drinking buddies.

    Well, since I have no prescription coverage until I hit my $2,250 annual deductible, I started shopping around for my 2 generic pills for hypertension and found out that Anthem has been SCREWING me on those all along, too, with their mail-order pharmacy.

    Checked with Target and can get a 90-day supply of both for $20 total. Anthem was charging me $36.21. Their blatant ripping off never ends.

    There’s now a universal healthcare bill (S.703) in the Senate (as well as two in the House, HR1200 and HR676), so Obama and his bunch are going to have to at least acknowledge the possibility of healthcare as a right, not a luxury. Up to this point, Obama’s said all the right things, but they’re still too cozy with the insurance lobby and Big Pharma to make me feel warm and fuzzy about any meaningful change in the works.

  3. Bob says:

    Regarding your health care.. I know the Simpson’s made fun of it but Canadian pill prices by in large are about half of what you pay there.. I know that there are mail order pharmacy’s that cater to the American market..

    It was big business here a few years ago, I am not sure if the regulations have changed due to our combined governments.. But it would be something to look into to save some coin.

    I am doubly blessed I work for a Major American Aircraft Manufacturer…Rhymes with Going..

    So I have a good health care plan through work plus the added benefit of being Canadian.. With my combined coverage if I have to pay anything at all for Meds, a Prescription costs me $1 per fill.

    On the side, Those Jerks at FOX News are really not doing you good yanks any good up here. The “Red Eye” program on the Network. Slagged our military last week, the same military that is fighting side by side with US troops in Afghanistan. Claiming that we have no military at all. True our forces may not be as well funded as yours but… to slag our troops on a day when 4 of ours were killed in action is just unconscionable.

    No Disrespect to you and yours but Fox News ain’t helping the US war effort around the world.

    That’s my two cents..

    (Say it ain’t so Tony)

    Bob (From Winnipeg)

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I did think it was very uncharacteristic of Bourdain to immediately address the fruit basket issue the way he did. It’s like the last thing he wants to do is offend Rachael Ray. Just goes to show how much he has grown as a human being these past few years. No longer the simple cartoon for his fans.

    Bob, You won’t find any fans of Fox News at Cats Working. “Fair and Balanced” Fox is not and never has been. Only Fox would stoop so low as to criticize the friendliest, most civilized neighbor the U.S. has got. I guess they picked it as an easy target since they know you’re all too polite to start shooting scuds across our border.

    And what are you doing watching that right-wing garbage anyway?

    I didn’t realize that the Simpsons had ragged on Canada. There’s a South Park full-length movie (do you get South Park up there?) that has a big production number called “Blame Canada.” And these two lame Canadian comedians, Terrance and Phillip, whose humor consists of farting, appear from time to time.

    The retail industry here has taken on the prescription problem, since the insurers won’t do it. We can now get hundreds of generic drugs for $10 for a 90-day supply, which is about as cheap as it will ever get here. What we pay through the nose for are the new drugs and brand names because the pharmaceutical companies think we should foot the bill for all the research to rid the world of disease. That’s because our government turns a blind eye and lets them get away with it.

    But the mood down here is getting ugly. People are sick of of seeing their taxes go to all the people who screw up the worst and deserve help the least. I hope healthcare is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    Oh, and gas prices are creeping up again, too, like nobody’s noticing. A few weeks ago it was down around $1.50. Now suddenly it’s almost $2 again.

    If we weren’t a country where so many slobs live from paycheck to paycheck to have so much they don’t need and, hence, have no room to talk, we’d be in open revolt by now.

    Adele, tell Alice to watch Cats Working tomorrow. She’s in for a little treat.

  5. catsworking says:

    Cindy, you are always one step ahead of me. Looks like we have the show he intended to make in Beirut to look forward to next season. Excellent!

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