Nadya Suleman Bites the Hands Feeding Her Kids

By Adele

Four of the octuplets are now home, and Nadya Suleman took another step toward losing all 14 children. The good news is that nonprofit group Angels in Waiting probably dodged a bullet.

The honeymoon between Nadya and 4 Angels nurses lasted exactly 5 days before Nadya threw them out. She suspected the Angels founder of spying for Child Protective Services.

It seems the Angels had rescinded their generous offer to bankrupt themselves providing round-the-clock care to all 14 kids (due to few donations from an outraged public, perhaps?), and was just training Nadya’s own hand-picked nannies.

Where Nadya’s getting all the green to pay for a bigger house and a paid staff is anybody’s guess.

Now, Nadya and home visitors from the Kaiser Permanente hospital where the octuplets were born will be doing the training.

Anyone could see trouble coming when that abrasive celebrity ambulance-chaser, Gloria Allred, got in on the act, representing the Angels and hitting the airwaves to ask for donations.

And Dr. Phil‘s still playing both ends against the middle. He’s interviewing the Angels on his show this week, even though Nadya fears they’ll “bash” her.

It makes you wonder how Nadya’s treating those kids that’s got her so worried.

My prediction is that an inside job will ultimately cost Nadya custody. She recently declared the kids will never know their father by vowing to protect his identity, so one of the older kids will get the authorities’ attention by venting his frustrations in school, giving them an excuse to go into Suleman’s home and find the chaos.

Bonus: Jimmy Kimmel spoofed Nadya giving birth. It’s funny, if technically inaccurate. She delivered the octuplets by C-section.


7 Responses to Nadya Suleman Bites the Hands Feeding Her Kids

  1. deb says:

    this woman does not deserve to keep any of those children. I don’t know why the authorities have not stepped in already. my heart goes out to those kids. who will care for them? it breaks my heart.

  2. catsworking says:

    Deb, My guess is that Nadya’s reaching the point of overload. She’s got 10 kids in the house right now, with 4 of them preemies needing round-the-clock attention. Plus a small army of strangers tromping in and out. The older kids have got to be reacting to all the new confusion and, from the videos we’ve seen so far, they were bonkers on a good day. There was one where she was trying to do an interview while holding a boy that looked about 2 or 3 (one of the twins, maybe?), and he wouldn’t stop hitting her in the face.

    By the time all 8 babies are home, she’ll probably be replacing nannies left and right because she’s a control freak, the kids will suffer neglect, one of them will bring it out in public, and the authorities will step in. It’s just a matter of time.

    It’s just a shame that people like the hospital and Dr. Phil became enablers, letting the older kids go through all this upheaval and trauma before something is done.

  3. JzLuiz says:

    She’s getting the money from donations, which kind-hearted people send before they think. Not only Dr. Phil and Gloria Allred have enabled her, but so have all the people who wrote checks to her and contributed anything! If NS had to deal with the reality of supporting and caring for all those children from the very beginning, this wouldn’t have become such a media event. Hopefully, the soft-hearted people that have been sending her contributions are angry enough to reconsider donating any more to her cause. Maybe they’ll look into situations where people REALLY need help and contribute to them.

  4. Portlyric says:

    We’re giving her too much credit for being remotely decent. She’s known all along she couldn’t care for those children – she’s just trying to make as much off of them as she can, while she can. Once her little cash cows stop generating bucks she will regain the spotlight by nobly and heroicly adopting them out. She’s a complete sociopath.

  5. getoverit says:

    We, as Americans, do not get to choose, who, how many and when!
    Any person would be overwhelmed in her circumstances. It seems like everyone is punishing her for refusing to abort babies. If you don’t like her or agree with her then leave her alone and carry on with your own lives.
    I think if CPS steps in, it will be a disaster and a further waste of taxpayers dollars.

  6. XUP says:

    I still say that crazy doctor who kept implanting her with sprogs should be called to account.Every doctor in the universe has said no medical professional they know would do more than 2 or 3 IVF on any woman – one reason being that all the whacked-out fertility drugs they have to take can totally mess up their bodies and heads.

  7. catsworking says:

    Portlyric, that’s a very intriguing theory. I think you’re on to something. But Nadya won’t “adopt” the kids out, she’ll sell them to the highest bidder. Now that she’s seen how lucrative they can be, there’s no way she’ll let them go without squeezing out the last drop of profit from them.

    Getoverit, you’re right about people being accidentally overwhelmed by circumstances. But right on the heels of having TWINS, Nadya got herself implanted deliberately with 6 more embryos (2 of which split into twins, giving her 8 babies).

    She was only about 32 at the time, or just barely 33, so it’s not like her biological clock was ticking and she was running out of time. No, she and her doctor got greedy and now the world has 8 seriously premature babies who will all grow up without disabilities only by some extraordinary miracle.

    It’s a given that Nadya (or any other single parent) is incapable of giving 14 children the time and attention they need. Whether it wastes taxpayer money or not, someone will have to relieve her of those kids.

    JzLuiz, I would be surprised if Nadya is raking in a fortune on her Web site. The comments on every article I read are overwhelmingly negative toward her. If she’s get any private donations, they’ve got to be coming from nitwits who sign their checks with big X’s.

    Her money is coming from selling pictures of the kids, doing interviews. She’s a big star on RadarOnline. No telling what they’re paying her. She’s probably still getting her food stamps and over $2K in disability payments on the 3 older kids. Maybe there are hucksters willing to give her credit, thinking they can somehow profit from being associated with her.

    The girl knows how to game the system. She’s been doing it since 1999 without a job. And now she’s got Dr. Phil channeling freebies to her.

    I’ve said before that the only cure for Nadya is to strip her of her kids and their related income and force her to make it on her own for a while so she can find out what earning a living is like. Otherwise, she’ll never learn.

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