Obama, if You’re Not Angry Yet, Then When?

By Yul

I’m still proud there’s a black cat in the White House, but he’s beginning to worry me. Playing Mr. Fair, Legal, Constitutional Nice Guy is never going to fix this economy.

Obama needs to remind himself that nice guys finish last. The execs at AIG could tell him, if they weren’t so busy counting the bonuses they received thanks to the loophole Obama’s people insisted on adding to the bailout deal.

It caused taxpayers to send death threats to AIG and visit some executives’ Connecticut mansions just to see how “the other half” is living on their money.

Last week Obama claimed to be “outraged” at AIG, but like most of his strong emotions, it rang pretty hollow.

And now that Congress is channeling the public’s fury and proposing a 90% tax on the bonuses, Obama says he doesn’t want to govern “out of anger.”

If now isn’t the time to be angry, when is? People are losing their jobs, homes, and life savings, and struggling to afford health care while they watch their taxes go directly into the pockets of fat cats. They’re hearing that fat cats’ employment contracts are sacrosanct, while for them it’s, “All bets are off, dontcha know? We’re in a recession!”

The only way to change this mentality of, “Bend over and shut your eyes while we shaft you good and rob you blind,” is a smack-down furious enough to get Corporate America’s attention.

If Obama can’t bring himself to unfairly tax or fire these bozos who wrecked powerful banks, then let’s do it the legal way: Prosecute them. Fraud. Theft. Criminal Negligence. Take your pick.

There’s no such thing as playing fair with crooks. At least behind bars they can do no further harm.


2 Responses to Obama, if You’re Not Angry Yet, Then When?

  1. Adele says:

    Yul, Alice and I have been back and forth on Obama ever since he took office. He closes Guantanamo but doesn’t do away with some of the FISA stuff that inhibits constitutional rights; he gets a stimulus bill passed but allows more of it to be in tax cuts than most economists agree is prudent; he reaches out to Iran, but he lets Hillary Clinton continue to talk to Hamas. And he’s waay too easy on the Wall Street and banking robber barons. He’s an incalculable improvement over his predecessor, and I’m still proud that he’s our president, but a little honest anger and criminal prosecutions would be well placed.

    Alice was very impressed by your strong stand, but then, she seems impressed by everything you do.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele and Alice, Obama is the quintessential cat on a hot tin roof. He’s been sending mixed messages on just about everything because he seems to be trying to please everybody (as opposed to Bush, who never tried to please anybody but Dad and Cheney).

    But in the case of Wall Street, it’s pretty black and white. Certain parties enriched themselves by ripping off investors with phony investment schemes. Before giving anybody a penny in the future, Congress should require that the top 2 layers of management be FIRED — forget about bonuses — sack the CEOs and their henchmen in the corner offices, and the Yes Men one level below them who cooked the books for them and told them everything they wanted to hear.

    That would leave mid-level people who actually have a clue about running the company to take over going forward.

    And then as audits unravel what happened, start prosecuting the suits who helped flush their company down the toilet for their own profit.

    These guys have committed pure and simple theft and Washington acts like no law applies to it. It’s very disheartening to see Obama lapsing into that mentality.

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