The Latest Tony (Bourdain) Tidbits


Sadly, it’s back to reruns of No Reservations until August, but I did manage to scare up a bit of interesting Bourdain news and discussion on the Web.

Although Tony left us in the last new NR episode with the impression that he may not be able to afford a place in Vietnam nice enough to keep his family in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed in Manhattan, Jaunted’s not buying it.

For MSN, Bourdain wrote 18 brief, sometimes biting, reviews of food shows, and weighed in with characteristic style on Toby Young, the new judge who has joined Top Chef:

“Toby Young, what’s up with that? He’s an egregious add-on. They were looking for a snarky British guy, and Toby wrote a successful book that made a good case for his uselessness. He’s lived up to that promise.”

Surprisingly, Tony also revealed here that wife Ottavia watches Rachael Ray. I suspect it’s not so much that Ottavia loves hearing “Evoo” and “Yummo!”, but a quiet vigil to see if Ray says anything about Antonio to justify taking out a hit. Italians can be very loyal that way.

At a personal appearance in Palm Springs last week, Tony was apparently in rare form and wowed ’em.

For upcoming episodes of No Res, Tony’s travels to Chile and San Francisco have been documented.

And here’s a one-hour video of Tony (mostly Q&A) from 2007 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. He reveals, among other things, that he met Ottavia on the first blind date of his life, set up by Eric Ripert’s wife.


One Response to The Latest Tony (Bourdain) Tidbits

  1. Bob says:

    SORRY .. Been busy

    Love the good tips and snags Karen.
    Have to sit down and get at that interview….

    Funny this year I am not as freaked about, the end of season… Guess I have moved on….

    He had better bring the heat


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