First 2 Octuplets Join the Circus

By Adele

Kaiser Permanente agreed to let the 2 largest octuplets be Nadya Suleman’s guinea pigs.

Nadya enjoyed an Angelina Jolie moment leaving the hospital with the babies. The paparazzi was savage all the way, leaving dents in her new garage door from their pounding. They frightened Nadya so much, she called the police for protection until she was safely inside her house — with her own camera crew.

Her mother and a gaggle of Angels in Waiting caretakers were also there. They claim they’ll care for the babies as Nadya would and bed them down with Nadya’s scent so they’ll be able to pick their mother out of the crowd.

It warms the heart, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, the 6 previous kids must navigate this mob, watching all the adults’ obsess over the tiny preemies. Isaiah is 5 lbs. 13 oz. and Noah only 5 lbs.

The remaining 6 octuplets are expected to go home in pairs, and they’ll share 4 cribs in one room. So cute — as long as they all remain shorter than half a crib. Then what? The new house is only about 2,600 square feet — 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Still not large enough for 15 people and a constant stream of helpers.

Angels in Waiting plans to stay as long as public donations last, and they apparently hope donors don’t realize their money is going down this deeply dysfunctional rat hole. I couldn’t find a word about Nadya’s touching plight on their Web site.

I also can’t explain my fascination with this slow-motion train wreck. The most frustrating thing is that all the attention and assistance may distract Nadya from ever realizing she’s probably inflicting lifelong scars on her 14 fatherless kids by raising them in a zoo.


2 Responses to First 2 Octuplets Join the Circus

  1. Mauigirl says:

    It is hard to imagine how they will grow up unscathed. In a perfect world she would have realized this and adopted out some of them. But obviously she’s delusional.

  2. catsworking says:

    Mauigirl, I think the minute the funding dries up to Angels in Waiting, which it inevitably will since they’re having notorious celebrity ambulance-chaser, Gloria Allred, representing them, begging for money on TV, and Nadya and her mother are there with 14 kids on their hands, the kitty litter will hit the fan.

    Angels in Waiting has positioned itself to potentially face dumping all the kids it already helps to pour all its resources into this bottomless pit of need that is Nadya Suleman.

    Sure, she’s got herself fixed as long as the octuplets are infants. But when they get bigger and start walking, she’s got 14 kids running in 14 different directions in a house that’s too small for them. The older kids will probably start acting up, bad things will begin to happen, the neighbors will start filing complaints, and Social Services will have to step in.

    It’s just a shame that the hospital, Dr. Phil, and every other attention-seeking leech around Nadya doesn’t see this coming and try to prevent it before putting the kids through so much trauma. They all know very well that those kids have no chance whatsoever of growing up in a healthy environment with that Loony-Tune for a mother.

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